The Summer Wedding Color Trends: 24 Gorgeous Ideas

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Everyone knows what to do when you are a bride. The bride can wear and do anything she wants. even say On her wedding day, she can do whatever she wants. This is because it’s her wedding day. her day. You may know your colors for your wedding if you have planned it in your mind since you were young.

If you are planning a wedding for summer and want to know what the hottest color trends in weddings this summer are, here’s two different ways you can use them.

You just never know. You never know!

1. Champagne wedding dress

Champagne wedding dressvia

The white wedding gown is a traditional choice. If you’re looking for a shade lighter than white but not as stark, champagne could be a good option.

2. Turquoise beach wedding decor

Turquoise beach wedding decor
Turquoise beach wedding decor/via

Summer is the perfect time to plan a destination wedding. Preferably on the beach. Some turquoise decor would look amazing near the water, if you agree.

3. Plum bridesmaid dresses

Plum bridesmaid dresses
Plum bridesmaid dresses/via

Plum was a color you might have considered for the fall or winter. It’s a great color for summer if you love warm colors.

4. Silver brooch bouquet

Silver brooch bouquet
Silver brooch bouquet/via

What is in style right now? Brooches. What’s the color of choice for summer weddings? Silver. Ever thought the two would go so well together?

5. Hunter green jewelry

Hunter green jewelry
Hunter green jewelry/via

Hunter green is an intense color that many brides use as a wedding accent. Your bridal party’s jewellery is a great way to achieve this.

6. Teal Wedding Cupcake Tower

Teal wedding cupcake tower
Teal wedding cupcakes towervia

Have you ever seriously considered going without a wedding cake? Wedding colors are trending teal. Why not make cupcakes in that color.

7. Marigold flower crown

Marigold flower crown
Marigold flower crown/via

If you are thinking of wearing marigold flower wreaths with your bridal party or yourself, this is the perfect color for you!

8. Cream rose table setting

Cream rose table settings
Cream rose table linensvia

No wonder cream roses are “in”. It’s so rich and romantic—both at the same time.

9. Azalea table setting

Azalea table settings
Azalea table setting/via

If you like pink but want something bolder and more vibrant, why not try azaleas? This would be great for a wedding.

10. Teal Flower Girl’s Dress

Teal flower girl's dress
Teal Flower Girl’s Dressvia

The flower girl, whatever she wears, is precious. This little teal dress makes us say “Awwwwwh” when we see it.

11. Lavender seeds

Lavender seeds
Lavender seeds/via

Here’s some inspiration. Lavender also happens to be a very popular color for summer. Instead of having your guests toss rice, give them some lavender seeds. It’s pretty. It’s fragrant. It’s also better for the planet (including the birds).

12. Hunter green groomsmen tie

Hunter green groomsmen tie
Hunter green groomsmen tie/via

Here’s a way to use hunter green. It comes in the form of a tie for groomsmen.

13. Custom blue wedding dress

Custom blue wedding dress
Custom blue wedding dress/via

You can wear blue as a wedding dress if you want to break away from the traditional color scheme.

14. Azalea bouquet

Azalea bouquet
Azalea bouquet/via

Consider making your throwaway flower bouquet in azalea if you have already decided on your wedding colors. It’s a beautiful color. Particularly during the summer.

15. Turquoise wedding cakes

Turquoise wedding cake
Turquoise wedding cakes/via

What else can you do with turquoise? You can use it to decorate your wedding cake.

16. Champagne bridesmaid dresses

Champagne bridesmaid dress
Champagne bridesmaid dressesvia

Some people think the only person that should wear white is the bride. If you are a bride who wants her bridal party to be dressed in white or a variation, champagne would make a beautiful color.

17. Marigold chair decor

Marigold chair decor
Marigold chair decor/via

You can use marigold in another way. It will brighten up chairs for an outdoor reception.

18. Plum garter

Plum garter
Plum garter/via

Sometimes, pops of colour can appear in the most unexpected of places. Garter belts are a great example. It’s so rich and deep that it is simply stunning.

19. Cream Rose Cake

Cream rose cake
Cream rose cakevia

A cream rose cake looks delicious. Imagine the taste of your loved one’s first bite.

20. Lavender boutonnieres

Lavender boutonnieres
Lavender boutonnieres/via

Purple is not a color that many guys will choose to wear. If you use lavender for the boutonnieres of the groom or groomsmen, then they will look and feel confident.

21. Silver bridal shoes

Silver bridal shoes
Silver bridal shoesvia

White shoes can make a bride feel so dull. Silver rhinestones will spice up your wedding gown even more.

22. Winter white aisle

Winter white aisle
Winter white aislevia

Like Christmas in July you can also host a wedding winter fantasy if you have always wanted a winter wedding, but are impatient to marry the one you love.

23. Custom blue bridal shoes

Custom blue bridal shoes
Custom blue bridal shoes/via

All of us know that (traditionally), the bride must have “something borrowed, something old and something blue”. The bride’s choice to have the shoes as her “something-blue” is always nice.

24. Winter white wedding dress

Winter white wedding dress
Winter white wedding dressesvia

The bridal gown in winter white is a perfect way to finish this off. As you walk down that aisle, you will sparkle with all those crystals.

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