Holiday Wish List: Skincare Edition

Xiomara X

Most of us begin to think about gifts for our loved ones and friends as the holidays approach.  You don’t need to worry about buying the perfect present or guilt-tripping yourself for giving it. Both of these can contribute to signs of aging.  Sure, we should think of others during this season of giving, but it’s also important to take care of yourself. Put yourself on your list of things to do this year. The following are some examples of how to get started: You will be more effective in spreading holiday cheer if you feel good about yourself.

While the holidays bring cheer, they also bring dry skin, taxing winter air, stress and calorie-laden treats that can really take a toll on your skin.  During this time, your skin requires extra attention.  A good skincare product is calorie free and helps combat stress. It’s the perfect gift to give yourself or others.

You can give them a gift when they ask. The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. You can direct them to Timeless By Pevonia. This takes away the stress of buying a gift for them as they will feel confident they are giving a gift you’ll enjoy.  Plus, they will appreciate your glowing smooth face!

If you’re going to buy or give just one thing, give Timeless By Pevonia’s Collagen Moisturizer.  Voted Best Moisturizer in Beauty LaunchpadThis product has been proven to work.  It’s hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic, making it perfect for all skin types. 

Natural marine collagen, natural hyaluronic acids, squalanes and vitamin E in high concentrations deeply hydrate your skin and seal it to protect it all day from harsh winter environments.  It has a creamy, velvety texture thanks to its amazing manufacturing. This makes it a winter favorite for parched skin.  Last but not least, it is free from parabens or mineral oil which are controversial. So you can feel confident using it yourself and gifting it to others.

If you’re interested in trying or gifting more than one product, but are on a budget, try the Timeless Trial Kit. The kit includes five of the most popular product in the Timeless line including the Foaming Gel Cleanser and the Radiant Skin Toner.

We have some suggestions for the special people on your Christmas shopping list.

  • Mum – Timeless Foaming Gel Cleanser, Timeless Collagen Serum and Timeless Collagen Moisturizer
  • Sisters – Timeless Eye Contour and Timeless Collagen Moisturizer
  • Best Friend – Timeless Trial Kit and Gentle Foaming Scrub
  • Boss – Timeless Trial Kit

Timeless from Pevonia should be on your list of holiday gifts!

Reminder: taking care of skin is an excellent New Years Resolution. Make a resolution to better take care of yourself and you’ll enjoy years of youthful skin.

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