Four Ways to Style a Leather Skirt

Xiomara X

The leather skirt is a great piece to invest in this fall. Even before the fall season officially began, a number of celebrities and street style icons have been seen wearing leather skirts.

This piece is so versatile that it can be worn in many different ways. (That’s when you know it’s worth investing in). Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate a leather skirt in your wardrobe.

1. The grown-ups

Elizabeth Olsen Leather Skirt
angelina jolie pencil leather skirt
Angelina jolie pencil skirt

 The leather pencil skirt will give you a professional and creative look. Simply replace your office skirt with one made of leather. High waisted versions with a fitted fit are perfect for the sophisticated grown-up. Pair it with a feminine blouse. blazer or cardigan, add work appropriate heels, stylish glasses and you’re good to go. Consider it non-traditional suiting. Layer it over tights, tall boots or both throughout the winter.

2. Modern Rebel

whitney port modern rebel leather skirt
Whitney Port Modern Rebel Leather Skirt

You can channel your inner rebel by wearing a leather miniskirt with your favorite tee or sweater.  This is the perfect way to take a break from your jeans and give yourself a little bit of a break. You can keep it stylish with flats or trendy sneakers for the day then swap them out for killer heels in the evening.

3. Fun and Flirty

Ashley Fun and Flirty leather skirt

With a skater or pleated style, you can give the leather look a more light-hearted and free-spirited appearance. Keep the school girl inspired skirt shapes modern and adult appropriate with a button down blouse and sharp accessories.

4. Color Coated

Drew barrymore leather skirt
Drew barrymore Leather Skirt

Don’t limit yourself to black when it comes leather skirts. This look is not limited to black! Imagine adding a cool cobalt leather or fire engine red skirt to your wardrobe this season.  Wear bright leather with a bold print to make a statement or tone it down with neutral accessories for a sophisticated look.

The leather skirt is a great option for any girl this fall. 

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