Create 30 cozy department decoration ideas with DIY Stuff

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You are looking for unique, but not expensive projects to decorate your home. Then you’re in the right spot. We have compiled a list of 30 amazing DIY decorations that you can use to decorate your department.

All of these DIY projects are made of used stuffs. Such as an old door, an used bucket and even some copper wire. Why not try these tutorials to make stunning ornaments that will enhance your cozy home? Scroll down to see what you can do. Enjoy!

DIY Hanging Shelf

DIY Hanging Shelf  via

The simple wall shelf will add a creative touch to your walls. Click the tutorial to make one.

How to Make a Bench: A Simple DIY Tutorial

Decoration Idea
How to Make a Bench: A Simple DIY Tutorial  via

It’s a gorgeous bench! It could be used as a comfy bed for your pup.

DIY Rug Tutorial

Decoration Idea
DIY Rug Tutorial  via

Who could guess that this stylish rug was made with a blanket used before?

Old Dresser Refreshment

Decoration Idea
Old Dresser Refreshment via

Try renovating the old dressing table instead of buying a brand new one. It can also be beautiful.

DIY Pillow Tutorial

Decoration Idea
DIY Pillow Tutorial  via

Add some gold patterns to your pillow and it will become chic.

DIY Headboard Tutorial

Decoration Idea
DIY Headboard Tutorial  via

Do you not think that this headboard is very classy? See how you can make it by following the tutorial.

DIY Side Table Ideas

Decoration Idea
DIY Side Table Ideas via

It is a simple and stylish white side table that won’t cost much. Click the link to see how it’s made.

DIY Wooden Crate with hairpin Legs

Decoration Idea
DIY Wooden Crate with hairpin Legs via

A simple crate-table is so economical that it’s perfect for young people, who don’t want to spend a lot of money on one.

DIY Crate Tutorial Idea

Decoration Idea
DIY Crate Tutorial Idea via

Ever thought of the crate as an idea shelf. You can experiment so much with this idea. Take a look at the tutorial.

DIY Paper Flower Garland

Decoration Idea
DIY Paper Flower Garland  via

This paper garland looks great on a blank wall. It can also be used as a beautiful portiere.

Salvaged wood Headboard

Decoration Idea
Salvaged wood Headboard via

The wood headboard is chic, and it’s perfect for a cozy space.

Headboard by An Old Door

Decoration Idea
Headboard by An Old Door via

Repurpose your old door by painting it a different color. This will give you a stylish headboard.

DIY Frame Shelves

Decoration Idea
DIY Frame Shelves via

This DIY project is so cool! This DIY idea gives us more space to store things while beautifying the wall.

DIY Background Frame

Decoration Idea
DIY Background Frame via

The background is perfect not only for home use but also for office.

DIY Magazine Holder

Decoration Idea
DIY Magazine Holder via

It is a very interesting magazine holder that doesn’t take up much space. Follow the tutorial to make one for you children’s story books.

DIY Chairs Tutorial

Decoration Idea
DIY Chairs Tutorial  via

Do not throw out your old chairs. You can make them look completely different by converting the chairs as shown in this tutorial.

DIY Plant Holder

Decoration Idea
DIY Plant Holder via

Make a DIY plant holder when you have the time. It will give your plants a homey feel.

Nail Polish Marbling Idea

Decoration Idea
Nail Polish Marbling Idea via

We all agree that this DIY marbling idea is classy. Try it out and follow the instructions.

DIY Air Plant Hanger

30 Cozy Department Decoration Ideas with DIY Stuffs
DIY Air Plant Hanger via

It’s adorable to see hanging plants. Why not give it try?

DIY Hanging Plant Holder

30 Cozy Department Decoration Ideas with DIY Stuffs
DIY Hanging Plant Holder Via

You can hang even a large plant. You can hang it on your balcony to ensure that the plant gets enough sunlight.

DIY Mini Hangers

30 Cozy Department Decoration Ideas with DIY Stuffs
DIY Mini Hangers via

You can use these mini-hangers anywhere in your department. This idea is great!

Utility Buckets DIY

Decoration Idea
Utility Buckets DIY via

This type of basket is often not cheap at markets. You can create a bucket of utility with this tutorial.

Simple Ottoman Tutorial

Decoration Idea
Simple Ottoman Tutorial  via

This ottoman is made out of an old electrical reel. This is amazing!

DIY Ottoman Tutorial

Decoration Idea
DIY Ottoman Tutorial  via

Make a comfy ottoman from an old pallet. Click here to See how you can get it.

DIY Table Tutorial

Decoration Idea
DIY Table Tutorial via

This tutorial will show you how to build a medieval-style coffee table. With this chic table, your room will look amazing.

Wall Decoration Idea

Decoration Idea
Wall Decoration Idea via

You may think your wall is dull. Think your wall is too dull? here See how you can improve it.

DIY Plant Stand: Tutorial

Decoration Idea
DIY Plant Stand: Tutorial via

This plant stand is easy to make and will add chic furniture to any home.

The Smartest Way to Store Bottles

Decoration Idea
The Smartest Way to Store Bottles via

This is an ingenious way to store your bottles. Quite ingenious, right?

Ikea Table Pieces: DIY Table

Decoration Idea
Ikea Table Pieces: DIY Table via

What do you think of this table? You can follow the tutorial to see how it is made.

DIY Succulent Plant Holder

Decoration Idea
DIY Succulent Plant Holder  via

Growing succulents is becoming more popular. You can make a succulent plant stand for yours.

Copper Tape to Decorate a Mirror

Decoration Idea
Copper Tape to Decorate a Mirror via

This copper-edged mirror is effortlessly chic. Here is the tutorial You can follow.

DIY Copper Leaves

Decoration Idea
Copper Leaves Idea via

See how to use gold leaves on your mirror. Learn how to decorate your mirror with gold leaves here Copper leaves mirror: how to make it yourself here.


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