Make your own leg warmers this winter!

Xiomara X

Wearing thicker clothing will protect you from the cold. In fact, there are many accessories available that will protect us against the cold in winter. You can also make them yourself if you’re a bit more time-conscious. Here, we are going to share with you some great and useful DIY tutorials of the warm winter piece– the leg warmer.

It is important to know that your feet and legs will keep you warm. If you cannot stand the cold winters, then leg warmers will be the best option for you. The leg warmers are both stylish and warm. The leg warmers will look stunning with any pair of boots or flats. Your old jumpers will be the main material you’ll need. You can add buttons, beads or laces to your legwarmers to make them more stylish.

Be creative and design some gorgeous leg warmers this time to keep your loved ones warm during the winter. Make your own DIY leg warmers by following the tutorials. Enjoy!

Coffee Knitted Legwarmer Tutorial

DIY Coffee Knitted Leg Warmer Tutorialia

DIY Leg Warmer Tutorial

DIY Leg Warmer Tutorial
DIY Leg Warmer Tutorial via

DIY Lovely Legwarmer Tutorial

DIY Lovely Leg Warmer Tutorial
DIY Lovely Legwarmer tutorial via

DIY Buttoned leg warmer tutorial

DIY Buttoned Leg Warmer Tutorial
DIY Buttoned leg warmer tutorial via

DIY White Legwarmer Tutorial

DIY White Leg Warmer Tutorial
DIY White Legwarmer Tutorial via

Chic Knitted leg warmers Tutorial

Chic Knitted Leg Warmer Tutorial
Chic Knitted Leg Warmer Tutorialia

Simple DIY Legwarmer Tutorial

Simple DIY Leg Warmer Tutorial
Simple DIY Legwarmer Tutorial via

DIY Chic Leg Warmer Tutorial

DIY Chic Leg Warmer Tutorial 
DIY Chic Leg Warmer Tutorial via

Adorable Legwarmer Tutorial

Adorable Leg Warmer Tutorial
Adorable Legwarmer Tutorial via

DIY Simple Legwarmer Tutorial

DIY Simple Leg Warmer Tutorial
DIY Simple Legwarmer Tutorial via

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