Styles Weekly: 26 Summer Shoe Styles

Xiomara X

What girl doesn’t love shoes?If you’re a shoe lover, summer fashion is likely one of your favorite things. The summer allows you to showcase your freshly pedicure with a wide variety of shoes.

If you have saved up some money to buy a pair of shoes soon, take a look at these summer shoe styles. So, your feet can be as stylish as you are!

 Tri-color heels

Tri-color heels/via

Tri-color heels are a type of high heeled sandals that have been gaining traction in blogs and magazines. It’s easy to see why.

Leather and suede Gladiator Sandals

Leather and suede gladiator sandals
Leather and suede Gladiator Sandals/via

These leather and suede sandals pay homage to all things Boho. Wear them with shorts or a mini-skirt, or a romper and sundress.

Polka dots sandals

Polka dot sandals
Polka dot shoes/via

The polka dots on these sandals make them so cute. To go with them, I immediately think of a tank top and flared skirt.

Jelly shoes

Jelly heels
Jelly heelsvia

Perhaps you wore jelly shoes when you were a young girl. These are the “grown-up version” of jelly shoes.

Animal Prints

Animal prints
Animal Printsvia

Something that’s great about leather peek-a-book sandals with an animal print is you can wear them in the summer…the fall…the winter…the spring…the following summer too.

Floral flats

Floral flats
Floral flatsvia

Flats have become very popular. Get a pair in a floral print. This is super summery.

Snakeskin flat sandals

Snakeskin (flat) sandals
Snakeskin sandals (flats)via

What do you think of these colorful snakeskin flats?

Platform sandals

Platform sandals
Platform sandalsvia

These days, platform sandals are very popular. Platform sandals are a great way to add some inches to your stature without having to wear uncomfortable high-heeled footwear.

Feathered stilettos

Feathered stilettos
Feathered stilettos/via

Stilettos. Stilettos. When it comes to creating a good first (second, third and fourth) impression they are sure to do the trick. They are even more impressive if they come with a few feathers, like these.

Nautical Ballet Flats

Nautical ballet flats
Ballet flats with a nautical theme/via

Are you going sailing this summer? With these nautical ballet flats, you’ll look the part.

Tie dye sandal

Tie dye sandal
Tie dye sandal/via

Summertime is a great time to wear tie dye. This is why we love this sandal. You’d say that it has a very similar pattern.

Flatform sandal

Flatform sandal
Flatform sandal/via

Flatform sandals are a type of platform shoe. The flatform sandal is a shoe that is trendy and comfortable at the same time.

Colorful slippers made of cloth

Colorful cloth slippers
Colorful cloth slippersvia

Why not try these colorful cloth slippers if you need a pair of shoes that you can throw on quickly for errands?

Bohemian flats shoes

Bohemian flat sandals
Bohemian Flat Sandalsvia

The bohemian style is best suited to thong sandals with lots of embellishments. If you wear a maxi-dress or kimono, these shoes are perfect.

Metallic gladiator sandals

Metallic gladiator sandals
Metallic gladiator sandalsvia

Gladiator sandals and metallic colors are two trends that work well together right now.  They are so popular because they go with many different styles of clothing.

Lace thongs

Lace thong sandals
Lace-thong sandals/via

If you love all things lace but you don’t already own a pair of lace thong sandals…what are you waiting on?

Floral Gladiator Sandals

Floral gladiator sandals
Floral gladiator shoesvia

Try this other pair of sandals. They look great for beach walks and garden parties because of the floral pattern.

Bottomless sandals

Bottomless sandals
Bottomless sandalsvia

For those who plan to spend a lot of time at the beach or near the water, you may want to consider a pair of sandals without bottoms.

Chunky platform sandals

Chunky platform sandals
Chunky platform sandals/via

This sandal is a hybrid of a flatform and a platform. You’ll feel relaxed and look delightful—all at once.

Embellished wedge shoes

Embellished wedge sandals
Embellished wedge sandalsvia

The wedge is also very fun. The embellished details are really nice.

Translucent toes

Translucent heel
Translucent heel/via

Clear heels. Clear heels are no longer just for the club. Now they are appropriate for every type of summertime fashion—whether it’s work or play.

Tropical print wedge

Tropical print wedge
Tropical Print wedgevia

It’s like a sandal with a wedge and if you combine them, it is a combination of both. The tropical print is a sure sign of summer parties!

Pastel lace-up sandals

Pastel lace-up sandals
Pastel lace-up sandals/via

A pastel lace-up shoe will look great on you and won’t be too distracting. This is another type of shoe you can wear long after Labor Day.

Metallic Birkenstocks

Metallic Birkenstocks
Metallic Birkenstocks/via

If you love Birkenstocks and are very loyal, this year you can promise to look for something a little more stylish. These metallic styles are a good example.

Ankle-high high heels

Ankle-high high heels
Ankle-high high heels/via

It’s time to add some high-heeled ankle boots to your little black dress. Do not wait any longer. Any longer.

Fringe sandals

Fringe sandals
Fringe sandals/via

Another popular style is fringe. Flat fringe moccasins are some of the cutest types you can own.

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