Denim in Stylish Style: 25 Ways to Wear Denim

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Denim: What to Wear?

Can you imagine what fashion—or life for that matter—would be like without denim? It is comfortable, durable and can be worn in a variety of ways. It’s also very affordable, making it a fabric you can’t get enough of.

What can you do other than wearing jeans with denim fabric? You’re welcome. When it comes down to fashion, jeans are certainly a denim classic, but there’s no limit.

Flared denim jeans

Flared denim jeans/via

Let’s begin with two different styles of denim. Flare jeans are one of the throwbacks from the 1970s. These jeans are great because they look good on everyone, regardless of size or type.

Distressed skinny Jeans

Distressed skinny jeans
Distressed skinny jeansvia

If you love skinny jeans and don’t just want dark denim ones then make sure you get a pair that are distressed. You can make your own if money is tight. here.

Denim purse

Denim purse
Denim purse/via

Denim is not always necessary to be worn. It can also be used as an accessory. Take, for example, this cute hobo bag made of denim. It goes with everything.

Denim tunic

Denim tunic
Denim tunic/via

Tunics make a good addition to any wardrobe, regardless of the fabric. You can wear them on their own (in summer) or with leggings in the fall.

Denim and Diamonds

Denim and diamonds
Denim and Diamondsvia

You can dress up a denim skirt with the help of a statement diamond necklace and a maxi.

Denim leggings

Denim leggings
Denim leggings/via

Denim is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to leggings. They look like super-tight skinny jeans, and you will look amazing in them with the right shirt.

Denim shirt dress

Denim shirt dress
Denim shirt dress/via

Right now, shirt dresses are very popular. You can wear a denim shirt dress all year round. Make sure you accessorize. You can wear it with flats or boots.

Denim and Lace

Denim and lace
Denim and lace/via

Does your office have a business casual dress code? Combine your denim shirt and lace miniskirt if you are in this situation. You’ll look adorable and appropriate.

Denim vest

Denim vest
Denim vest/via

A denim vest is another item that will go with everything in your wardrobe. A cotton dress or a tank and jeans—they’ll both look so good with it on top.

Denim overalls

Denim overalls (pants)
Denim overalls (pants/shorts)via

Overalls have returned. You’ll understand why they are popular if you add a tube top underneath.

Denim overalls (shorts)

Denim overalls (shorts)
Denim overalls (shorts)/via

What about a cool new twist on overalls? Denim shorts. Do not throw out your old long jeans if they are still in good condition. You can upcycle the pants by making them into shorts.

Denim overalls (skirt)

Denim overalls (skirt)
Denim overalls (skirt)/via

You could also go for denim overalls, which are in fact shirts. You can purchase some or sew your own.

Denim and tulle

Denim and tulle
Denim and tulle/via

Here’s a fun way to dress your denim shirt. Have you ever thought of wearing a denim shirt with a tulle dress? Now do you understand why this is a good fashion choice? You can make it even more stylish by adding that statement necklace you were mentioning earlier!

(Upcycled) denim shoes

(Upcycled) denim shoes
(Upcycled) denim shoes/via

You can also upcycle denim by turning an old pair into shoes. There are many ways to upgrade old denim. here.

Denim and Layers

Denim and layers
Denim and Layersvia

This look is so trendy. These layers are really what take this outfit to the next level. We don’t really know which we prefer: the stripes with sequins, or the sequins on a jean jacket. This is a fall “must-have”.

Denim skirt

Denim skirt
Denim skirt/via

Another denim staple is the denim skirt. Wear it with a T shirt or a blouse. The right cut will last for many years.

Animal print denim flare skirt

Denim and an animal print flare skirt
Animal print denim and a flare skirt/via

Give this combination a go, whether you’re wearing a denim top with an animal-print skirt or denim jeans and a top in animal-print. You won’t regret trying it. You won’t regret it.

Denim shirt

Denim shirt
Denim shirt/via

A long-sleeve denim shirt. This is a must. Now. It’s over.

Denim and a maxi dress (or skirt)

Denim and a maxi skirt (or dress)
Denim and maxi skirts (or dresses)via

A denim shirt, or denim jacket, goes very well with maxi skirts or dresses. This is another outfit you can wear to the office. You could wear this to work, or out on a night with your partner after work.

Denim cut-off shorts

Denim cut-off shorts
Denim cut-off shorts/via

Denim cut-offs make a sexy summer look. But don’t spend money on them. You can make a pair that looks just as nice as those in department stores by cutting up old jeans and washing them.

All denim

All denim
All denim/via

You shouldn’t be afraid to wear an all-denim look. To pull off this look, you need to use different shades. This is how you can look like an ad model.

Denim and Leather

Denim and leather
Denim and Leathervia

Bold. Daring. Seductive. Denim and Leather together instantly conjures up the words “sexy”, “sultry”, and “delectable”.

Denim and pearls

Denim and pearls
Denim and pearlsvia

How about adding a blazer to your denim if you’re conservative but still like the look? This is a fashionable way to add another layer.

Colorful denim

Colorful denim
Colorful denim/via

Blue is a classic denim color, but it’s far from the only option. The color ranges from red to yellow to green. You can also choose from polka dots, florals and other patterns and prints.

Denim and a formal dress

Denim with a formal dress
Denim and formal dressvia

Imagine that you are going to a wedding outside in the late summer or early fall. A denim jacket can be worn in a formal or semi-formal setting. Even though it may seem a little radical, brides have worn denim jackets. Denim is a versatile fabric!

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