The Biggest Fall Print Trends

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You probably know that shopping for clothes during off-season is a great way to get a discount. It’s a great way to find clothing items before anyone else and also get a discount.

Don’t wait to get the fall look you want this year until the ground is frozen. This article will show you how to wear the biggest prints of the year, along with some ideas on how to rock them. (Shh…it’ll be our little secret!)

1. Striped cape jacket

Striped cape jacket/via

Stripes are a trend that will be seen a lot this fall. Capes look cool on days with unpredictable temperatures.

2. Plaid pencil skirt

Plaid pencil skirt
Plaid pencil skirt/via

You should invest in plaid again if you’ve not worn or thought of it since your school days. Look for plaid pencil skirts to look good in the office. Guaranteed.

3. Fashionable dress with a graphic print

Graphic print dress
Dresses with graphic printsvia

Graph prints are very trendy right now. This particular print trend comes in an endless variety of colors and shapes.

4. Gingham pattern button-down shirt

Gingham pattern button down shirt
Gingham Pattern Button Down Shirtvia

Start slowly if you haven’t worn gingham patterns before. Pair a button-down shirt with a cardigan, blazer or jacket. Let us know what you think.

5. Polka dot dress

Polka dot dress
Polka dot dress/via

It’s hard to resist the charm and sweetness of polka dot patterns. If you can find a dress with polka dots that suits your body, the print is also visually stimulating.

6. Snakeskin clutch

Snakeskin clutch
Snakeskin clutchvia

Reptile skins are also very popular. Wearing it as a clutch or accessory is incredibly fashionable. Subtle.

7. Floral Print Watch

Floral print watch
Floral print watchvia

Are you having trouble wearing florals in their entirety? What about starting with something simple like a watch with a floral face on it?

8. Word print column dress

Word print column dress
Word print column dress/via

What is the saying that a photo speaks a thousand or more words? Word print clothing will be a huge hit this fall. They are especially flattering when worn in column dresses.

9. Children’s Print Dress

Children's print dress
Children’s Print Dressvia

This year, children’s prints aren’t just for kids. You’ll look super cool if your dress or jeans feature cartoon characters.

10. Leopard print platform booties

Leopard print platform booties
Leopard print platform booties/via

Animal prints are always in style. You can choose leopard print if you want to purchase something this year. Start with a pair of platform booties…and then work your way up.

11. Checkerboard Top

Checkerboard top
Checkerboard Topvia

Don’t you agree that checkerboards are a great print? It looks great on a top.

12. Houndstooth Cocoon Coat

Houndstooth cocoon coat
Houndstooth Cocoon Coatvia

We love this look because it combines two major trends: houndstooth prints and cocoon jackets. If you never really thought about buying either one…what about now?

13. Striped maxi Dress

Striped maxi dress
Striped Maxi Dressvia

Another great look with stripes. Maxi dresses are great because you can wear it all year.

14. Plaid blazer

Plaid blazer
Plaid blazer/via

Are you an avid fan of blazers? We are too. These are some of the best items of clothing to wear during the fall. You can also wear a shirt with a print to match it, whether it’s a graphic tee, dressy blouse, or a tank.

15. Snakeskin shoes

Snakeskin pumps
Snakeskin shoesvia

Remember that snakeskin clutch we showed you before? Why not pair it up with some pumps? You’ll look stunning. #literally

16. Graphic print backpack

Graphic print backpack
Graphic print backpackvia

You’ll probably see a lot more backpacks this fall. That’s because it’s a really fashionable way to carry things around—whether you’re in school or not. You can also use graphic prints with this bag.

17. Houndstooth pencil skirt

Houndstooth pencil skirt
Houndstooth pencil skirt/via

In the fall, houndstooth is the only pattern that would work better on a pencil skirt. Clearly.

18. Gingham pattern coat

Gingham pattern coat
Gingham Pattern Coatvia

What can you do? You can also check out our other blog posts. This gingham coat is so cute! It’s vintage. It’s so dainty. It so…what ever woman should have for outerwear this fall.

19. Checkerboard mini skirt

Checkerboard mini skirt
Checkerboard mini skirt/via

Are you looking for some mini skirts to wear for the fall? You should make sure to get at least one mini skirt in a checkerboard design. You will look “effortlessly delicious” wearing it.

20. Leggings with artistic print

Artistic print leggings
Leggings with a print.via

In addition to the look of children’s prints, artistic print is also similar. If you are a woman that can’t imagine going through a fall without wearing leggings, you should be on the hunt for artistic print.

21. Floral print scarf

Floral print scarf
Floral print scarfvia

This is a stylish way to wear floral prints. You can wear a scarf around your neck, or in your hair.

22. Faux leopard print hooded jacket

Faux leopard print hoodie
Faux leopard print hooded jacket/via

Another funky look in leopard print. A hooded jacket will make you look amazing. You can choose to wear faux or real fur.

23. Word print sweatshirt

Word print sweatshirt
Word print sweatshirtvia

This is a casual version of the word-print look. This example can be worn long after the trend has passed.

24. Polka dot wide legs

Polka dot wide legs
Polka dot wide legs/via

Fashion runways for fall are full of flare jeans and pants with wide legs. In a polka dot print, they’re perfect for work—and the weekend. Enjoy!

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