There are 23 of the hottest swimsuits around.

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The summer heats up. No doubt. You’ll need a brand new bathing costume if you want to spend your time cooling off in the pool or on the beach.

It’s a challenge to find the one that best suits your body type, personality and still keeps you stylish. There are many different styles that you can choose from this season to achieve the desired results. You will look hotter in these swimsuits than you ever have before!


 Neon suit

Neon suit/via

A neon suit, whether it is a bikini of a one-piece swimsuit, is currently one of the hottest looks. Just imagine how bright the colors will be on your golden-toned skin.

Sheer panels

Sheer panels
Sheer panels/via

The sheer panels on swimsuits can be a great way to show just the right amount of skin without showing too much.

Retro style

Retro style
Retro style/via

One way or another, everything comes back around—even when it comes to swimwear. This retro suit has been a hit with many fans.



Monokinis, according to us, are one of the most important things that has ever happened to swimwear. Look at it. The bikini is also a one piece. In the best possible manner.

Tropical Print

Tropical print
Tropical Printvia

The prints are an important part of the swimsuit trend. The tropical print is a popular choice right now. Palm trees are especially…fashionable.

Metallic suit

Metallic suit
Metallic suitvia

Metallic swimsuits, metallic make-up and metallic platform heels are all in this summer. If you can combine all three, you’ll be truly electrifying in the summer.

Mint green bikini

Mint green bikini
Mint green bikini/via

Mint green is another color that gets a lot attention. It is cool, fresh and crisp. Look for ocean or pool water.

Graphical details

Graphical details
Graphical details/via

Currently, graphic detailing is in fashion in both swimwear as well as lingerie. When you go shopping, buy a bikini or a bra with similar graphics.

Velvet swimwear

Velvet swimwear
Velvet swimwearvia

Velvet and swimmingwear. It might initially seem like an oxymoron. But you know what? Marilyn Monroe wore this style a lot in her day. And if that’s not the ultimate fashion co-sign…what is?

Low-plunging neckline

Low-plunging neckline
Low-plunging neckline/via

Low-plunging necklines. This suit is perfect for those with an athletic body or small breasts.

Animal Print

Animal print
Animal Print/via

Animal prints. They bring out the wild side in the people who wear them—and oftentimes the people who are hanging out with the people who are wearing them too.

Bikinis that are mismatched

Mismatched bikini
Bikinis that are not matchedvia

Who said bikinis had to match? It’s obvious that you can “buck” the system if your bikinis look anything like these.

Lots of fringe

Plenty of fringe
Lots of fringe/via

The fringe trend is big for this season. While it is probably more suitable for lying out rather than swimming, the money spent on it will be well worth it.

Flounce tops

Flounce tops
Flounce topsvia

The flounced top is a type of swimwear both girly as well as dainty. These tops can be used to camouflage an entire bust, if you wish.

Sports bra top

Sports bra top
Sports bra topvia

A bikini with a sports bra is another trend. This is a look that looks great on most sizes of bust.

Tribal print bikini

Tribal print bikini
Tribal print bikinivia

Are you planning a vacation this summer? Choose a tribal pattern like this if you’re going somewhere exotic. This is a super stylish and modern print. And yes, it’s also really sexy!

Lace Swimsuit

Lace swimsuit
Lace Swimsuitvia

If you never thought about wearing a lace swimsuit before, um…how about now?

Cut-out bikini

Cut-out bikini
Cut-out bikini/via

You can’t really tell the difference between a cutout bikini and a monokini. But both are so beautiful, you should give them their own section.

Red swimsuit

Red swimsuit
Red Swimsuitvia

Red. It represents passion, sexuality, and even strength. It’s no wonder that it is a very popular color in swimsuits at the moment. You probably want to buy one that looks very similar.

Bikini with polka dots and stripes

Polka dot and stripes bikini
Polka Dot and Stripes Bikini/via

Polka dots is another popular trend. If you’re looking for another way to mix and match, why not try a polka-dot top with a stripe bottom? This look is almost delicious.

Putty-colored bathing suits

Putty-colored bathing suit
Putty-colored bathing suitsvia

You’d think that anything putty colored would be boring and bland. It’s obvious that we were wrong about the swimwear and this color.

Bikini bottoms with high-waisted sides

High-waisted bikini bottom
Bikini bottoms high-waisted/via

Are you unhappy with the shape of your stomach? High-waisted bottoms are a great solution for your problem. Plus, this is a very trendy look.

Tangerine pieces

Tangerine pieces
Tangerine piecesvia

Tangerines. It is a delicious fruit that also looks great in swimwear. Consider it.

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