The 22 Best Summer Wedding Day Outfits for Guests

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It is no surprise that June is the most popular month for weddings. The weather is beautiful and warm. Flowers are in full bloom. Outdoors is the perfect setting for a wedding ceremony.

Here are some outfits that you can wear multiple times if you happen to attend a wedding in the summer and want something both festive and pretty.

A floral semi-formal

Floral strapless dressvia

The summer is the season of floral prints. When you add a little red to an adorable semi-formal dress like this one, it gives it just the right amount sexiness.

Taupe maxi dress

A taupe maxi dress
Taupe maxi dressesvia

The maxi dress can be a great option for any woman. This is because it compliments just about any body type. You can make the dress pop with just about any accessory color if you go for a color such as taupe.

Print a test page

Attempt a print

It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a dress that is a solid colour. But why not go for a dress with a print instead? This is a great way to make yourself stand out.

A pastel flare dress

A pastel flare skirt
A pastel flare skirt/via

Flare skirts look so cute. You can pair a skirt in a pastel shade like apricot with a white blouse.

Long and flowing

Long and flowing
Long and flowing/via

You can wear your long strapless gown to an outdoor wedding.

Garden wedding gorgeous

Garden wedding gorgeous
Garden wedding gorgeous/via

The cut, the color—everything about this dress is to die for. Green is stunning for a wedding in the garden, as can be seen from the shoes to the dress.

White and neon

White and neon
White and neon/via

If you are a little shy, you might not want to use this combination of colors. Consider it. It is stunning to wear a neon top with a white maxi for a beach ceremony.

Enjoy some vintage style

Embrace some vintage style
Enjoy some vintage style/via

There is nothing more romantic than a vintage dress in a vineyard. Consider this look if you are planning to attend a wedding in a wine vineyard.

Fans Favorite

A fan favorite
Fans’ Favoritevia

This is one our favorite dresses because it’s both elegant and comfortable. It’s also one of the few times that we can wear flat sandals with this dress due to its length.

A sequined romper

Sequined romper
Sequined romper/via

They are super comfortable. You may even have some in your closet. As you can see, it is not impossible to wear one at a marriage. You should wear sequins instead of terrycloth, and the right accessories.

Blues and Neutrals

Blues and Neutrals
Blues & Neutrals/via

This is a beautiful color combination. If you want to wear this style of dress, or any other, it is impossible to go wrong by mixing shades of neutral and shades of light blue.


So golden
It’s so goldenvia

Right? A wedding is an occasion to celebrate. A dress like this would be elegant and exquisite for a formal event.

Wrap dress with pleats

A pleated wrap dress
Wrap dress with pleatsvia

Ah. A pleated dress. It is particularly beautiful if you are athletic. Dress and belt style will add curves to your body in a subtle way. (Don’t forge a metallic purse as well. This dress is now on a whole new level!

Lace for cocktail hour and the ceremony

Lace for the ceremony and cocktail hour
Lace for cocktail hour and the ceremony

This is the style to choose if you want something short and simple. It is suitable for a less formal wedding, and also for cocktail hours that may follow.

Figure flattering blossom print dress

Figure flattering blossom print dress
Figure flattering blossom print dress/via

You will look beautiful in this dress, regardless of your age. This is the kind of dress you will want to wear time and again.

A pretty palate

A pretty palate
A pretty palate/via

Sitting outside and eating a peach. Does this look remind you of that?

Bright and summery

Bright and summery
Bright and summery/via

This dress is bright, fresh and summery. This casual dress is what it makes you think of. With strap heels and costume jewellery, you can make it a real statement.

The perfect wedding (and celebration) dress

The perfect wedding (and party) dress
The perfect wedding dress and party dressvia

It’s true that this is the new definition of “A picture says a thousand. This is the ideal wedding dress and party dress. You must love these colors! We love it too!

Long-sleeve Boho Chic

Long-sleeve Boho chic
Long-sleeve Boho Chic/via

Boho is back in fashion. The neutral colors and hat make it an easy way to beat the summer heat.

Halter maxi dress

Halter maxi dress
Halter maxi dress

The Halter Maxi dresses are the type of gowns every woman must have. We recommend that you buy at least two of these dresses after viewing this image a few times.

Boho lace dress

Boho lace dress
Boho lace dress/via

Lace and boho. This is a unique combination, but it works. Make sure you keep your eyes open. Only wear white at the bride’s request Some brides in the summer actually prefer that their guests wear this color. If you want to make her the star, choose a different color.

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