The 22 Best Ways to Style Shorts

Xiomara X

There’s nothing better than a pair shorts to help you beat the summer heat.

What do you know? There are actually all sorts of ways that you can wear them—not just during the scorching heat of summer, but also when the weather is cooler too.

Keep them in the closet or your dresser. You can make your shorts look great in many different ways with a little creativity and forward-thinking.

 Shorts with a tanktop

Shorts and tank top/via

A tank top is a common way to pair shorts with. This particular look can be made more interesting by mixing two colors, such as tangerine with black or mint green and yellow.

Shorts with thigh-highs

Shorts and thigh highs
Shorts and thighhighsvia

From summer into fall. Wear thigh-high socks if you just can’t bring yourself to part with your shorts once Labor Day is over. You will look cool and stay warm.

Shorts with cowgirl boots

Shorts and cowgirl boots
Shorts and cowgirl boot/via

The right footwear can completely change the appearance of a pair shorts. Flip-flops make you appear casual. Cowgirl boots will make you look…oh so fashionable.

Leather shorts

Leather shorts
Leather Shortsvia

Leather shorts can be worn all year long. Add a graphic top or tube-top to your look during the summer. Add tights, a blazer and a graphic tee during the winter. Don’t forget leather heels to finish the look. Your legs and your backside will look stunning.

Shorts and a dressy shirt

Shorts and a dressy blouse
Shorts with a dressy top/via

Isn’t it lovely to see her in this dressy blouse? It’s a great way of transforming a pair or shorts from casual into dressy. Don’t forget to accessorize with some fun items!

Shorts and heels

Shorts and heels
Shorts with heels/via

What you wear with your shorts is not important. You will look so seductive in heels. Some strappy platform ones (or a pair of stilettos) are our preference—and recommendation.

Shorts with a tunic

Shorts and a tunic
Shorts with a tunic/via

You might have worn shorts or skorts, a combination of skirt and shorts, under your dress as a child to hide your undies. As a woman of maturity, you can wear some shorts underneath a tunic or a short dress. Look, it is just as cute. Cuter, even!

Shorts and a jacket

Shorts and a blazer
Shorts and a jacket/via

A blazer worn over your shirt will also keep you warm. Black is good, but a blazer with a vibrant color is better.

Shorts with a double-split shirt

Shorts and a double-split tee
Shorts with a double-split shirt/via

This outfit will make you stand out whether you are going on a date or to a club with friends. If you cannot find a T-shirt that has slits on both sides of the shirt, you can make one yourself. (Don’t forget to hem the side!)

Shorts Flowing

Flowing shorts
Shorts that float/via

One type of shorts which gives the appearance that you are wearing a skirt is flowy shorts. They are also one of the most comfortable types that you can wear.

Shorts with tights

Shorts and tights
Shorts and tights/via

Have you found the perfect winter outfit that will go with your shorts? Awesome. You should wear opaque designer tights in order to prevent catching a chill.

Shorts and a bustier

Shorts and a bustier
Shorts with a bustier/via

The perfect backdrop for this outfit would be a beach vacation. The peach bustier and flower headband are both darling.

Cover ups and shorts

Shorts and a cover up
Cover up with shorts/via

Bohemian clothing is big right now. How about a Boho-inspired dress? Add some midi rings and sandals without feet to this cover up, and you will be so Boho chic.

Shorts with sequins

Shorts and sequins
Shorts with sequins/via

Sequin shorts. They bring a whole ‘nother meaning to “hot pants”, don’t they?

Shorts with a hoodie

Shorts and a hoodie
Shorts and a Hoodie/via

Don’t forget your hoodie if you enjoy running in shorts early in the morning. This will keep you warm and still look cute.

Business casual style shorts

Business casual-style shorts
Business casual style shortsvia

For work, shorts made of linen are perfect. They can be printed in a stylish way and have a hem on the bottom. Keep the shorts at a length that is appropriate and wear a pair with pumps.

Shorts and leggings

Shorts and leggings
Shorts with leggings/via

Shorts and leggings. It’s not just to keep warm. They can also be worn in an original fashion.

Cardigans and shorts

Shorts and a cardigan
Shorts with a cardigan/via

Here’s another way of wearing shorts. Cardigans are a great addition to many different articles of clothing. They can be worn in so many different ways.

Layering shorts

Layering with shorts
Layering shorts/via

It’s not necessary to wear only a short and a t-shirt. Layer as many clothes as possible!

Lace shorts

Lace shorts
Lace shortsvia

Lace shorts. These are basically doilies for your lower half. These are simply beautiful.

Shorts with a sweater

Shorts and a sweater
Shorts with a sweater/via

You can pull off shorts with a knit sweater by wearing some suede shorts, and matching boots. If everything is neutral that’s better.

Shorts and a coat

Shorts and a coat
Shorts with a coat/via

Shorts with a coat. Fashion and weather-wise clothing can’t be more extreme. If you’re a woman who is bold, then why not try it?

These styles are your favorites? You can find more outfit ideas – the best of both worlds!

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