Fall Outfit Ideas: 26 Amazing Grey Looks

Xiomara X

You may have seen the color “Stormy Weather”, when you were looking at fashion magazines and blogs about the colors you should wear for fall. This is a popular shade of gray.

Here are a few ways you can make grey work in your favor. You may have never thought about grey before or it is your favorite shade. But, contrary what many people believe, it has a lot of personality.

1. Grey sweater and black thigh high boot

Grey sweater with thigh-high boots/via

The thigh-high boots are in style right now. You can pair your black ones with a grey turtleneck.

2. Grey shearling Jacket

Grey shearling jacket
Grey shearling jacketvia

It’s time for a new jacket. If you choose a shearling jacket, you’ll look like a runway model.

3. Grey fur vest

Grey fur vest
Grey fur vest/via

A grey fur vest is another way to appear fashionable. Make sure that it is made of faux fur if you do not want to pay a lot for it.

4. Shorts with grey thigh-highs

Shorts with grey tights
Shorts with grey pants/via

It’s obvious that anyone who said you couldn’t wear shorts in the fall or winter didn’t own enough accessories. All you need are some opaque tights—like these grey ones—and you’ll be good to go.

5. Grey maxi shirt with leather jacket

Grey maxi shirt and leather jacket
Grey maxi shirt with leather jacket/via

The grey cotton maxi top goes well with anything. This Marsala jacket is a great match.

6. Grey dress with colorful tights and shoes

Grey dress and colorful tights (and shoes)
Grey dress and colorful tights/ (and shoes).via

This outfit is a great example of how a neutral color can be made to stand out by adding the right accessories. The grey dress looks cool on its own. With that belt, those tights and the strap heels? You’ll definitely be a star every time you put on an outfit like that!

7. Big grey floppy Hat

Big grey floppy hat
Grey floppy big hatvia

Wear a large floppy hat on days you would rather be outside than looking in the mirror. Maybe a gray one to match your grey sweater, cardigan or blazer.

8. Grey skinny jeans with white blazer

Grey skinny jeans and white blazer
Grey skinny jeans and a white blazervia

Keep your white pieces after Labor Day. Keep your white pieces to match your grey tops, grey jeans or even your black.

9. Grey jewelled tulle skirt, sweater

Grey jeweled tulle skirt and sweater
Grey jeweled tulle and sweater/via

Will you be attending a wedding in October? How about wearing a white cashmere sweatshirt and a grey tulle skirt with it? You will look as good as the bride. (Nearly.)

10. The perfect sweater for velvet leggings

Great sweater with velvet leggings
Excellent sweater with velvet leggingsvia

Velvet has become a very popular fabric for this season. Leggings will go well with grey sweaters.

11. Grey fringe boot

Grey fringe boots
Grey fringe boot/svia

There is a lot of fringe. The best way to wear it on a pair is with boots. Grey boots are one of the best colors to wear them.

12. Grey turtleneck and wide leg pants

Grey turtleneck and wide-leg pants
Grey turtleneck and wide leg pants/via

In general, wearing all the same color is not encouraged. This season, it is something that many fashionistas wear. It looks great when you pair a grey turtleneck with wide-leg trousers.

13. Grey turtleneck dress

Grey turtleneck dress
Grey turtleneck dressvia

A ribbed turtleneck can be worn as a dress.

14. Grey cardigan and skater skirt

Grey cardigan and skater skirt
Grey cardigan and skater skirt/via

Do you own a few skater skirts with prints that you’ve worn all summer? Put on some printed tights, a grey cardigan, and you are ready to face whatever autumn brings.

15. Grey long-sleeved shirt and black leggings

Grey long sleeve shirt and black leggings
Grey long-sleeved shirt with black leggings/via

What should you do with those grey long-sleeved shirts? Add them to some black leggings and black rider boots and then you’ll look…like this.

16. Grey full wrap cardigan

Grey full wrap cardigan
Grey full wrap cardiganvia

Do you feel the same way we do about love? Grey full wrap cardigans are the best way to look sexy and fall ready!

17. Grey ‘church lady’ blazer

Grey 'church lady' blazer
Grey ‘church lady’ blazer/via

It’s because the blazer is reminiscent of suits that older women used to wear to church. It’s easy to modernize these blazers. Combining a grey top with a statement necklace and a tank is an amazing look.

18. Grey T-shirt dress with oversized sleeves

Grey oversized T-shirt dress
Grey oversized T shirt dress/via

A grey oversized T-shirt dress can be worn with…pretty much anything you own. We recommend a pair skinny jeans, boots with a high platform heel and some cute earrings.

19. Grey dress with sheer cardigan

Grey dress with a sheer cardigan
Grey dress with sheer cardiganvia

The dress itself is stunning. The sheer cardigan is what makes this dress so special.

20. Grey skater skirt and black tights

Grey skater skirt and black tights
Grey skater skirt and black tights/via

Got a skater skirt? You can easily update your fall wardrobe with a graphic shirt and black tights.

21. Grey flared pants and floral top

Grey flared jeans and floral top
Grey flared jeans with floral topvia

Some people believe that flowers can’t even be worn in the fall because they die. It’s simply not true. You’ll make at least one person smile every time you wear your grey flared pants and floral blouse.

22. Grey pullover shirt with statement necklace

Grey pullover with shirt and statement necklace
Grey pullover with shirt, statement necklace and grey shirt/via

People have a misconception about sweats. They think they are for lounging and not fashionable. We disagree. With the right accessories, like the statement necklace she’s wearing, a grey sweater like this one can look “fashionable” and “purposeful”.

23. Grey with a ‘light-n-bright’ color

Grey with a 'light-n-bright' color
Grey with a ‘light-n-bright’ color/via

Grey and mint. Grey and mint. You can also find out more about A stunning color combination

24. Grey sequin miniskirt and sweater, blazer

Grey sequin mini skirt, sweater and blazer
Grey sequin mini dress, sweater and blazer/via

A sequin skirt is a great way to add sparkle to grey. Add a sweater, blazer and other clothing to complete the look.

25. Grey sweater with statement necklace

Grey sweater and statement necklace
Grey sweater with statement Necklacevia

This is an alternative to the pullover. You can pair a grey sweater, a plaid top and a gemstone statement neckpiece together.

26. Grey pencil skirt and jean jacket

Grey pencil skirt and jean jacket
Grey pencil skirt and jean jacket/via

It’s impossible to not look great in a pencil-skirt. Look for a grey pencil skirt and pair it with your favorite jean jacket. You’ll feel so prepared to welcome the fall season.

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