You’ll Love These 23 Floral Looks For Spring

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C’mon. Was anyone surprised that floral print is one of this spring’s hottest trends? Since flowers are in bloom during the spring, why not wear some of them on your clothing?

Floral prints tend to elicit extreme reactions. Women either LOVE or HATE floral prints. For those women who don’t like it, they usually can’t figure out how to make the print work with their natural style.

This article can help you reconsider if you are in the “hate-it” category. Contrary to what many people think, floral prints can be worn by anyone. See for yourself.

1. Jean vest with floral bustier, Marsala skinny jeans

Jean vest, floral bustier & Marsala Skinny Jeansvia

This outfit was chosen to begin this series because it has a darker floral print on the bustier. Maybe this outfit will make you reconsider wearing flowers. The Marsala skinny jeans and the jean vest add a little edge to the top, don’t you think?

2. Floral blouse with jeans, straw hat and bag

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Floral blouse and jeans with straw hats, purses, and hatsvia

The following are some outfits that you can create using Polyvore. Add something to the outfit that says “Welcome spring!” You can add a straw hat or purse.

3. Floral tank, boyfriend shirt and jeans

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Floral tank with boyfriend’s shirt, jeans and denim/via

Love your boyfriend’s shirt? Wear it outside the home! Put on a floral top, a pair jeans, and wear that shirt out (relatively speaking, of course)! Take note of the flats made from crochet. Crochet flats are also very popular right now. Do not go into the spring (and summer!) without it!

4. Floral dress, jeans jacket and cowboy boot

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Floral dress and cowboy boot/via

With the help of some leather cowboy boot and a denim jacket, this “dark floral pattern” can be made to look very modern. The fact that you can wear a lot of layers in the spring and autumn to adjust for the often unpredictable temperatures is one of the best things about dressing up. (Notice that the infinity scarf is sheer.)

5. Floral halter and blazer

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Floral dress with blazer/via

Pink Polyvore outfits ideas for spring. This will work for any occasion you need to dress up, but not too much. Floral dresses are a great way to dress up casually. It’s perfect for the office with a blazer. If you don’t wear it, this outfit is perfect for a wedding date or a wedding. You should choose shoes that are similar to those in the picture. Avoid black and brown, instead opting for pastels or neutrals.

6. Floral dress, jeans jacket and wedges

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Floral dress, jeans jacket and wedgesvia

Perfect. You can dress up to impress if you are a student in high school or college. It’s a very “springy” style, with the quarter-sleeved denim jacket. Let’s not even mention those shoes. Wedges can be comfortable. Peep-toes are great for spring. What if they are made of cotton? You’d have to buy at least two pairs. You can get them in different colors!

7. Floral modern print dress with strap heels

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Floral modern prints and strap heels/via

This dress makes us think about the Asian-inspired prints many women wear. If none of our other floral prints has inspired you, this one is sure to. It is delicate yet modern. This is a very sophisticated way of pulling off florals.

8. T-shirt and floral slim jeans

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
T-shirt with floral skinny jeansvia

Are you looking to do little or nothing all day? You can look great if you wear floral skinny jeans along with a graphic or solid T-shirt. Wear your TOMS as well if you are planning on going out.

9. Graphic midi top, sheer floral shirt and distressed jeans

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Graphic midi tank with sheer floral blouse, distressed jeans and distressed jeansvia

“Super cool style”. The whole look can be described as “super funky”. It’s a great outfit because of the patterns. Surprises galore From the graphic midi-tank to the stonewashed jeans to the fringe boot, everything is on point. Then top it all off with a sheer, floral blouse. We’ve never seen anything like it. The following are some examples of how to use coming?

10. Cardigan, jeans, and floral flowing tank

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Cardigan, jeans, and floral flowing tankvia

Polyvore outfits: The floral print in this particular tank almost appears…abstract. And there’s something about the fact that the cardigan is a heather grey that makes this outfit almost…soothing is the word that comes to mind. It’s always a good idea to have a pair of flats or heels in patent leather.

11. Floral mini skirt and halter top with studded studs

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Flower mini skirt with a halter-top and studded top/via

This is a great example of how you can combine prints and patterns. The bustier/halter top appears to have either polka dot or studs, while the flared skirt has a dark floral. It’s a look that would be great for any season (just add an oversized jean jacket in the cooler months). Also, we like that the purse does not “match” everything else. Fashion is pushing boundaries. You can be sure of that.

12. Floral print Tshirt and solid flared skirt

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Floral print T shirt and solid flare skirtvia

How cool is this look? There are two things to focus on: First, the flared skirt (which we love! The color is one of the most popular colors in fashion at the moment: limpetshell. Do you also notice that this floral print is actually a picture of a T shirt? Just one more way to try floral…if you’d prefer to ease on into it.

13. Floral blouse with blue jeans skirt

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Floral blouse and jeans skirtvia

This is an easy casual outfit for work that doesn’t require much planning. You can wear your favorite flats if the floral blouse you choose is made of wrinkle-free fabric, and if your dark denim jean shorts are already laid out. That’s it.

14. Blazer, floral tank with razor back and jeans

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Blazer with floral tank, jeans and razor back tankvia

If there’s Casual Fridays at work, you’re allowed to wear jeans and what you really want to put on are your favorite pair of distressed jeans, you just might be able to get away with it if you distract your boss with the help of a floral tank and silk blazer—oh, and heels. If your tank features a razor-back, make sure to keep your blazer with you at all times. At least until the end of your workday.

15. Solid T-shirt with floral maxi skirt

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Solid T-shirt with floral maxi skirtvia

Simple is sometimes all you need. Look at this silk solid-color T-shirt with a floral maxi-skirt. It’s easy to slip on or off without too much effort. If the skirt is made of cotton or polyester it will probably not require much effort. ironing too.

16. Tank top with floral ruffled skirt and cover-up

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Tank top, floral ruffled Mini skirt and Cover Up/via

Mini skirts are in. But ruffled ones are hot. If your legs are your best feature and you’re looking to buy a new skirt, choose one with ruffles, and maybe even some flowers. You will look even more beautiful if you pair it with a tank-top and cover up. Yes, you can wear your gladiator heels more often with this look.

17. Blue jeans shirt, shorts with floral infinity scarf

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Blue jean shirt with shorts, floral infinity scarlet and blue jean shirtvia

Spring can be a very warm season, but it can also be chilly. You can wear shorts if you don’t know what the weather will be like. It could rain or blow. Put on a blue denim shirt with long sleeves. You can also add florals to your outfit with a floral scarf.

18. Cable knit cardigans and floral spaghetti-strap dresses

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Cable knit cardigan with floral spaghetti strap dressvia

The fabric of this floral dress looks thinner, so it is more appropriate for summer. If you have this dress in your closet, and you’ve waited all winter to wear is, a cardigan with a cabin knit can work. It works pretty well. We think.

19. Floral pants and solid mid-top

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Floral pants with solid midi-top/via

You don’t have wait until the summer to show your abs off if you’ve been working hard to achieve your goal. You can choose a long-sleeved midi top to wear alone or with a vest or jean jacket. What will look great with this top are floral pants. Preferably skinny jeans.

20. Floral blouse with long sleeves, jeans, and Stiletto ankle boot

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Floral long-sleeved blouse, jeans, and Stiletto Ankle Boots/via

This look is versatile and can be worn for spring or fall. This is why we added it to the mix. It serves as a reminder to wear certain outfits in any season (depending on the material). The flora pattern is also appropriate for spring, when the flowers bloom.

21. Cover up, tank and floral pencil skirt

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Cover up, tank and floral pencil skirt/via

The floral print on the pencil skirt reminds me of an art work. If there is one thing a woman’s clothing should have, it should be “poetry on the move”. You’ll add a touch of spring to your workday by adding a solid tank with a cardigan in a different colour.

22. Floral bustier and short-sleeved cardigan with distressed jeans

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Floral bustier with short sleeves and distressed jeans/via

Cotton candy comes to mind when we see the cardigan with short sleeves in this outfit. We could eat this cotton candy! At the very least, you can pay a little extra to own one. It looks so good next to the floral print bustier. This outfit is perfect for a date. Hands down.

23. The floral ruffled top, the button down tank, and the khaki stretch pants

23 Flirty Floral Looks for Spring
Floral ruffled shirt, button down tank, and khaki Stretch Jeansvia

How could we ignore the recent trend of ruffles on the runways and show you how to incorporate them into a floral blouse. This outfit is made more youthful and stylish by the fact that this tank isn’t a solid, but rather has a fine-print pattern.

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