The 25 Best Looks for an Summer Party

Xiomara X

The summertime allows you to spend quality time with your friends. You can enjoy a glass or two of wine in your backyard. You can attend a variety of outdoor concerts. Summer parties are not to be missed!

It’s hard to know what to wear. This list is a great place to get some inspiration for a party you’re attending.

The casual look of lace

Lace in a casual wayvia

If you own a lace-trimmed skirt, but aren’t sure what to wear with it try a tank top and pumps. The lace will appeal to your feminine side. A tank will bring out your casual side. And what about the pumps? They’re just plain sexy. Plus, they’ll make your legs extra long!

Garden party green

Garden party green
Garden party green/via

A dress like this will make you feel beautiful and fresh, whether it is for a wedding in the summer or a dinner party held in a garden.

Just white

Simply white
Simply whitevia

A little white dress is something that every woman needs to have in her wardrobe for summer. This photo provides a hundred and one reasons.

Try a tunic

Try a tunic
Try a tunic/via

This tunic is simply amazing! It’s cool because you can wear it as either a dress, or with ripped jeans.

The tank is paired with a maxi skirt

A tank and a maxi skirt
A tank and maxi skirtvia

A maxi shirt might seem like it’s too much for summer. It depends entirely on the type of fabric. It’s best to use organic cotton or silk for a boat party. Particularly if you pair up with a top.

Wear some floral shirts

Wear some floral shorts
Wear some floral shorts/via

Pull out your floral shorts from a drawer! Put on a sheer top, a statement neckpiece and strap sandals. You will be prepared for anything the summer may bring.

Red is fun and formal

Red, fun and formal
Red is fun and formal/via

Red is a great choice for a formal party. The only better thing is Red Lace.

Grab a boyfriend jeans and a Halter!

Halter and boyfriend jeans
Jeans with a halter and boyfriend style/via

Dress for the occasion if the party will be at your friend’s home, with pizza and beer being served as food and entertainment. You can dress for the occasion with a pair boyfriend jeans and an halter top.

Ideal for summer weddings

Perfect for a summer wedding
Perfect for an outdoor weddingvia

A wedding rule: Do not try to outshine your bride. With a dress such as this, you will be absolutely stunning and, if you didn’t have a date when you arrived, there is a good chance you will leave with one.

Pretty sequins

Pretty sequins
Pretty sequins/via

We totally understand if you are in love with the look. We’re not quite sure which we prefer: the neutral dress, the shoes or the way the sequins have been placed.

Maxi dress with a stunning design

An amazing maxi dress
The most amazing maxi dresses/via

You can clearly see the benefits of owning a maxi-dress like this.

A modest midriff

A modest midriff
A modest midriff/via

You can wear a midriff-top no matter your size or body type. We love the way this top is paired up with high-waisted gypsy pant. Isn’t it great that the whole outfit is white? This is a nice bonus.

Casual summer dress

Casual summer dress
Casual summer dress/via

It is often not the dress but its color or pattern that make a dress unique. Avoid solids if you are looking for a casual and simple summer dress. Instead, opt for a print that is bold.

Hot pants never looked better

Hot pants have never looked hotter
Hot pants look hotter than ever/via

No worries if you bought a pair leather hot pants in the fall. They can be worn in the summer. You can make this summer-appropriate with a floral jacket and a tank.

Blue and bohemian

Blue and bohemian
Blue and bohemian/via

Bohemian is a look that is very popular right now. You can wear it from sunrise to sundown. It flows, flirts and is comfortable. Make sure you accessorize the outfit with plenty of beads and bangles.

Oh so colorful!

Oh so colorful!
Oh so colorful!/via

Wearing too many colors in the summer is a mistake. Why even try? Accessories are the key to this look. The yellow strap-ups and clutch are stunning. The perfect combination of white and mint is the two colors.

The perfect black dress for a cute and simple look

A cute and easy black dress
The perfect black dress/via

You already know. It’s a given that a little black dress will always be in style. A pair of black leather boots is a must.

Fitted top with flared skirt

Fitted top and flare skirt
Fitted top and flared skirtvia

This is so sexy! It’s never too late to wear a lace skirt flare. It is an investment that will last a lifetime.

Consider an Indian print

Consider an Indian print
Consider Indian prints/via

You can consider wearing this look if you’re invited for a cultural event. It’s possible to find Indian or African prints at thrift stores for a fraction the cost.

The ultimate onesie

The ultimate onesie
The ultimate onesievia

We know. You have to be pretty brave to wear this onesie. We’re sure that you all fit the bill. That’s why we posted it. Be brave. Be bold. Have fun!

Comfortable tribal pants

Comfortable tribal pants
Comfortable tribal pants/via

Yoga tribal pants are perfect for a laid-back look. You can dress up your yoga pants with some hoops or bracelets.

The perfect romper

The perfect romper
The perfect romper/via

Rompers are something many women don’t have but should. It’s adorable.

Gold and Neutral

Gold and neutral
Gold and Neutral/via

If you are not sure of the right attire for the event you will be attending, choose white jeans with a neutral-colored top, leopard shoes, and gold jewelry. There are many gold pieces of jewelry. You’ll feel right at home. You’ll fit in no matter what.

A simple slit skirt

A simple slit skirt
A simple slit skirt/via

Another casual outfit. You can sit with your friends on the porch to catch up.

Work party perfect

Work party perfect
Work Party Perfect/via

The summer is only for kids. It’s possible that there will be some work-related events during the summer. A look like this will catch the eye. You can wear it to church, weddings, or other special events.

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