There are 26 delicious DIY cake recipes to try

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Every time we celebrate a family member’s birthday, we want to surprise them with special memories. Even though we can buy birthday cakes whenever we like, they still make a great surprise if you know how to decorate them.

We have collected 26 delicious DIY cake recipes that you can try. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also stunningly beautiful. Keep on reading to see them. You can follow the instructions and decorate the cakes for the person you love. Scroll down to have fun!

Cake of the Moon

Cake of the Moon  via

This astronaut cake is a great gift for someone who loves the moon, or anything related to it.

Delicious Garden Cake

Delicious Garden Cake via

In our hearts, we will always find a magical place no matter what age we are. This beautiful garden cake is the choice of all the creative girls and women.

Sparkle Stripes Cake

Sparkle Stripes Cake via

This sparkle stripes cake is perfect for those who prefer cakes with a more simple style. This cake shows what ordinary is.

Cake Decorated with Colorful dots

Cake Decorated with Colorful dots via

Have you seen a cake in a polka-dot coat? Isn’t this cake delicious? Make it yourself by following the instructions.

Dum Dums Decorated Cake

Dum Dums Decorated Cake  via

Cakes and lollipops both have a hard texture. They both share one thing in common: they’re sweet! Your children will be thrilled with this cake.

Splatter Cake Recipe

Splatter Cake Recipe – A Stylish Splatter Cake via

Cakes are available in a variety of styles. This splatter-cake, for example, must be a cake fashion icon. Do you agree?

Beautiful Watercolored Cake

Beautiful Watercolored Cake via

Colorful things remind us of those wonderful moments. This cake may look simple but it really represents the best wishes to the one receiving this cake.

Birthday Cake with Cookie Flower

Pretty Birthday Cake With Cookie Flower  via

This cake has a simple, crisp design. It is very clever to decorate the cake using cookies that are arranged in flowers. So nice.

Edible Flower Cake

Edible Flower Cake  via

You can also use edible flowers to decorate your cake. This may be more exciting.

Fresh Fruit Cake

Fresh Fruit Cake via

Fruit cakes are very popular today, because they are tasty and do not have a lot of grease. Watch the video to learn how to decorate a cake with fresh fruits.

Lovely Layer Cake With Gummy Bears

Lovely Layer Cake With Gummy Bears via

Children love gummy bears. Next time make this layer-cake for your children’s special day. Then they must give you a huge hug or a kiss.

Creative Embroidery Embroidery cake

Creative Embroidery Embroiderys Cake via

I have never seen a more adorable cake. The embroidery is beautiful. You can get this cake for your birthday if you enjoy cream-based cakes.

Yummy Funfetti Cake

Yummy Funfetti Cake  via

This cake looks really good and I’m sure it tastes great. You can copy this recipe and give it a go if you like it.

Confetti Marshmallow Cake

Confetti Marshmallow Cake via

This marshmallow cake looks so nymphish in these pastel shades. This is a cake that all girls will enjoy.

Breathtaking Ocean Cake

Breathtaking Ocean Cake  via

If you love the ocean, I’ll bring it to you. Don’t get me wrong! Don’t get me wrong!

Rainbow Petal Cake

Rainbow Petal Cake  via

Tell your children this cake is a rainbow petal cake that can bring all of their birthday dreams true. See how they react. Interesting!

Chocolate Cake with Powdered Sugar

Chocolate Cake with Powdered Sugar via

Chocolate cake is a great option for those who enjoy chocolate.

Chocolate Forest Cake

Chocolate Forest Cake via

You can also make a chocolate forest as a gift for a chocoholic.

Fruit Snack Decorated Cupcake

Fruit Snack Decorated Cupcake via

Children must love this cake decorated with fruit snacks. See how you can make these cute cakes by following the recipe.

Lovely Pink Heartcake

Lovely Pink Heartcake via

It is beautiful. You can use this cake to show someone you love them.

Cake with Sprinkles

Cake with Sprinkles  via

This cake makes me think of the movie I’m not sure why. Up. The colorful sprinkles are my favorite.

Amazing Dirt Cake

Amazing Dirt Cake via

Are you going to be angry or happy when you receive a dirt cake for your birthday? It’s difficult to tell. Right?

Ombre Mosaic Cake

Ombre Mosaic Cake  via

This ombre mosaic can be made whenever you feel like eating a cake. The cake is simple to make and decorate.

Creative Cake

Creative Cake  via

There’s no rule saying you can only have a single cake on your birthday. Why not let your imagination run wild and create something special for yourself? See how to make this cake by following the recipe.

M&M Decorated Cake

M&M Decorated Cake via

Do you know that M&M can be great decorations for cakes?

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