How to achieve a perfect full-face summer glow makeup look

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Summer brings tans, sunshine, and lots of fun. The endless summer days provide the perfect opportunity to create a glowy look for your face that will make you glisten as the sun sets. The summer months are a perfect time to experiment with some new makeup looks. extra glow to your makeup; incorporating additional glow into your makeup routine during the summer months allows the extra illumination to look more natural because the sun naturally hits your face more during the summer and creates added color and illumination. There are some tricks and tips you can use to create a full-face summer glow. Discover five ways to illuminate your summer makeup for a flawless, glowing full-face finish.

1. Mix Foundation with Highlighter


Mix your liquid foundation and a few drops liquid highlighter to get a dewy, glowing skin finish. Blend the liquid mixture into your skin and smooth it out like you normally would. The drops of highlighter within the foundation will add a subtle sheen to your face that glistens in the light.

summer glow makup ideas
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However, in order to ensure that the combination does not look too oily or greasy on your face, blend the highlighter in cautiously. After only adding one or two drops of liquid highlighter, test the blend on your jawline and allow it to dry. Only add additional highlighter until you achieve a subtle glow that is not too shimmery. If you notice that you look extra oily after only adding a drop or two of highlighter to your foundation, allow the blend to dry on your face and then set it with a translucent finishing powder. The powder will dust on invisibly to tone down the excess oil while leaving the glow behind.

2. Try Metallic Lipstick

How to Achieve a Perfect Full-Face Summer Glow Makeup Look


Metallic lipstick is a great way to add extra glow to your face without looking too sparkly. Metallic lipstick formulas have a light shimmer without being outright glittery in order to amp up your summer glow without looking too dramatic or unnatural. In order to achieve a natural full-face summer glow look, choose a shade of metallic lipstick that looks nude on your skin tone but has some pinky or gold undertones to add warmth to your skin.

Natural Summer Glow Makeup
Summer Glow Makeup

An excellent metallic lipstick formula that is currently sweeping the makeup market is the Kylie Jenner Metal collection. This collection of metallic lipsticks includes three shades of top-quality liquid lipstick that dries with a metallic matte finish and stays on all day long without smudging or budging. The Kylie Jenner Metal lipsticks  offer King K, a shimmery gold shade, and Heir, a glistening baby pink shade. Depending on your skin tone, King K and Heir are great choices to add extra warmth and glow to your makeup. King K is best for those with deeper skin tones, while Heir looks beautiful and natural on fairer complexions.

3. Get the Right Bronzer

How to Achieve a Perfect Full-Face Summer Glow Makeup Look


Bronzer is a vital element of a summer glow look. It adds warmth and natural color to your face so that your skin appears perfectly tanned. However, choosing the right bronzer can prove to be a difficult feat. It can be easy to get the wrong shade or formula of bronzer and accidentally end up looking blotchy, orange, excessively sparkly, or even washed out. If you want your summer glow makeup look to appear natural, it is important that you select the right color and formula of bronzer to apply.

When it comes to bronzer formulas, matte formulas or formulas with an extremely subtle sheen are usually a better choice than shimmery or, God forbid, sparkly bronzers. Bronzers that are more matte offer more versatility and can be used anywhere on your face and body and still look natural. Glittery bronzers have a tendency to appear unattractively fake and too severe when applied anywhere other than your cheeks. Leave the shimmer to your highlighter and stick with a matte bronzer that looks natural and balanced on your skin.

summer glow makeup
Summer glow Makeup /instagram 

When choosing a bronzer color, you should pick a shade one to two shades darker that your skin tone. If you choose a bronzer lighter than your natural skin tone, or darker than two shades, your skin may end up looking washed-out or unnaturally yellow. A shade of bronzer that is only one to two shades darker than your skin tone will apply a warm color to your skin while still looking natural.

4. Use Shimmery eye Makeup

How to Achieve a Perfect Full-Face Summer Glow Makeup Look


It’s not just about the skin when it comes to creating an eye makeup look that gives you a summer glow. While bronzing and highlighting is important to achieve the glowing warmth you desire, eye makeup can help amp up your look as well.

For a glowing summer look, choose warm neutral eye shadows. Eyeshadow in shimmery shades such as bronze, copper and gold can be blended across the eyelids for warmth, subtle color and a glow. Avoid cooler shades, such as silver, to avoid reducing the glow from your makeup.


If you’re looking for an eyeliner color, choose a neutral tone that highlights your lashline. Dark brown is always a good choice. After applying eyeliner to your skin, blend it in until you have a subtle smudged effect that seamlessly transitions into your normal skin color.

5. Brighten Your Eyes

How to Achieve a Perfect Full-Face Summer Glow Makeup Look


You can enhance your summer makeup by brightening up your eyes. Blend a liquid brightener into the inner corners, under and above the eyebrows, as well as the area directly underneath the eyes, to create a subtle glow.

The eye brightener is a great product to try. Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener . This liquid shimmering formula is neutral in peach color and reflects light, adding a glow to your makeup.

Achieving success in a The full-faced summer glow makeup look Add warmth and color to your entire face including your eyes, lips, and skin. You can create a glowing summer glow by following the tips provided in this article. Your face will look like it has been kissed naturally by the sun.

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