Use your graphic T-shirts in these 24 creative ways

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We’ll be surprised if you own less than 10 graphic t-shirts! The styles and messages are great for expressing your individuality. This is what makes them so fun! You can also find them in stores (including thrift shops) or online at an affordable price. It’s easy to collect so many!

You can also wear one graphic tee in a variety of different ways. You don’t believe us, do you? Look at these creative ideas. You may be inspired to purchase more T-shirts. At least two!

Distressed jeans

Distressed jeansvia

The classic way to pair a graphic T shirt with distressed jeans is by wearing it under a fishnet or lace hose. If you want to add some flair to the look, wear some lace or fishnet tights underneath. They will show through your jeans’ holes.

Wear something floral

Put on something floral
Wear something floralvia

Wear a graphic tee if your grandmother, mom or you still have an old floral dress that you haven’t worn in a few years for fear of it looking dated. This will make the skirt look younger. Literally.

A tee featuring an army jacket

A tee with an army jacket
The tee is paired with an army jacket/via

The two things go together really well: A graphic tee shirt and an army coat. Even better if you wear some shorts.

Maxi magic

Maxi magic

Maxi skirts are versatile. They go well with graphic T-shirts.

Some lace shorts

Some lace shorts
Some lace shorts/via

You can get new shorts just in time for the summer if you choose lace. They are adorable.

A sequin skirt and a tee

A tee and sequin skirt
A tee paired with a sequins skirt/via

You have an upcoming dressy event but don’t want it to be too extravagant. Why not try a graphic tee with a sequins skirt? It looks beautiful, especially under a cardigan.

Perfect summer outfit

The perfect summer outfit
Perfect summer outfit/via

White is the color of summer. White shorts with a graphic t-shirt and a white jacket. It’s hot!

Over a Dress

Over a dress
Over a Dressvia

Here’s a new way to use a graphic T shirt. Why not pull it over your sleeveless gown? It’s just so…adorable.

Shake It Up

Shake it up
Shake It Upvia

You just received a party invite in the post? You can make a statement by wearing a fringed skirt with shirts!

Tee with tulle

Tee and Tulle
Tee and Tullevia

Combining a graphic tee and tulle is a look that celebrities and models alike love. Voila!

With tights and a cardigan

With a cardigan and tights
With cardigans and tights/via

If you feel the chill in the air but it isn’t quite fall, wear a cardigan to cover your arms. Wear opaque tights for your legs. The graphic shirts look great layered.

The pencil skirt is a great addition to any outfit

Great with a pencil skirt
You can wear it with a pencil skirt/via

Pairing a graphic tee with a skirt is a great way to wear it to work if you are in corporate America. Oh, and some heels.

A tee with an ablazer

A tee with a blazer
A tee paired with a jacket/via

A blazer is another classic way to wear graphic T-shirts. This is casual but in a stylish way.

Add lots of Jewelry

Add lots of jewelry
Add lots and lots of jewelryvia

Wearing jewelry is another way to dress up a T-shirt without sacrificing comfort. What’s our recommendation? Our recommendation?

Well-tailored suits

A well tailored suit
Well-tailored suit/via

It’s a fantastic look. It’s not just because the suit is tailored and the shirt is graphic, but also because the suit color. Don’t just assume it must be neutral if you are in need of a suit.

A cute lil’ mini skirt

A cute lil' mini skirt
A cute lil’ mini skirt/via

Rocker chic is the best way to describe this pleated mini skirt and leopard print platforms. It’s charming and youthful.

Fun flats and a jean jacket

A jean jacket and some fun flats
The jean jacket with some fun flats/via

Why not own a denim jacket? You can wear it in so many different ways!

The higher the heel the better

The higher the heel, the better
The higher the heel the bettervia

It’s simple to look sexy and not like you are trying too hard. Grab a graphic sleeveless T-shirt and a pair boyfriend jeans, along with the highest heels you can find. You’ll see how many looks you get.

Enjoy the Flare

Fun with flare
Fun with flarevia

The person who decided to wear a flared skirt with a graphic t-shirt deserves applause. Look at the darling combination.

Printed leggings

Printed leggings
Printed leggings/via

You don’t need to think too hard about what to wear, whether you want to relax for the weekend with your friends or go to a movie. You can pair your favorite graphic top with a printed pair of leggings. You’ll look even more stylish if you wear wedge sneakers.

Leather skirts are a great choice

Get a leather skirt
Get a leather jacket/via

Buy a leather skirt if you are on a tight budget. This photo speaks for itself as to why this is one of the best decisions you can make.

Wear a blouse beneath

Wear a blouse underneath
Wear a blouse beneath/via

You can also layer graphic tees by wearing them over a long sleeved blouse. With a jean shirt and wedged heels, it’s…ultimate.

Black Tie It

Black Tie It
Black Tie It/via

Want to make a bold statement at your Black Tie Event? Wear a graphic shirt and satin shirt. Make sure it is fitted, and double-check that the message on it is correct. (You don’t want to look like everyone else, but you still need to fit in with the occasion.

Without anything

With nothing at all
Nothing at all/via

Many stores, both offline and online, sell T-shirt dresses. Canvas shoes look great with this dress.

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