Styles Weekly: Beautiful Summer Nail Tutorials

Xiomara X

We all know when the weather gets hotter, it’s time to wear our pretty dresses, switch up a trendy hairstyle, and apply a beautiful makeup. But you shouldn’t forget the little details, which will show you that you have a richer life.

This post will show you 15 great manicure ideas inspired by the sea. There is nothing better than the summer, the beach, and the colorful things. These chic nails are easy to achieve if you follow the tutorials. Check them out. Enjoy.

Beautiful Sea and Sky Nail tutorial

Beautiful Sea and Sky Nail tutorial  via

The sky melting into sea is a beautiful sight. Do you admire the love between the sea and sky?

Cute Shark in the Sea Nail Tutorial

Summer Nail
Cute Shark in the Sea Nail Tutorial  via

This nail art is filled with love. You like it?

Corrupted Neon Manicure Tutorial

Summer Nail
Corrupted Neon Manicure Tutorial  via

Pink is the best color for women.

Colourful French Nails Tutorial

Summer Nail
Cute French nail tutorial via

The French Nails are simple yet romantic.

 Pretty Color Block Nails Tutorial

Summer Nail
Pretty Color Block Nails Tutorial  via

The white base makes these beautiful colors more absorbent.

 Popular Nautical Nail Tutorial

Summer Nail
Popular Nautical Nail Tutorial via

The nautical trend is a summer staple that will never go out of style. Get nautical nails to rock your style.

 Fashionable Beach Dusk  Nail Design

Summer Nail
Fashionable Beach Dusk  Nail Design via

Enjoy the beautiful beach scene at sunset? Simply draw the design onto your nails.

 Sunset Beach Manicure For Summer

Summer Nail
Sunset Beach Manicure For Summer  via

You will be fooled into thinking you are on vacation by the elaborate details.

Chic Summer Nail Tutorial

Summer Nail
Chic Summer Nail Tutorial  via

Have you thought about creating a manicure from a sandwich-bag? This tutorial will show you how to do it.

Fashionable Summer Nail Tutorial

Summer Nail
Fashionable Summer Nail Tutorial  via

All women will look effortlessly chic with these fancy nails.

Sky, Sea and The Sands

Summer Nail
Summer Nail via

I had no idea that manicures could be just as beautiful as scenery.

 Tropical Sunset Nail Design

Summer Nail
Tropical Sunset Nail Design  via

Use bright colors to create a tropical sunset nail. This is so cool.


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