Cracking the fashion code: 20 top clothing questions women ask answered

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Fashion can seem like an incredibly complex code. You may find yourself having more questions than answers, as trends are constantly changing and there are different rules for each occasion. But fear not, fashion-forward ladies! Here’s a list with the 20 most common questions women ask about clothing.

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We have the answers to your questions, whether you want to know how to dress to suit your body type or how to transition your outfits from day to evening. You can read on to improve your style and put an end to wardrobe concerns.

1. How do I dress according to body type?

Identify your body shape—pear, apple, hourglass, or rectangle—and choose clothes that highlight your best features and downplay the rest.

2. What are the key pieces of a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe includes versatile pieces, such as a black dress with a neutral blazer and black pumps.

3. What to wear for an interview?

Opt to wear conservative and professional clothing. Classic choices include a pantsuit, skirt suit or a neutral-colored outfit.

4. What shoes would you wear with this outfit?

Consider the style and color of your outfit. Pumps, for example, can be worn with formal dresses while sneakers are suitable with casual outfits.

5. What should you wear to a marriage?

Choose a dress that suits the season and formality of the wedding.

6. How do I accessorize an outfit?

Select accessories that enhance your look, but not overwhelm it. Balance is important.

7. How to style a scarf

There are numerous ways to style a scarf—draped, knotted, looped, or tied. Test out different options to see which one works best for your outfit.

8. What colors are best for my skin tone

The answer depends on your skin tone. Warm skin tones go well with earth tones, cool tones are good for jewel tones and neutrals look great in most colors.

9. How do you transition your outfit from daytime to evening?

Change your accessories, wear a new jacket or switch up your shoes. Makeup is another way to change your look from daytime to evening.

10. How should you wear prints?

Wearing prints requires balance. To keep your look cohesive, pair a printed piece of clothing with solids.

11. How do you dress for casual Fridays?

Opt for business casual—think blouses, tailored pants, or skirts. Professional but relaxed.

12. How do you care for delicate fabrics?

Read the label carefully. You may need to hand wash or hire a professional cleaner for certain delicate fabrics.

13. How to correctly wear high waisted jeans?

To balance the proportions, pair high-waisted denim with a cropped or fitted top.

14. What kind of underwear should I wear with sheer clothes?

Wearing seamless, nude colored underwear underneath sheer clothing can be modest.

15. What to wear with oversized clothing

Maintain structure by balancing the volume of large clothing with fitted items.

16. How do you style a leather coat?

Leather jackets can be worn in many different ways. You can wear them over jeans or a dress if you want a more casual look.

17. What is the difference in formal and cocktail attire?

Cocktail attire can be semi-formal and often requires a dress that is knee-length. Formal attire includes floor-length gowns.

18. How do I choose the right size for online shopping?

You can measure yourself by using the retailer’s online size guide. Check reviews to determine if an item is true to size.

19. How to style ankle boots

Ankle boots look great with jeans, dresses, and skirts. To elongate the legs, show a little skin between your boots and clothing.

20. How can you dress for a flight in a way that is both comfortable and stylish?

To keep comfortable and to adapt to changing temperatures, layer your clothes. Wear comfortable pants and a tee, then add a cardigan or jacket to keep warm.

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