What to wear on your tropical honeymoon?

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As you prepare for a summer wedding and make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that everything goes smoothly, don’t overlook this important factor. one very important detailWhat to pack for a tropical honeymoon?

Although the wedding day is when you’ll publicly declare your love to one another before family members and friends, it’s on your honeymoon when you’ll be able to get some much needed rest, relaxation and…um, other stuff too!

Here are some essentials you should pack for your honeymoon. Things that will keep you looking so amazingly hot as you try and stay…cool.

1. Wedding night lingerie

Wedding night lingerie/via

You should still bring some wedding night underwear, whether you spend the wedding night in your home, at a hotel near your home, or on your honeymoon. Your honey won’t get enough of it if you choose something sexy.

2. Super sexy Romper

Super sexy romper
Super sexy Romper/via

This romper is perfect for nights where you want to dine on the beach. This romper is perfect for summer heat and will make you look great.

3. Neon bandage bikini

Neon bandage bikini
Neon bandage bikini/via

Swimwear is a must. This season, neon colors and the bandage style are very popular. This bikini combines the two styles quite nicely.

4. Tank tops

Tank tops
Tank Topsvia

Tank tops are perfect for those days you just want to lounge on the deck of your hotel.

5. A few cut-off jean shorts

A few cut-off jean shorts
A few cut-off jean shorts/via

Then you will need to pair them with some cut-off jeans shorts.

6. Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals
Gladiator sandals/via

Sandals should be worn in tropical climates. These gladiator-style sandals will keep you on trend.

7. Animal print monokini

Animal print monokini
Animal print monokini/via

Wearing an animal print bikini will make your man want to hold you no matter if you are in the water, or just laying around.

8. Long sleeved Romper

Long sleeve romper
Long Sleeve Romper/via

It’s another adorable romper. This romper is ideal for those nights where there’s a little breeze.

9. Fringe kimono jacket

Fringe kimono jacket
Fringe kimono jacket/via

Bohemian style is hot. Bring along a fringed jacket. The perfect accessory to pair with your tank tops, jeans shorts (and gladiator shoes).

10. Little white halter gown

Little white halter dress
Little white halter gownvia

Every woman needs to have a little black gown in her wardrobe. She also needs to have a summer white halter-style dress.

11. High ankle strap heels

High ankle strap heels
High ankle strap heelsvia

You’ll need some sexy footwear to go with all these outfits. Preferably, high heels. They should have ankle straps. They’ll be perfect…out of the hotel and in your room too.

12. Panama hat

Panama hat
Panama hat/via

It’s a good idea to wear a hat in the summer. A hat is a stylish accessory to wear on days when you have low-maintenance locks.

13. Flirty short chevron dress

Flirty short chevron dress
Flirty short chevron dress/via

The chevron print is fun. When they’re cut out like this, chevron prints are fun.

14. Off shoulder dress

Off shoulder dress
Off shoulder dressvia

We love this off shoulder dress—for a lot of reasons. It’s also made from a fabric that does not require ironing. Throw it into your bag, and go!

15. Short strapless cocktail dresses

Short strapless cocktail dress
Short strapless cocktail dressesvia

Have you got a big dinner planned? Then this strapless cocktail gown is the dress for you.

16. Dress with two-tone sleeves

Two-tone sleeveless dress
Two-tone sleeveless dresses/via

You can also wear this dress to dinner. Or dancing. You can dance all night.

17. Strapless jewel-tone dress

Strapless jewel-tone dress
Strapless jewel-tone dress/via

Do you hear your man telling you to get dressed up for a surprise he has in store for you? With a dress as beautiful as this one, you can surprise him with a special gift!

18. Sexy jumpsuit

Sexy jumpsuit
Sexy jumpsuitvia

White jumpsuits can be so fresh and clean. Also, they are sexy. Always.

19. Crop top with off-the-shoulder shoulder

Off-the-shoulder crop top
Off-the shoulder crop topvia

This outfit is perfect for a tropical vacation. I love the crop top off-the-shoulder. Oh, and her flower in hair. Wear a few flowers in your hair when you are away. It looks so romantic!)

20. Crochet romper

Crochet romper
Crochet romper/via

Rompers are a must-have for a tropical vacation. This crochet romper is stunning.

21. Halter maxi dress

Halter maxi dress
Halter maxi dress/via

Bring a halter maxi. Bring a few of them. Don’t be afraid to use bright, bold patterns. You’ll look great as you walk along the beach.

22. Lace boxers

Lace boxers
Lace boxers/via

You don’t have to wear a lot of lingerie You can find out more about it here. These lace boxers make a great alternative to nightwear.

23. Sexy beach cover-up

Sexy beach cover-up
Sexy beach cover-up/via

You might not have seen anything like this cover-up before. Yeah, she’s stunning. You’ll love her too.

24. Maxi skirt

Maxi skirt
Maxi skirt/via

Maxi skirts look great because they can be worn so many different ways. You can wear them with a graphic shirt, a tank or any other top.

25. Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans
Skinny jeans/via

Jeans are reliable and convenient. It doesn’t matter if you only use it to travel from your tropical destination back home.

26. Flowy shorts

Flowy shorts
Flowy shorts/via

The beach is the perfect place to wear these shorts. These shorts are adorable and very comfortable. It would be a waste not to have a few with you.

27. The most sexy lingerie you’ve ever seen

Really (REALLY) sexy lingerie
It’s really (REALLY!) sexy lingerie/via

You can never be too careful when it comes to choosing honeymoon lingerie too sexy. Ask your man. Just ask him.

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