Sexy Leather Outfits for Winter

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Is it only us? Is it us, or is the best thing about winter when you can look HOT in leather no matter how cold things are? This is why we have compiled a list of 21 ways you can rock leather, including a few items in suede. You may pay a few dollars more for leather than you would for other items of clothing or accessories. But as we’ll show, this is money well spent. If you treat leather well, it can last for a long time.

1. Jean maxi, peasant shirt and cognac jacket

Jean maxi dress, peasant shirt and cognac jacket/via

Are you at heart a country girl? This look is probably your favorite. To bring out the “inner Western” in winter without going overboard, wear your jean skirt over your boots and your modern leather jacket over your top. It looks like cowgirl meets city. In a very simple, yet attractive way.

2. Feather gray turtleneck with black leather pencil skirt for Winter

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Feather grey turtleneck with black leather pencil skirtvia

Did you also think of “sexy librarian in winter” when you saw this? If there is one thing that we wish every woman had, it’s a leather pencil skit. Turtlenecks are very trendy right now, so this is a really cool look. The color combination grey and black is also very “grown-up”.

3. Tank, blazer and leather pants – Winter Outfit Ideas for Work

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Leather pants, tank and blazer/via

Want to look good on a date without looking like you are a sexagenarian? Try to avoid attempting to do so? Our fashion recommendation is below. A pair of leather pants will make you look sexy and stylish, while a tank top makes you appear relaxed. A blazer can keep you warm. No matter how cold you might be.

4. Black lace top and black suede trousers with red velvet clutch

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Black lace top with black suede pants and red velvet clutchvia

For a romantic touch, opt for a lace blouse instead of the tank. You can also carry a clutch made of velvet. Choose a bold and bright color. Perhaps red.

5. Black leather jacket and pants with flowing black tanks

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Black leather pants, jacket and flowing black tank/via

Here’s an example of what a jacket can do. You saw earlier a pair leather pants and a flowing black tank. The same look is now paired with a leather jacket in black. You’d have to say that it takes the look up a notch.

6. Sheer striped shirt and leather pants for winter

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Sheer striped top and leather pantsvia

This top seems a little too sheer for the winter. It’s not. It’s not. You only need to add something to it. Under it, you can use a tank top in a solid color or t-shirt. On top, you can add a leather jacket, blazer or other outerwear. Perfect with leather pants.

7. Grey midi top with burgundy cardigan. Black flare leather mini-skirt

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Grey midi top with burgundy cardigan. Black flare leather mini-skirt.via

You have a flat stomach that you either had always or just recently and hate to wait until spring (or the summer) to show off. You don’t need to. If you wear a cardigan over it, a knit midi-top is acceptable. Do not forget to buy a leather flare skirt, like this one. You can put on some over-the-knee socks and you’ll be cute and cozy—all at once.

8. Light blue jeans with cream sweater, dark chocolate leather coats and accessories

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Dark chocolate leather jacket and accessories, light blue jeans and cream sweatervia

The key to a successful leather look is finding accessories that match. If it’s the bag, jacket and boots, you can combine them with so many styles and looks. For example, a cream sweater with light blue flared jeans.

9. Winter Outfit Ideas – Cognac leather jacket, grey T-shirt and jeans

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Cognac leather jacket with grey T-shirt, jeans and jeansvia

You’ve probably worn a T-shirt and jeans throughout the entire fall. Even though it’s getting colder, you can wear the same combination. Add a leather coat over it.

10. All black. All black.

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
All black. Leather midi-top with leather mini-skirt with a slit/via

Sure, it’s a little on the small side. In winter, any outfit made of leather is appropriate. If you want, you can wear leather boots or opaque tights with this. What about a black coat with fur? Yeah…that will keep you warm and you’ll still look sizzling hot.

11. Leather bustier with beaded pencil skirt

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Leather bustier, beaded skirt and blazervia

We had to include something for formal events! The leather bustier has to be seen! Don’t miss out on a beaded pencil-skirt if you find one. Do you worry that this skirt might be a bit too revealing? Too much On the sexy-factor? Don’t be. A blazer will help to…balance it all out. The best possible way.

12. White blouse, black leggings and desert sage leather jacket – polyvore outfit ideas for winter

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
White blouse with black leggings, desert sage leather jacketvia

The winter is great because you can layer your clothing. Here’s a great outfit for those days when it is not too cold. A sheer top with a leather jacket layered on top. Together, brown and desert sage look stunning. Don’t forget to bring your golf cap. The perfect finishing touch to bad hair days.

13. Grey graphic sweatshirt, Marsala leather pants and Chucks – polyvore winter outfits

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Grey graphic sweatshirt with Marsala leather trousers and Chucks/via

You have a graphic-printed sweatshirt lying around. It’s time to add some leather trousers! You’ll be able to turn your frumpy sweatshirt into “Who’s that ?!?”?” You can also use it to walk past men at the mall. You don’t have to wear heels if you are wearing leather pants. Chucks are also a great choice. Leather pants have a certain “magic”.

14. Marsala leather jacket with distressed jeans and black top

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Marsala jacket with distressed jeans, black top and black shirtvia

Marsala, a rich red color, has been a favorite in the fashion world for quite some time. You can probably see why. The brown tones make it a “warmer”, more burgundy-like color. You can wear a Marsala leather purse or jacket for years.

15. The graphic tank, the dirty rose suede jacket and the fringe heels

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
The jacket is made of a suede in a dirty rose color, with contrasting graphic tanks and fringe heels.via

Were you thinking that you had to give up your graphic tanks—at least until the winter season was over? No way! The key is to change up the way you wear them. Layering is key. Consider this outfit as an example. The addition of a suede coat and fringe heels can give your tanks a new lease on life. So, you can wear them all year round.

16. Cognac leather with teal combo

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Cognac leather and Teal Combovia

Cognac is a term that describes a beautiful color of brown leather. It’s used here. Teal is an elegant color when paired with cognac.


21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)

There are many ways to get help. There is so much edginess We can’t get enough of this look! From the black leather jacket and pants and Stiletto booties…if you don’t own a motor bike, you’ll wanna at least ride on one, one time, this winter. Can you imagine how sexy and hot you will look??

18. Black leather trousers and “gold trim” on the “ruffle”, as well as black top.

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Black leather trousers with gold trim and a black “ruffle-top” top.via

This top can also be described as peplum. These tops and dresses have become very popular. You can wear it all in black, but with subtle accents. This time, it’s gold trim. The gold studs at the back of these pumps are really nice!

19. Black leather pants, blazer, and top with animal print in black

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Black leather pants with a blazer. Black animal print sleeveless shirt.via

Leather pants are hot. What we zoom in on when it comes to leather is (what ?!?) These shoes! Leather ankle boots with lace-ups?! A leather clutch is also a good match. It’s a great look! Also, we love the dark animal-print tank. It brings some…mystery to the outfit.

20. Gold and black (leather ensemble)

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Gold and black ensemble/via

Black and gold. This is a classic combination. If you’re not sure where you’re headed, this will work—across the board. Our vote is to wear it on a date—an evening time one.

21. Brown leather turtleneck sweater dress with maroon.

21 Sexy Leather Looks (for Winter)
Brown turtleneck sweater with maroon leather.via

RICH! You’ll look filthy rich in this. Part of the reason is that it’s dark brown leather. It’s because of the maroon and dark brown leather. Everything about this look says “my bank account is better than fine”…even if you’re embellishing just a bit. You’ll want to go to the store and get one of these turtleneck sweater dresses.

25 Sexy Leather Outfit Ideas for Winter25 Sexy Leather Outfit Ideas for Winter25 Sexy Leather Outfit Ideas for Winter25 Sexy Leather Outfit Ideas for Winter25 Sexy Leather Outfit Ideas for Winter25 Sexy Leather Outfit Ideas for Winter

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