The Bride’s 25 Best Engagement Party Outfits

Xiomara X

The best thing about being a bride to-be is the fact that so many things are planned to celebrate your love for your beloved and you.

Consider the engagement party. If you plan to wear white to your ceremony as is the classic and traditional way, then it is also appropriate to wear the same color to the engagement party. You are the bride after all!

It’s not that there aren’t other colors that you can try. We’ve included a variety of formal, semiformal and casual dresses for you to choose from. So you can choose the dress that’s perfect for any occasion.

Dress with A-line and strapless, knee-length

A-line strapless knee length dressvia

The white A line strapless dress will look great at any engagement party. You can also wear it at other occasions after the wedding.

Blush and Beads

Blush and beads
Blush and beadsvia

Bohemian clothing is something you may want to look into. What if you can’t find a dress that has this type of beading on it? No problem. You can have a dress made for you by a seamstress if you keep the original picture.

Beautifully embellished

Beautifully embellished
Beautifully decorated/via

This dress is perfect if you want to wear all-white but also add some color. It’s perfect for an outdoor summer celebration.


Taupe off-shoulder maxi dress

Off-shoulder taupe maxi dress
Taupe maxi dress with an off-shoulder designvia

Want to wear a dress for your engagement party that you can then dress down? This off-shoulder maxi is a great option.  Taupe may not be a color you’d choose for a formal event, but this neutral shade is stunning.

White with a sweetheart-shaped neckline

White with a sweetheart neckline
White with sweetheart neckline/via

This is a classic engagement party dress. It’s sweetheart-neckline and long length make it a dress you can dance for hours in!

Gold sequins and tulle

Gold sequin and tulle
Gold sequins on tullevia

You don’t need to wear something too long if your engagement party is formal. What about sequins and tulle. If it’s above your knee, it makes it even more fun.

Lace at the top and flowers at the bottom

Lace on top and flowers on the bottom
Lace at the top and flowers at the bottom/via

Another festive touch to white dresses is the addition of flowers or feathers on the bottom.

Grey vintage embroidery

Grey vintage embroidery
Grey vintage embroideryvia

The people will be asking you “Ooo! Where did you get that dress?” The embroidery on this dress is beautiful and intricate.

Silver and White

Silver and white
Silver and white/via

The white is “bride”. The silver is “lively”. The bride-to be can use these two words at her engagement party.

Stunning bandage dress

Stunning bandage dress
Stunning bandage dress/via

The rose color is super feminine. If it’s in the form a dress with bandages like this, then it’s super fem.

Two-piece maxi dress

Two-piece maxi dress
Two-piece maxi dresses/via

This two-piece maxi dress is so…ultimate. You’ll want your guests to buy one. You can get them it in any color other than white. White is your favorite color.

Chiffon with a one-shoulder design

One-shoulder chiffon
One-shoulder chiffon/via

Chiffon with a one-shoulder design is regal. Gold embellishments make it look modern.

Vintage ivory and floral

Vintage ivory and floral
Vintage ivory with floral/via

You may have always wanted to wear an old-fashioned dress to the engagement party, but don’t feel like digging through your grandmothers’ closet. Why not try a silk dress? This dress is extra special due to the floral pattern. It’s also memorable.

Boho beauty

Boho beautiful
Boho beautiful/via

This is another Boho inspired look, but it’s a little more casual. Who said casual meant you had to give up looking fashionable? The embroidery on the back of this dress is aesthetically-appealing too.

Shorts in light pink with tulle

Short, light pink and tulle
Shorts in light pink with tullevia

Another color associated with weddings and brides is pink. This dress screams “engagement party”.

Cocktail dress with detailed back

Cocktail dress with a detailed back
Cocktail dress with detailed back/via

Are you planning a summer wedding? The back of a linen cocktail dress with this type of detail will make it look second to none.

Rust all over

Ruching all over
Ruching All Overvia

Another casual winner. Material is casual. It’s still a great (engagement) dress despite the fact that it has no straps and ruching.

Rose gold

Beautiful rose gold
Gorgeous rose goldvia

Here’s another way to experiment with rose gold. This neckline is absolutely gorgeous.

Back with Bejeweled Embroidery

Bejeweled back
Bejeweled Backvia

This dress is full of surprises. The back is plain and white. The back is unbelievably decorated.

Pretty flowers and Lace

Pretty flowers and lace
Pretty flowers and Lace/via

Do you want to combine all the “bridal looks”, into one dress? This dress is the perfect way to do that. The dress is a mix of white, pink, flowers and lace. It’s a great fashion mix without being overwhelming.

V-neck maxi dress

V-neck maxi dress
V-neck maxi dress/via

It is okay for brides to show their sensual side. The low V-neck of this white maxi dress is perfect for it!

Sleeveless and pleated

Pleated and sleeveless
Sleeveless and pleated/via

A pleated, sleeveless dress is another option that can be worn at any time. This dress would look great as a bridesmaid’s dress.

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