Does it harm you to sleep in your makeup?

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It’s late. It’s late. You have a busy day. By the time you get home, you want nothing more than to crawl into bed and get some much deserved shuteye…but what about your makeup? Falling asleep with perfectly applied makeup is a common beauty faux pas.

It’s something we have all done at some point. You may do it occasionally, or more frequently than you think. You can be affected by sleeping with your makeup on in many ways. It’s time to find out the most common effects of this beauty no-no – and how you can speed up your pre-bedtime routine.

Falling Asleep In Makeup Can Cause: Breakouts

Breakouts are the most common side effect of sleeping with makeup. When you hit the hay in a full face of makeup (think theBalm’s timeBalm Concealer, your foundation, powder, and so on)…. It can clog your pores. This leads to acne, blackheads or redness and dull-looking skin. What causes it? If you apply your makeup in the early morning, it makes your skin look perfect. Those products can prevent your skin from regenerating itself at night if you don’t take them off before bed. The result is those annoying skin problems.

Sleeping with makeup often starts a vicious spiral. Imagine you slept with makeup on. Your skin has started to break out. To hide the blemishes, you layer on more makeup than usual…. Then you go back to sleep without completely removing your make-up. What is the best solution? Break the cycle.

If you fall asleep with your makeup on, it can cause: eye irritation

Okay, so falling asleep with face makeup on is a major no-no…. What about eye makeup? What about eye makeup? Yes, it is. Although it won’t lead to acne or premature ageing, it may cause eye irritation. You can get everything from eyeliner to mascara in your eyes. Not to mention your pillowcase. It’s a real pain to get rid of! It can cause irritation to the eyes. Your eyes may feel dry, itchy or uncomfortable the next morning.

Your eyelids’ health may be also at risk. The tiny pores of your eyelids could be clogged if you leave your eyeshadow on while driving. What’s the result? Over time, tiny bumps can start to form on your eyelids. The bumps might disappear over time, but if they are severe, you may want to make an appointment with your doctor.

A fall asleep in makeup can lead to premature wrinkles and aging.

Everyone wants to look younger than they really are. When you neglect your skin, this is what can happen. In fact, falling asleep with your makeup on can lead to wrinkles and fine lines. This is true of women of any age. Why is this? Makeup holds on to free radicals. Makeup can hold onto free radicals. free radicals Break down collagen in your skin to cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Your skin needs to recuperate from the day. Just think about it: you expose it to so many things – and that can take a toll on your skin. Each night, you must give your skin the time it needs to heal. It will look its best each day. What’s your tip? Apply an anti-aging serum to your face every morning. Apply an anti-aging moisturizerTimeless Collagen Moisturizer by Pevionia is a good example.

Speed up Your Beauty Routine Before Bedtime

If you fall asleep with your makeup on, there are serious consequences. If it happens once and a while – breathe easy. You can probably avoid these situations. If you are a habitual makeup skipper, your eyes and skin health is at risk. Take off your makeup before bed.

You’re exhausted? Do not ignore your feelings and let your head rest on the pillow. nightly routine altogether. Simplify it! Makeup removing wipes can be kept on your nightstand for easy and quick removal. Use something like Balm Balm’s Away Eye Makeup Remover. Avoid slathering every skin care product on the market after you remove your makeup. Apply a thick moisturizing product and an anti-aging product, then go to bed! With a few simple steps to healthy skin, your nightly routine will feel manageable…even on those late nights.

Last time you slept with makeup on, when was that? This is the last time. Let this beauty no go behind you once and for all. Start by streamlining your daily routine for skin that is healthy and beautiful. Once you do, beautiful skin will be yours…. Every day, every night.

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