Styles Weekly: 26 Must-Have Accessories for Fashion

Xiomara X

You would find in a dictionary that an accessory is “an item of clothing that completes”. It’s true, because adding a few accessories can transform an outfit from “OK”, to “totally stunning”.

Like everything else in fashion, accessories also have their own trends. Here are some of the must-have accessories for this season.

A bucket bag

A bucket bag/via

It’s time to buy a new bag? What about a bucket bag in a light color? This bag is large enough for all your belongings and cute enough to go with anything.

Some Boho midi-rings

Some Boho midi-rings
Some Boho midi-rings/via

Bohemian clothing is here for the long haul. It’s here to stay, at least for a couple of more seasons. Why not add a couple of midi-rings?

Leather gloves, long pair

A pair of long leather gloves
Long leather glovesvia

Winter is the time when you will need gloves. Just make sure you get long gloves this season. Leather is preferred.

A few thin scarves

Some thin scarves
A few thin scarvesvia

Infinity scarves continue to be popular. You can also add thin scarves in your collection. They can be worn around the neck, waist or even as a hairband.

Brass earrings

A pair of brass earrings
Brass earringsvia

It’s likely that you already have a pair or two of hoops in gold or silver. That’s great. Look for brass earrings this season. You will look incredibly trendy.

A floppy hat

A floppy hat
A floppy hat/via

Do you have bad hair days and are wondering what to do? Get a big floppy hat. You’ll be fashionable, and no-one will ever have to know that you are using it to tame the mane.

A ‘lunchbox’ purse

A 'lunchbox' purse
A ‘lunchbox’ purse/via

All things come full circle. You probably brought a metal box to school as a child. Now that you are a woman, your phone and cosmetics can be carried in a square-shaped metal purse.

Platform heels are a great alternative to traditional sandals.

Platform heel sandals
Platform Heel Sandalsvia

Platform heel sandals are not just good for your wardrobe, they’re also great for your back. The wedge heel provides a great deal of spine support.

Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces
Layered necklacesvia

You can quickly put something on when you are rushing to get out the door. Pull your hair into a bun and add a bunch of necklaces. Some necklaces are arranged in a way that they face each other (which can prevent them from getting tangled).

A ‘multiple holes’ ring

A 'multiple holes' ring
A ‘multiple holes’ ring/via

If you are wondering how it is possible for this ring to go through all her fingers, the answer is that it’s a single ring with multiple holes. It’s too cute.

A metal choker

A metal choker
Metal chokervia

Chokers are back in fashion every few years. You should look out for a metal choker this season.

A fringe purse

A fringe purse
A fringe purse/via

The fringe purse is another stylish option. This purse will go perfectly with your summer tunics and bohemian outfits.

Cute flats

Flats are all you need to be comfortable. These are cute. The heel beading looks exquisite.

Roses as an updo

Roses for an updo
Roses as an updo/via

Fashion runways are full of romantic looks. If you want to do an updo with your hair, then add some roses. On special occasions, some real roses will be very sweet.

Fun shapes and colors for eyewear

Eyewear in fun shapes and colors
Fun shapes and colors for eyewearvia

You can have fun with eyewear whether you wear glasses for work or simply want to be stylish. Consider frames with bright colors and unusual shapes.

A wide metal belt

A wide metal belt
A wide metal belt/via

It’s not just jeans that are trendy. Even belts! Currently, wide belts are available in colorful cloth and metal.

Metallic headband

A metallic headband
Headbands made of metallic materialvia

This is the perfect time to buy some headbands if you like them. This metallic headband we like a lot.

Footless sandals

Footless sandals
Footless sandalsvia

Are you planning to spend the day on the beach? A pair of sandals without feet will make you look hotter than ever. You’ll receive at least five compliments during the day!

Pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry
Pearl jewelry/via

Pearls represent wisdom, truthfulness and spiritual transformation. If you can totally relate to those things, get some pearl pieces so that you can make a statement—without saying a word.

A pendant necklace

A pendant necklace
A pendant necklace/via

You can use unique pendants on your existing necklace chains. The larger, the better.

Fashion tights

Fashion tights
Fashion tightsvia

It’s possible that there is a part of yourself that believes fashion tights can only be worn by little girls. It couldn’t possible be more false. These are actually the hottest legwear for women right now. Buy as many as you possibly can. You will be both warm and gorgeous.

Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals
Gladiator sandalsvia

Gladiator sandals look great with jeans shorts and mini skirts. Get a pair!

Gloves without fingers

Fingerless gloves
Gloves without fingersvia

Yeah, we get it. You may not be able to keep your fingers warm with fingerless gloves. But there so adorable…who cares?

Wooden bracelets

Wooden bracelets
Wooden braceletsvia

You can decorate your arms with wooden bracelets. They are especially beautiful if they’re hand-painted.

Bohemian jewelry

Bohemian jewelry
Bohemian jewelry/via

Don’t just stop at Boho midi rings. Why not buy several different types to add to your jewelry box. It is a great investment.

Statement earrings

Some statement earrings
Statement earringsvia

You can make a bold statement by wearing statement earrings. It’s as simple as that.

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