Marsala: 23 Ways to wear it in a Stunning way

Xiomara X

Pantone made no secret of the fact that Marsala is one of their favorite colors for 2018. Since the announcement, the deep brownish red shade can be seen in most fashion magazines and blogs.  It’s no surprise. It’s one of the colors that looks amazing on everyone, regardless of skin tone or age.

It’s likely that you already have some Marsala-colored items in your closet or cosmetic drawer. What are you still waiting for?? Here are some ways you can make Marsala your favorite color too!

1. Marsala wrap dress

Marsala wrap dressvia

What woman is not enamoured by the amazing invention called the wrap dress? It fits perfectly. In Marsala it also brings out your best skin tone.

2. Marsala hair

Marsala hair
Marsala hair/via

Marsala hair. You can dye your hair a brownish red color. You can also have some highlights of Marsala. You’ll still look stunning.

3. Marsala high heel shoes

Marsala high heels
Marsala high heel shoesvia

We were interested in these heels no matter the color. But there’s something about them being the shade of Marsala that makes them extra lovely—and even more enviable.

4. Marsala is a delicious way to prepare a meal.

Marsala manicure
Marsala manicurevia

Next time you have a manicure ask your nail technician to paint the nails Marsala. It is likely that you will do it again if it’s your first time.

5. Marsala tank top

Marsala tank top
Marsala tank top/via

Marsala will look great on tank tops that are lighter in color. This is a shade you can dress up or down.

6. Marsala sequin romper

Marsala sequin romper
Marsala sequin romper/via

Yes! This romper is so hot, we can’t get enough of it.

7. Marsala scarf

Marsala scarf
Marsala scarf/via

Simple accessories can go a long way. Take this Marsala scarf, for example…

8. Marsala lace dress

Marsala lace dress
Marsala lace dress/via

Weddings. A dinner date. A holiday party. These are all great reasons to wear a Marsala Lace Dress like this one.

9. Marsala lace shoes

Marsala lace shoes
Marsala lace shoes/via

We showed you other shoes for more formal occasions. If you want to stand out in jeans, then get a pair of Marsala lace-up shoes. Making a statement is an understatement.

10. Marsala top

Marsala blouse
Marsala blousevia

Imagine how much more impressive it would be to wear your Marsala Lace Shoes with this button up Marsala Blouse. You should also remember to carry an animal print bag.

11. Marsala knit jacket

Marsala knit jacket
Marsala knit jacket/via

The Marsala shade is a warm and cozy color. This is probably why this knitted jacket looks so great.

12. Marsala clutch

Marsala clutch
Marsala clutch/via

The clutch is the latest trend in purse trends. For a formal or semi-formal occasion, a Marsala clutch would be elegant and beautiful.

13. Marsala fur-trimmed dress

Marsala fur trimmed dress
Marsala fur-trimmed dressvia

It’s hard to say where you can find a Marsala-fur-trimmed mini dress, but keep an eye out. It’s definitely a stunner! This bag is also a stunner!

14. Marsala pearls

Marsala pearls
Marsala pearlsvia

The current jewelry trend is pearls. Imagine the stunning look you’d get if you combined a string of cream pearls with some in Marsala.

15. Marsala Bikini

Marsala bikini
Marsala Bikini/via

This season, high-waisted halter bikinis have become very popular. After your skin has been tanned, Marsala looks amazing.

16. Marsala (ombre) lips

Marsala (ombre) lips
Marsala (ombre) lips/via

Here’s how to create a subtle ombre lip look if you haven’t tried it before because it seemed too “dense” for you. Start with a Marsala lip color and then add another lighter color, like a peach, pink or golden shade.

17. Marsala sweater

Marsala sweater
Marsala sweater/via

The outfit wouldn’t be as interesting if it was just a black shirt and a pair of jeans. The statement necklace, and the Marsala sweater are what make us double take. Marsala can have a similar effect on people.

18. Marsala cape

Marsala cape
Marsala cape/via

Do you dislike coats or hats? No problem. Why not a cape. You’d prefer a Marsala Velvet cape with matching Marsala Boots (if you don’t mind).

19. Marsala multiple purses

Marsala multiple purses
Marsala multiple purses/via

Carrying more than one bag at a time is a current trend. Yes, it may seem odd at first but think of it this way: it’s a good excuse to carry more stuff. Plus, Why wouldn’t you? Want to add some Marsala bags in your collection of purses?

20. Marsala skinny jeans

Marsala skinny jeans
Marsala skinny jeans/via

Marsala jeans look great in this color. This is especially true for fall and winter.

21. Marsala halter dress

Marsala halter dress
Marsala halter dress/via

Can you imagine his reaction if you were to walk in a room wearing a Marsala halter gown? Whew!

22. Marsala pencil skirt

Marsala pencil skirt
Marsala pencil skirt/via

Pencil skirts work well. Marsala pencils skirts add a touch of personality to conservative business attire.

23. Marsala from top to bottom

Marsala from head-to-toe
Marsala head to toe/via

Wearing only one color all at once is another big trend. As you can see, it’s impossible to wear too much Marsala. No!

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