The Best Summer Bridal Shower Ideas

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You can have a great time at a bridal party whether you are the bride, a guest or a member. It’s even more fun if you attend during summer when the weather is warm and the air is fresh.

If you are planning a wedding party, or if you are the bride, and you want to make the event memorable and creative, then here are 26 great ideas!


Wedding dress cupcakes

Wedding dress Cupcakesvia

Would you rather go without a cake? Would you prefer cupcakes? They are essentially single-serving cakes. Plus, you can arrange them in innovative ways—like this wedding dress, for example.

Berry kabobs

Berry kabobs
Berry kabobs/via

Fruit is the best way to say “summer”. One of the best ways of serving it to a large group is to make kabobs. Strawberries blackberries raspberries blueberries all are delicious, healthy and sweet.

Cookies with a date are available to save.

Save the date cookies
Cookies with a date/Save the Datevia

What can you say about these adorable cookies? You can use these cookies to make your guests remember your wedding.

Plant Place Holders

Plant place holders
Plant holdersvia

Plant place holders are a unique way to decorate if you plan on hosting a brunch, dinner or lunch. Also, they are eco-friendly and can be used for party favors.

Wedding cupcakes

Bride and groom cupcake display
Display of cupcakes for the bride and groomvia

Here’s a cupcake display idea sure to make your guests happy. You can make them into miniature brides and/or grooms, or even dolls.

Chalkboard announcement

Chalkboard announcement
Chalkboard announcementvia

This chalkboard announcement will look great at the entrance or gift table of your bridal-shower venue.

Baby’s Breath Centerpieces

Baby's breath centerpieces
Baby’s Breath centerpieces/via

It is likely that the rose would be the signature flower of weddings. If there’s a signature flower for floral arrangements, then it’s probably baby breath. It’s beautiful as a center piece, as you can see. Plus, it’s quite affordable too.

Pedicure Party Favors

Pedicure party favors
Pedicure Party Favorsvia

What woman wouldn’t enjoy pampering their feet? Well, by making these pedicure party favors, your guests will have something that they can take home and use—time and time again.

Champagne trimmed with gold sugar

Champagne trimmed in gold sugar
Champagne trimmed with gold sugarvia

At their bridal shower, brides can toast and be thankful to many things. Trimming champagne bottles in gold sugar makes for a tasty treat.

Powdered donut rings

Powdered donut rings
Powdered donuts/via

This is also a good idea. You can easily find powdered donuts at your local supermarket. Then by cutting  some diamond rings out of poster board, it will put everyone in mind of your engagement ring.

Strawberries soaked with champagne

Strawberries soaked in champagne
Strawberries soaked with champagnevia

Only strawberries soaked with champagne are better than those that have been drunk and eaten. Yum!

A pearl wall

A pearl wall
Pearl wallvia

Pearls are delicate and feminine gems. To make them a part your bridal shower, you can simply tape white, off-white, and pink balloons onto one wall. Make sure to use different sizes for a more dramatic effect.

Wine glass table settings

Wine glass table settings
Wine glass table settings/via

These table settings are really nice. Look how simple they are! You can put a small flower (like peonies) on a table, then flip a glass over and place it atop. You can then add a small candle to the bottom of the glass.

Bridal Survival Kit

Bridal survival kit
Bridal Survival Kitvia

Every bride must have a survival pack. Not for marriage, but for your wedding day. The guests can put safety pins and Krazy Glue in the bag to help prevent mishaps.

Yogurt (or ice cream) bar

Yogurt (or ice cream) bar
Yogurt (or ice cream) bar/via

Soft serve yogurt, or even ice cream on a hot day in the summer will be enjoyed by all. A yogurt bar (or ice-cream) is always a good choice.

Chairs made of pearls

Use pearls for chairs
Use pearls as chairs/via

Another super simple idea. Add a pearl string to your guest’s chairs to instantly dress them up. Hint: They’re usually easy to find at an arts and craft store.

Honeymoon Money Jar

Honeymoon money jar
Honeymoon Money Jar/via

Showers and marriages bring out a lot more gifts. But, who wouldn’t also like to get some cold, hard cash? You can make people aware of your intentions by putting out a jar that says “honeymoon funds”.

Wedding night lingerie cake

Wedding night lingerie cake
Wedding night lingerie cake/via

Avoid the monotony of a sheet cake if you want to have a cake. This white teddy bear cake is our favorite. It’s so…honeymoon inspiring.

Diamond ring centerpiece

Diamond ring centerpiece
Diamond ring centerpiecevia

Here’s a brilliant centerpiece. Cut out some cardboard diamond rings and glitter them. Then add some real or fake flowers to the box. Your guests may ask to take some home.

‘Dress’ for bride’s chair

'Dress' for bride's chair
‘Dress’ for bride’s chair/via

The bride is the guest of honour. By giving the chair with a tulle-covered skirt, you can clearly identify which one belongs to her. It is really very precious!

Get guests to sign your wedding shoes

Have guests sign your bridal shoes
Get guests to sign your wedding shoesvia

Some brides want their guests to sign the guestbook. Others? They are the bottom of their wedding shoes. This is a great way to celebrate the shower.

Champagne and Popsicles

Popsicles and champagne
Popsicles with champagne/via

You probably haven’t thought of combining popsicles with champagne before. We promise you will be delighted you tried this tasty combination.

‘Date Night’ table

'Date Night' table
‘Date Night’ table/via

It is important to maintain romance. You can do this by planning date nights. Ask your friends to come up with some great ideas and write them on popsicle stick. You can then keep them in a container and use it as a reference.

Cake Pops for the Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom cake pops
Cake Pops for the Bride and Groomvia

Cake pops are a great option for guests who want to indulge in desserts but watch their weight. Give the bride one flavor and “the groom one” another.

Play the ‘Spill the Tea’ game

Play the 'Spill the Tea' game
Play the ‘Spill the Tea’ game/via

Spilling the tea is another way to say “share gossip”. The questions for a bridal shower would include how you met your partner, their favorite things, and so on.

Mimosa drink bar

Mimosa drink bar
Mimosa drink bar/via

It’s a great drink to serve to bridal parties, too. However, not everyone will want orange juice or champagne. It’s okay, you can still appeal to everyone by offering a variety of fruit juices and mimosas. You’ll be able to impress your guests with this!

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