The 23 Best Ways to Wear Stripes this Fall

Xiomara X

Colors. Prints. Patterns. These factors all help determine the fashion trends for each year. When it comes to fall fashion, stripes are an absolute must.

How can you make stripes look so incredibly good on yourself this year, and what other ways are there? You might be surprised. You can wear stripes on your socks and shoes, or even your fingers.

1. Striped Manicure

Striped Manicurevia

Metallics are also a big trend for this year. Stripes are a great way to add some style to your nails. You can see that the result is very fashionable and distinct.

2.  Striped clutch

Stripped clutchvia

Look for a striped bag when it comes to purses. The bigger the better!

3. Striped maxi Dress

Maxi dress
Striped maxi dresses/via

A striped maxi will look good on any body type. They’re designed to flatter a wide range of body types.

4. Striped ankle pants

Ankle pants
Striped ankle pantsvia

Jeans and neutral trousers are so…typical. These striped ankle-length pants will help you to mix up your wardrobe.

5. Striped maxi skirt

Striped maxi skirt
Striped maxi skirt/via

If you are not a fan of maxi dress, then at least invest in a maxi skirt with stripes. This makes layering so easy and fun.

6. Dress with black and white stripes

Black-and-white dress
Black and white stripes dress/via

You can’t take your eyes off this dress! How do you expect others to feel when they see you in this dress?

7. Striped twist dress

Twist dress
Stripped twist dressvia

Now you know what a twist-dress is. Look for one with a striped design if you’re considering buying it. It’s so much more stylish.

8. Striped sweater

Striped sweater
Stripped sweatervia

Striped knits are very cute. Just that simple. You can wear it with flats, especially if they are stripped.

9. Striped tulle skirt

Tulle skirt
Striped tulle skirt/via

As you can tell, stripes are not always two different colors. Here, black-on-black stripes looks so adorable in a tulle skirt.

10. Striped blazer

Striped blazer/via

It’s not always cold enough to wear a coat. It’s a good thing that you have a striped coat you can wear.

11. Striped shirt

Striped shirt
Striped shirtvia

One of the best parts about wearing a stripe shirt in the fall is that you can mix it with many other patterns, such as florals and plaid.

12. Striped Big Scarf

Big scarf
Stripped big scarfvia

Everybody needs a scarf in the fall and winter. If you have several scarves, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy a striped scarf if it is available in your favorite store.

13. Striped bodycon dresses

Bodycon dress
Striped bodycon dressesvia

This. Bodycon. Dress. Right. Here. Whether you’re planning to wear it to work or “for play”, you’re going to stand out—in so many ways and on so many levels.

14. Oversized bag with stripes

Oversize bag
Striped Oversize Bagvia

Do your friends tease about the fact that you carry everything, including the kitchen sink, in your purse? With a bag this large, you can do it in style.

15. Striped casual suit

Casual suit
Striped casual suits/via

You can choose to wear thinner stripes, or darker colors if you find the wide stripes too busy. Striped casual suits are a great fashion accessory.

16. Striped long socks

Long socks
Striped Long Socksvia

Who doesn’t want new socks in the fall? Who said that they had to be only two colors? With socks, the more colors…the better.

17. Striped umbrella

Striped umbrella
Striped umbrella/via

The fall weather can be unpredictable. You will probably need to use your umbrella a lot. When it’s time to replace your umbrella, choose one with stripes. This will make you look super fashionable.

18. Striped fringe pumps

Fringe pumps
Stripped fringe pumps/via

Fringes and stripes are now in. Stripes are back. You can make any outfit look better by putting them on your shoes.

19. Striped skinny jeans

Skinny jeans
Striped skinny jeans/via

When you go shopping, if you already have a pair of denim jeans that are skinny, you can choose a pattern. Striped can be worn with many different items.

20. Striped cardigan

Striped cardigan
Striped cardigan/via

Everyone should have a cozy, warm cardigan. Striped cardigans will look very different than your grandmother’s.

21. Striped pencil skirt

Pencil skirt
Striped pencil skirt/via

We love how she combines so many colors and patterns in one look. As you can see you don’t only have to wear solids with stripes. Have fun, step outside the box!

22. Striped trench coat

Striped trench coat
Striped trenchcoatvia

Rain is a common fall occurrence. It’s best to be prepared for the rainy weather. Our vote? Our vote?

23. Platform Boots with Stripes

Striped platform boots
Striped platform shoes/via

These platform boots are not for everyone, and that is why we include them. If you fell in love at the first sight, then you will be the only person to walk into a room wearing a pair. Uniqueness is a big part of fashion. Enjoy!

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