26 Easy Eye Makeup Tutorials

Xiomara X

The eyes are the focal point of our face. No wonder we’re always trying to find new ways of enhancing them! You can achieve the runway look, or an “au naturel” look. We all want to have eyes that pop and dazzle people when they look at us.

We don’t have to hire makeup artists for this. Do you not believe me? I’ll prove it to you.

Classic Smokey Eye Makeup tutorial

Smokey Eye Shadow/via

This eye make-up classic is easy to follow!

For Ocean Eyes only

For Green Eyes
For Ocean Eyes/via

If you have green-blue romantic eyes, this look is sure to make them pop.

The Perfect Flick

The Perfect Flick
The Perfect Flick/via

It’s never been easier to master the perfect flick!

Sultry Blue Eye Shadow

Sultry Blue Eye Shadow
Sultry Blue Eye Shadowvia

This look is perfect for an evening out.

Dramatic Gold Eyes

Dramatic Gold Eyes
Dramatic Gold Eyesvia

It’s easier than you think to achieve the Kardashian look! You’ll be looking like a celebrity in no time!

Baby Blues

For Blue Eyes
For Blue Eyes/via

This simple guide will do wonders for your baby blues.

Bring Out The Brown

Bring Out the Brown
Bring Out the Brown/via

We might as well do brown eyes while we’re there. All you need is a pale eyeshadow and a brush for eyeliner!

Playing with Pastels

Playing With Pastels
Playing With Pastelsvia

You can spice up your eye make-up by adding a little colour to the lids.

Dramatic Pastels

Pastel Makeup
Pastel Makeup/via

If you want to be more daring, go for this two-toned pastel look.

Golden Sparkle

The Golden Sparkle
Golden Sparklevia

There’s nothing more stylish than a line of sparkling glitter! This trick can be used on any style.

Smokey Dramatic Eyes

Dramatic Smokey Eyes
Smokey Eyes/ Dramaticvia

You will love these dramatic smokey eyelashes. Another fabulous look for a night on the town!

Scalloped Eyeliner

Scalloped Eyeliner
Scalloped Eyelinervia

It’s a seriously cool trick to make an impossible style possible! Try out different shapes and colors.

Ombre Liner

Ombre Liner
Ombre Liner/via

Simple yet stunning. This is a must-try!

The Green Flick

The Green Flick
The Green Flickvia

With this eye makeup, you’ll have everyone envious. This eye makeup looks great on people with brown or green eyes.

Pink Pop

The Pink Pop
The Pink Pop/via

Who knew hot pink would look so good! This color looks good on any eye colour.

Peacock Eye Makeup

Peacock Eye Makeup
Peacock Eye Makeupvia

This beautiful peacock eye make-up tutorial will save your life. Who wouldn’t love to have such beautiful eyes?

Rainbow Eyeliner

Rainbow Eyeliner
Rainbow Eyelinervia

This Rainbow Eyeliner will add colour to your eyes and make them stand out!

Perfect Cats eye

The Perfect Cat Eye
The Perfect Cat Eye/via

You struggle with getting that perfect shape. This guide will help us understand it.

Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue
Shades of blue/via

This blue ombre eye make-up is both elegant and sexy.

Silver Stripe

The Silver Stripe
Silver Stripevia

To create a unique eyeshadow look, you can add a stripe of silver or any other colour. The result will be bold and stunning.

Another Smokey Eye

Another Smokey Eye
Another Smokey Eyevia

What can I say about this? Smokey Eyes are extremely popular.

The Cross Flick

The Cross Flick
The Cross Flick/via

The perfect outfit for those looking to spice up the day.

Double Flick

The Double Flick
Double Flickvia

This double flick is sure to make you “double-take”!

The Ice Princess

The Ice Princess
The Ice Princessvia

Cool, elegant and collected. What more is there to say?

A Touch of yellow

A Touch of Yellow
A Touch of Yellowvia

This bright look is sure to brighten up your day.

Sunset Eye Makeup

Sunset Eye Makeup
Sunset Eye Makeupvia

This subtle eye makeup for sunset is perfect for any event.

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