The latest fall colors in accessories

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Marsala. Dry Herbs Biscay Bay Black. Cashmere Rose. Red. Metallic Silver Cadmium Orange. Stormy weather Reflecting Pond Oak Buff. Cream.

The colors below are considered some of the most trending colors for fall. If you’re looking to layer your fall outfits and coats, these colors will work well.


1. Marsala watch

Marsala watchvia

Even though you can use your smartphone to check the time, it is still a great idea to buy a watch. If you choose the right brand, it can be an excellent investment. And if it comes in a Marsala shade, it goes with everything.

2. Legwarmers made of dried herbs

Dried herb legwarmers
Legwarmers made from dried herbsvia

Leg warmers are essential if you live in an extremely cold climate. They are also a fashionable accessory, even if you do not live in a cold climate. Dried herb has a khaki shade that goes well with any black, grey or brown boots.

3. Biscay bay oversized clutch

Biscay bay oversized clutch
Biscay Bay oversized clutchvia

Trends in purses include large purses and clutches. Biscay Bay is bright and cheerful.

4. Big black floppy hat

Big black floppy hat
Big black floppy hat/via

Big floppy hats have become a popular trend thanks to the Bohemian style and 70s fashion. This is a great way to look fashionable and keep your head warm.

5. Cashmere rose blanket scarlet

Cashmere rose blanket scarf
Cashmere Rose Blanket Scarfvia

You can get a blanket scarf in cashmere-rose color. It is so romantic and soft. You can even get one that is literally made from cashmere.

6. Red brooch

Red brooch
Red brooch/via

Brooches, as a form of jewelry, are also a popular choice. Brooches in red will be perfect for the holiday season.

7. Metallic silver backpack

Metallic silver backpack
Metallic silver backpackvia

Invest in your backpack whether you’re a student or not. The backpack is a popular accessory right now. Think of all the compliments you will get if your accessory is metallic silver!

8. Cadmium orange fringe purse

Cadmium orange fringe purse
Cadmium orange fringe purse/via

The bag is a must-have. The fringe and the color of this bag are amazing.

9. Stormy knit cap

Grey knit hat
Stormy weather hatvia

Knitted hats are a great way to keep your ears toasty. It will match all your outerwear in grey.

10. Cashmere rose gemstone cuff

Cashmere rose gemstone cuff
Cashmere rose gemstone cuff/via

Cuff bracelets with large gems look great in formal or casual wear. At least one cuff bracelet with large pink gems is a must-have. It’s not too gaudy. It’s beautiful.

11. Stormy weather oversized shades

Grey oversized sunglasses
Stormy weather oversized shadesvia

There are days of sunshine even though fall brings cloudy skies and rainy conditions. When those days come, you can keep your eyes protected by wearing a pair oversized sunglasses that are in a dark color.

12. Reflecting Pond Pearls

Reflecting pond pearls
Reflecting Pond Pearlsvia

Pearl strings are timeless jewelry. As you can see they come in many colors. Although you may see them more often in white, you will also find other shades. One of these is the Reflecting Pond.

13. Oak buff stole

Oak buff stole
Oak buff stole/via

You can’t believe it Steals ? And if you want one that’s super radical, ditch the neutrals and go with a much brighter color—like oak buff.

14. Cream beret

Cream beret
Cream beret/via

Berets are also making a comeback. When flurries are forecast, a cream beret is perfect.

15. Dried herb thin scarlet

Dried herb thin scarf
Thin scarf of dried herbsvia

Everyone needs a scarf in the fall. Knits look great, but if you want to be fashionable, get one that is thin. Maybe in dried herb color.

16. Biscay bay tights

Biscay bay tights
Biscay bay tightsvia

These tights keep us glued to them. We are willing to wager that you will also be smitten by these tights.

17.  Cream (faux) fur trimmed gloves

Cream (faux) fur trimmed gloves
Cream (faux) fur trimmed gloves/via

The main trend in gloves is longer gloves. The gloves with real or faux fur trimming are a close second.

18. Metallic silver evening bag

Metallic silver evening bag
Metallic silver evening bagvia

How about a sequin evening purse to achieve the metallic silver look? You can use it for any holiday parties you are planning to attend.

19. Marsala knit gloves

Marsala knit gloves
Marsala knit gloves/via

You can wear gloves with or without fingertips if you decide to wear longer ones. These fingerless knit gloves are so youthful and fun.

20. Reflecting pond tassels earrings

Reflecting pond tassel earrings
Reflecting Pond Tassel Earrings/via

Tassels are the “fringe-version” of earrings. You can wear them in a reflecting pond with neutral tones or bright ones.

21. Cadmium orange over the knee boots

Cadmium orange over-the-knee boots
Cadmium orange over the knee boots/via

Are you in need of a pair of new boots? Then, you should make sure the boots are over-the knee. After purchasing a pair of black shoes, be sure to also purchase some in cadmium-orange.

22. Red knit bandana

Red knit bandana
Red knit bandana/via

Get a bandana to go with your scarf. Knitted bandanas will keep you much warmer than cloth ones. If it’s red it will add color to any outfit.

23. Oak buff ear cuff

Oak buff ear cuff
Oak buff earcuffvia

Even single earrings are in fashion. This ear cuff is decorated with oak buff feathers and makes a great autumn accessory.

24. Black fringe boots

Black fringe boots
Black fringe boots/via

Already, we mentioned the fringe trend. You can also buy suede fringe boots at the same time as you shop for a purse with fringe. Then you’ll be all set—for fall. (Winter too.)

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