The 23 Best Work Outfits

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Monday mornings. It can be a challenge to start the week off with two things. The first would be making sure that you get up On Time so that you can get to work…on time. One is to rummage through your closet and see what you could wear that was fashionable, but also comfortable.

It’s not too late to get some inspiration for your work wardrobe. Here are a few outfit ideas that you can use every time you pass by a mirror in the office. You might catch the eye of someone you like at work!

Maxi skirt and T shirt

Maxi skirt with T-shirtvia

It’s hard to find anything more beautiful than a maxi-skirt. It’s a great way to look good and can be worn in many different ways. You can do this with a T-shirt in a solid colour, for instance.

A great denim dress

A great denim dress
A great denim dress/via

This dress is so lovely. It’s cut and dark color make it a perfect office dress.

Conservative with a little polka

Conservative with a bit of polka
Conservative with a little polka/via

Are you working in an environment which is conservative? A polka dotted blouse can help you have some fun.

All neutral

All neutral
All neutral/via

All neutral wear. The combination of white and tan in the spring and summer is a breath fresher.

Leather jackets, baby doll dresses and booties

Leather jacket, baby doll dress and booties
Denim jacket with baby doll dress, booties and boots/via

What do you prefer? What do you like more? You can ponder. We’ll wait…)

A sheer blouse

A sheer blouse
A sheer blouse/via

It is important that every professional woman has a few blouses to choose from in her wardrobe. But they do not have to all be boring white. Here’s a good example.

How to make shorts look good

How to make shorts work
How to make shorts that workvia

Shorts of any type may be prohibited at a Fortune 500 company. But if you work in a place that is a bit more laid back, here’s one of the best ways to make a pair of shorts work…while you’re working.

Boho in the work

Boho at work
Boho at Workvia

Boho style is huge and you can wear it to the office with the right shirt and accessories.

Sport your grey jeans

Sport your grey jeans
Sport your grey jeans/via

If you want to wear jeans, it’s best to choose ones that are not blue. Grey skinny jeans are a great example. You can even get a compliment from your boss if you combine it with a blouse or jacket.

The perfect shirt dress

The perfect shirt dress
The perfect shirt/dressvia

The shirt dress is the best friend of a woman who works. A shirt dress is a great option for working women, especially if it’s made of a fabric that moves freely like silk or satin.

Wearing skinny jeans in the right way is one of the best ways.

One of the best ways to wear skinny jeans
What is the best way to wear jeans?via

Use “Casual Fridays” to show off your skinny jeans. Dress them up with some colorful open-toed shoes.

A floral print top

A floral print blouse
A floral printed blousevia

Floral shirts can be a great way to add a little springtime into your office. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is.

Striped shirt, wedge heels

Striped shirt and wedge heels
Striped shirt, wedge heelsvia

If you’re thinking about spring and summer, it would be a good idea to invest in a striped top (and flared skirt). The wedge heels make the outfits look even more cute.

Black suits

A black suit
Black suit/via

You should invest in a suit. You can wear the jacket and pants together, or separately. It’s also a great way to “sneak” on a graphic T shirt or tank top.

Brown and teal

Some brown and teal
Some brown and Teal/via

It’s not only about what you wear, but also about color combinations. The combination of brown and teal looks great.

Floral pants with solid color blouse

Floral pants with a solid color blouse
Floral pants with solid color blouse/via

You can wear your floral jeans or skinny pants to work. Put on a blouse with some pumps.

Enjoy pastels

Fun with pastels
Enjoy the fun of pastels/via

This outfit has a conservative look, but is also full of personality. This is due to the pastel colours. Pink and mint green? (Pink and mint green?

A blazer and mini to ‘match’

A blazer and mini to 'match'
A blazer and mini to ‘match’/via

You can wear your mini skirt to work. As long as it’s paired with a blazer and tank. If you want to avoid drawing attention to your skirt, wear flats instead of high heels.

Drawstring capris and a jean shirt

Drawstring capris (and a jean shirt)
Drawstring capris and a jean shirt/via

Another great casual outfit. Remember that the accessories make or break an outfit. The right shoes and accessories are also important.

Black with (surprisingly) a few colors

Black with a couple of (surprising) colors
Black with (surprisingly) a few colors/via

She would look bland if she wore only black and gray. The teal necklace and lavender bag make the outfit (work)-ready.

Light colors for summer

Light colors for summer
Summer colors: Light coloursvia

This is a very nice look for summer. The pale pink shirt with the apricot-colored skirt are light, and the pinstriped jacket gives it a business-like look.

Grey variation

A grey variation
A grey variant/via

Grey is a popular color for the fall. You can still add color. Think of how you will be captivated by this color palette.

Wonderful in winter

Wonderful in winter
Wonderful in winter/via

You can wear yellow all year round. When combined with black and grey, it looks really good.

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