What to Wear on Your First Date? 25 First Date Outfits Ideas

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It’s on your first date that you can make the best impression. Whether it’s dinner and a movie, dining at a fine restaurant or being someone’s plus one at a wedding or business event, it’s important that you wear something that is truly memorable—something that says “You will not regret one moment that you spent with me.”

How do you find the perfect outfit? Consider the occasion. Consider your own style. Also, consider your comfort level. Looking good is only one part of the equation. You’ll have an amazing time if you wear something that makes you feel good.

Pretty in pink

Pretty in Pinkvia

Pink is a great option for a romantic and soft color. This particular look is great because pink has been modernized by adding sequins. A pair of leopard shoes adds a touch of surprise.

Fashionably Casual

Fashionably casual
Fashionably casualvia

You can show off your personality in many ways if you are going to the movie. You can show your date who you are by wearing a graphic shirt, jeans and printed blazer.

The perfect wedding gift

Wonderful for a wedding
The perfect wedding gift!via

If you first date is a wedding, what should you wear? You can impress your date and the wedding party with this dress!

Work to drink

From work to drinks
Drinks after workvia

You might have trouble scheduling if you’re attracted to men with ambition. Wearing a flirty top and fitted flare pants will make it easy to meet up with him afterwards.

Outdoor concert in boyfriend jeans

Outdoor concert in boyfriend jeans
Outdoor concert in boyfriend jeans/via

Are you two planning to see your favorite band at an amphitheatre in your area? This look shows that you can still be stylish and comfortable at the same. The boyfriend jeans also hint at the possibility that you are applying for a job. (The one you want!)

Perfect date night dress

Perfect date night dress
Perfect date night dress/via

You are looking for the perfect dress for your date night? This dress is flattering. The cut and color are very flattering. You can dress it up with the right accessories or down.

Versatile jumpsuit

Versatile jumpsuit
Versatile jumpsuit/via

This jumpsuit has us in awe! There are many reasons, but the most important is that virtually any body type could wear it.

Rocker chic

Rocker chic
Rocker Chic/via

Do you have a passion for rock music? This outfit is perfect for conveying the message of rocker without being overdone. (We love messy buns and boots!)

Black dress

Perfect black dress
Perfect Black Dressvia

Every woman needs to own a little dress in black. This style is ideal if you are in the market. It’s innocent and sensual—a great message to convey on a first date.

The modestly sexy

Modestly sexy
Moderately sexyvia

Want to look sexy but not be? too sexyTry this look. The leggings in jean will bring out your shape, but the top and colorful jacket will keep secrets hidden.

Sweet in Lace and Polka Dots

Sweet in lace and polka dots
Sweet in Lace and Polka Dots/via

Polka dot patterns make a statement. This is because, whether or not they are in style, they convey the message that you do not care. You love them! Individuality is always an advantage when it comes to making a good first impression. Add some lace and you have a super cute look.

The perfect look for every season

A look for all seasons
All seasons look/via

This look is perfect for those who want something casual, eye-catching and versatile that they can wear at any time. This look is attractive whether you wear accessories or not.

Graphic tee with tulle

Graphic tee and tulle
Graphic tees and tulle/via

You can look youthful and fashionable while still being appropriate for an evening out with your date. A tulle skirt and graphic shirt is the perfect way to be both young and stylish.

Sequins and shorts for Summer

Great shorts and sequins for summer
Sequins shorts are perfect for summer.via

It’s summer and it’s the time to be prepared for the heat. It’s the temperature. The potential for where your first date could lead. Sequins and a pair of shorts will let your date know you are ready for anything.

Feminine in White Cotton

Feminine in white cotton
Feminine white cotton/via

This dress in white cotton is simply stunning. It is not necessary to say anything else.

Cute colored jeans

Cute in colored jeans
Cute colored jeansvia

If you love the way fitted jeans make your body look, try wearing colored jeans in place of denim. You can make your legs appear longer by wearing a pair or pumps.

Short ‘n sweet

Short 'n sweet
Short ‘n sweet/via

It’s hard to decide what we prefer. It’s hard to decide what we like better: The color combination or style of the mini-dress. What if this is too short for you? No worries. Add some shorts or leggings to your outfit and you’re good to go.

Camouflage and killer heels

Camouflage and killer heels
Camouflage and killer heelsvia

A pair of drawstring camouflage jeans and killer heels is another casual look that will make you stand out. Add a blue jeans vest to the look and you’ll convey that “there’s more to me than meets my eye” or “I have some wild side”.

No matter where you are, there is always something to enjoy

Great no matter where you go
No matter where you are, it’s always great/via

You may be surprised by a romantic guy on your first date. You’ll look great wherever you go with this beaded top, solid shirt and fabulous accessories.

The Movie in a Maxi Skirt

Movie in a maxi shirt
The movie in a maxi Shirtvia

If you want to go to a film but you do not feel like wearing jeans you can substitute a maxi top. It’s feminine, casual and comfortable. Plus, you still can wear your favorite graphic shirt.

Fashion with Flare

Fashion with flare
Fashion with flairvia

Flare pants have returned. This look is perfect for a picnic, or a wine tasting. Don’t Forget the Hat!

Twist a Jean shirt

Twist to a jean shirt
Twist your jean shirt/via

If you love your denim shirt, but are going somewhere where jeans won’t be appropriate, a colorful and long pleated skirt can add a twist to it. Beautifully done.

Rock a Fedora

Rock a Fedora
Rock a Fedora/via

Yep. A simple accessory can make a huge difference in the way you look. Consider this Fedora. This is a super stylish hat. It’s great for those days where you just can’t get your hair looking right.

A modern way to wear a skirt

An updated way to wear a pencil skirt
How to update your pencil skirt/via

You can use this look as inspiration if you want to wear your pencil skirt without looking too dressy. Your jean jacket and a fitted tank will update the look.

Warm winter temperatures

Warm in winter
Winter warmthvia

We thought it was a good idea that we mention something for the winter. The color combination will suit any skin tones and the boots have a sexy look. Enjoy your first date!

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