Five Easy Ways To Shorten Your Makeup Routine

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You can have fun while applying your makeup There’s not always time in the morning for you to spend 30 minutes in your bathroom mirror. You’re busy and have places to go. However, busy mornings and a chaotic daily schedule doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your makeup coverage or face being late to work every day. You can do this in many ways. Your daily makeup routine can be shortened To get out of the door quicker in the mornings while still maintaining a flawless appearance.

1. Limit Your Products


You can still apply your makeup if you are in a hurry in the morning. makeup Try to limit the amount of products that you apply on your face.

The night before, go through your collection of makeup and select only the products that are essential to apply makeup confidently. Avoid using products that you think are fun but don’t make any difference to your face.

Put the products you do need to use out on your desk, sink, vanity table, or wherever you usually apply your makeup in the morning and don’t allow yourself to grab any more products from your collection the next day.

2. Keep it Light



If you haven’t realized it before, applying darker, dramatic makeup takes significantly more time than lighter shades. This discrepancy in time is due to extra time required to blend the darker shades for a natural, seamless finish. Lighter makeup doesn’t require this.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you must keep your everyday makeup neutral. You can still use bright colors and accents. Try to go for a natural look by using colors that will blend well with your skin tone. Use your daily morning makeup routine to enhance your natural features and save the dramatic smoky eye look for special evening outings.

3. Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Ways to Shorten Your Daily Makeup Routine


It can be fun and rewarding to experiment with new colors and products. However, the fifteen minutes you have in the morning to hurriedly apply your makeup is not the best time to try out your new loose powder eyeshadow you’ve never opened before.

Stick to the makeup products that you know and love. If you’re new to liquid eyeliner or haven’t mastered it, it’s best to save it for special events and experiment in your free time.

Messing up your makeup with challenging products or trying to apply unfamiliar products that you might not even end up liking often forces you to start your look over completely, which wastes buckets of time and can completely throw off your tight schedule. Save your experiments for later and stick to what you are familiar with in the mornings.

4. Stay Organized

Ways to Shorten Your Daily Makeup Routine


Your makeup storage area is bound to be a little messy. While applying makeup, it’s more important to get your winged-eyeliner than keep your drawer tidy. As a result, products are often left in boxes and drawers that they don’t belong. Next morning, you have to waste time looking for the products you need.

Fortunately, this frustrating problem can be easily solved. It not only makes your beauty routine longer but it also puts you in an unhappy mood. Spend fifteen minutes going through your makeup storage and putting everything back in its rightful place so you’ll know where to find it. Also, make sure that you have sufficient storage for your makeup; invest in cheap, plastic containers and separators so you’re not forced to throw all your products into one big drawer.

5. Use a BB cream

Ways to Shorten Your Daily Makeup Routine


Morning skin makeup is a must-have for any woman. BB cream Your best friend can be a multi-purpose beauty panacea product. It is a multi-purpose beauty panacea product that can take the place of moisturizer, primer, and foundation.

You can save time by using a BB Cream and then a powder to achieve a flawless look in half the amount of time. Try the BB Cream if you are looking for a good BB cream. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel CreamThis product brightens and hydrates the skin. It also provides medium coverage with SPF 30.


Spend less time in front of the makeup mirror. Use the above tips to easily Your daily makeup routine can be shortened Without sacrificing coverage or quality.

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