The 7 things you should know before getting acrylic nails & Great nail ideas

Xiomara X

Acrylic nails or fake nails are very popular. manicure trend It involves sticking full fake nails on top of your natural nail beds. If you love beauty, you may be attracted to the glamour and elegance that comes with getting acrylic nails. Before you make an appointment at a nail salon, read on to find out more. What you should know about acrylic nails.

1. It’s Expensive


Getting acrylic nails is significantly more expensive than getting a regular or even a gel manicure. Each salon appointment costs between $30 and $50. In order to keep your fake nails looking fresh, you’ll need to stay ahead of the growth of your natural nails by getting your acrylics redone every two weeks.
7 Things You Should Know Before You Get Acrylic Nails

Most salons will offer a filling price which is lower than the price of a complete set of acrylic nails. You can advantage of this deal so you’ll only have to pay the full price when you want a new color or design and not at every appointment.

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