Tank Tops in 24 Different Ways

Xiomara X

When you went through your closet, you probably found more that a dozen tank-tops. You asked yourself, “Now, what will I do with them?” All of these?Do not throw them out. Not yet.

The tank top is a must-have for every woman. It’s a fact. You’ll see in a moment that you can wear them more than a couple of ways. All of them.

Tank top and flow shorts

Tank tops with flow shortsvia

Please get a pair if you don’t already have one. If you choose the right style and colour, your tank can be transformed from a casual look to one that is perfect for a first date.

Tank top and jeans jacket

Tank and jean jacket
Tank top and jeans jacketvia

Jean jackets work well at any season. These jackets look great with mini skirts in spring and summer, and they can keep you warm through the winter and fall. They are so warm that you can wear them year-round.

Tank tops and skinny jeans

Tank top and skinny jeans
Tank tops and skinny jeansvia

There’s something so seductive about a woman wearing a tanktop and skinny jeans. (See above.)

Tank and mini

Tank and a mini
Tank and a Minivia

If you’re looking for a little flirty, wear your tank with a short skirt. You must love this mix of pink and yellow. Yeah, we do too.

Tank and Kimono Jacket

Tank and kimono jacket
Tank and Kimono Jacket/via

Bohemian Chic is a look many are aiming for right now. A kimono is all you need if you are on a budget.

Tank and leather

Tank and leather
Tanks and leathervia

A leather skirt and a tank. Can a woman get any sexier than this?

Tank top with a Blazer

Tank top with a blazer
Tank top with a jacket/via

You can still wear your tank tops if the office is conservative. Simply throw on a blazer. After work, you can take it off. It’s as simple as that.

Tank with Leggings

Tank with leggings
Tank top with leggings/via

Not all women can pull of a tank top with leggings. If you’re slim and athletic, this is the perfect outfit for you.

Cardigans and tank tops

Tank top and cardigan
Tank top with cardiganvia

At first, it may seem that a tank top with a cardigan is a bit boring. If you mix and match your tank tops like this girl did, it can be a stylish way to do so.

Graphic tank top and shorts

Graphic tank and shorts
Graphic tank and shortsvia

There’s nothing that says “summer”, quite like a graphic-printed tank and a pair shorts.

An all-white outfit

An all-white outfit
An all-white outfit/via

Don’t be afraid to combine a white tank with a pair of white pants. It’s a great look for the summer.

Tank with gladiator-fringe sandals

Tank with gladiator fringe sandals
Tank with Gladiator Fringe Sandals/via

If you don’t already own a pair of fringe gladiator sandals, really…what are you waiting for? They make tanks hot. They make tanks look hotter!

Tank top with a maxi-skirt

Tank with a maxi skirt
Tank with a maxi-skirt/via

You’ll look stunning in a tank top and maxi skirt, whether you’re going on a date or having dinner with friends.

Tank and body chain

Tank and body chain
Tank and body chainvia

When the first body chains were introduced, many people wore them only with bathing suits. The options are limitless, as you can see.

Tank tops & Overalls

Tank top and overalls
Tank tops and overalls/via

On a hot summer’s day, pull out your demin overalls. Wear a tank top underneath. You will be comfortable and cool all day.

Tank bra

Tank and bra
Tank and bravia

You have a pretty bra you’d like to show but don’t really want to? What about it all? No problem. You can wear it and then add a tank over top. You will look sexy while being modest.

Tank tops and capris

Tank top and capris
Tank tops with capris/via

Are you going to the beach for a day? Wear a tank top and then some capris.

Tank in animal print

Tank and animal print
Tank with animal print/via

Tank tops look great with animal print jackets, pants and skirts. You can go for a tank top in a dark color, like burgundy.

Tank tops and flare jeans

Tank top and flare jeans
Tank tops and flare jeansvia

A tank-top, flare jeans, and a jacket. The look is perfect for the autumn.

Tank top and tulle skirt

Tank and tulle skirt
Tank top with tulle skirtvia

Where could you wear a tank top and tulle skirt, then? There is only one answer. There are two answers. “Anywhere” would be the first. The second is “Everywhere”.

Tank top with sequin skirt

Tank top and sequin skirt
Tank top and sequins skirt/via

LOVE IT. LOVE. IT. A graphic tank combined with a skirt made of sequins makes us smile.

Tank top with leather jacket

Tank top with leather jacket
Tank top with leather Jacketvia

A tank top with a leather jacket is another matchless combination. (Motorbike optional.)

Tank top with off-shoulder top

Tank and off-shoulder top
Tops with off-the-shoulder tank and tops/via

Put on your bra, then a tank top and finally the shirt if you have a large bust. The bra will provide you with the necessary support. The tank will cover the bra. You can then rock your shirt!

Tank top and sheer vest

Tank top and sheer sweater
Tank top with sheer sweatervia

If it is cold and you want to keep your tanktops close but still be able to wear them, then put on a sheer sweater over the top. SeeWe told you to wear your tank in many different ways. Enjoy!

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