These are the best spring first date outfits that will make you look’subtly Sexy.

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Spring fever. Most of us know the term and it can be used in two different ways. One thing is that winter brings with it the type of weather we are all used to. Can’t Wait Spending as much time outside as possible is what “spring fever” means. It’s also the season of spring when flowers bloom. Often, spring is the season when the love life is at its height.

That’s why we want you to be prepared…

Do not wait to be asked out before you know what is hot for spring fashion. Choose a few pieces now to be ready for that first spring date.

1. Plaid shirt and mini skirt

Plaid shirt with ruffles, jean mini skirtvia

Plaid prints and ruffles are two things that have already been added to the spring fashion trend. If you are lucky enough to have both on one shirt, you should not miss it! It can be worn with fitted or distressed jeans. You can also wear a mini denim skirt to highlight your legs if that is your strongest physical feature. If you’re looking for something more casual, flat sandals are a great option.

2. Floral cocktail dress with jean shirt

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Floral strapless cocktail dresses and jean shirtvia

Have you got a cocktail-dress that you love but you can’t wear it because it isn’t warm enough? No problem! Add a jean jacket or shirt over the top. Add some wedge heels. These heels are both comfortable and stylish.

3. Print strapless floral minidress with solid-color Accessories

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Maxi dress in floral print with solid-color accessoriesvia

Each woman should have a maxi-dress. You should have at least two, one with sleeves and the other without. This is a strapless dress, so it’s obvious that it would be best worn in warmer climates. I immediately think of the beach. You can see that the head wrap and nail polish are blue. Select a color to accessorize if your maxi dress has a print like this. This is a clever way to bring out the color.

4. White tank, cotton “wrap” skirt and flat tops

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
White tank, cotton “wrap” skirt and flat tops/via

We like this look for a “sexy casual”. You already own a white tank, right? You might already have some Chucks in low-tops. The wrap skirt is what we’re all about! It looks so laid back and yet so…”stare-able” at the same time.

5. Taupe dress with two-tone strap heels

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Turquoise dress with two-tone strap heels/via

When you are going to have lunch with someone, a taupe color will help both of you feel more relaxed. When you pair it with a sea foam-green color, you will get many compliments. Look for two-toned strap heels. They are worth every penny!

6. Silk top with distressed skinny jeans, brim hat and silk top

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Silk top, distressed denim and brim hat/via

You and your partner are going to meet up to go for a walk downtown, or maybe to grab a drink in a bar at noon on the weekend? If you don’t want to dress up too much, wear a silk shirt, distressed jeans and low tops. But don’t for get to wear a brim. This will tie everything together. Plus, your hair won’t take an hour to do! It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

7. White skinny jeans, cardigan and top with ruffles

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
White jeans, ruffled top and cardiganvia

This is a very…ladylike is the word that immediately comes to mind when describing this particular outfit. We wanted to show you a different way to use ruffles in a blouse, because they are so popular right now. Sheer looks so feminine. Add a cardigan to your outfit if you’re looking for something to hide you. You don’t have to worry about the “white rule”, when it comes fashion. White pants are great for any season!

8. Fitted T-shirt with mini skirt and beaded Accessories

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Fitted T-shirt with mini skirt and beaded Accessories/via

Do you own a fitted t-shirt and flared mini skirt? Then, go to your local custom jewelry shop to buy some beaded items. It will be just right with your outfit…so long as you wear a pair of really nice high heels!

9. Black mini dress, jean jacket and tan walking boots

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Black mini dress, jean jacket and tan walking boots/via

It’s not uncommon for people to think of a more formal “little black gown” when discussing the topic. This casual number is our favorite, because there are so many ways to wear it! You can choose to wear a pair black ribbed opaque socks, a blue denim jacket and a pair tan walking shoes (with or with out a heel).

10. Floral sleeveless (with flared skirt) dress and distressed jean Jacket

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Floral sleeveless midi dress with flared skirt and distressed denim jacket/via

Have you got a cotton floral dress with a flared skirt and no sleeves? Nothing quite says “springtime” like flowers do. Wear a jean coat to make the look more casual. Don’t forget your best pair of shoes too!

11. Sleeveless polka-dot dress and sleeveless jeans jacket

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Sleeveless polka dots dress and sleeveless denim jacket/via

The best thing about polka dots is that they are so precious. This outfit is a great example of how three colors can work together in an unexpected way. Black and off white are a given. You would never have thought to add GREEN! #awesome

12. Halter dress in tri-tone geometric pattern and strap heels

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Halter geometric tritone dress with strap heels/via

We think this is the best halter dress we’ve ever seen. It’s tri-tone is one reason. Asymmetrical hemlines (another spring fashion trend) are another reason. A simple outfit like this does not require much jewelry. Just a charm-button bracelet, and maybe a pair of hoops or studs.

13. Strapless shirt with flare, shorts, and brim

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Strapless flared top, jean shorts with brim/via

Are you planning a Memorial Day Date? It’s possible that the weather is warmer now than when spring began, as we are only a month away from the first official day of summer. Pull out your strapless flare shirt and jean shorts to wear for the first time. Wear a hat. You’ll be protected from the sun. Two, it’s an awesome accessory.

14. Dark skinny jeans and a lace tank with sleeveless covering.

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Dark skinny jeans, dark lace tank and sleeveless t-shirt/via

Fall and spring are great times to add layers. Pull out your favorite tank and add a sleeveless covering like this one. Your date will be impressed by your mix-and match accessories and dark skinny jeans.

15. Desert sage flowing shirt, flare jeans with colorful accessories

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Desert sage flowing top, flare jeans with colorful accessoriesvia

Desert sage, a color that is very popular this spring, would be a great choice for you to wear. The flared jeans are in style right now. No problem if you don’t like flare jeans because they tend to drag on the floor. Wear wedge sandals to solve the problem. Add some color to the desert sage with bright, bold accessories.

16. Floral bustier with soft cardigan, distressed fit jeans

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Floral bustier with soft cardigan, distressed fitted jeansvia

Do you ever feel that you aren’t quite bold enough to rock a bustier style? You can! Just put on a cardigan. It’s a great way to add a touch of modesty and wear this type of garment in the spring when it may not be too hot. Don’t forget your distressed jeans!

17. Dress with strapless dress, jacket and sandals

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Striped maxi dress with jean jacket, sandals and a striped strapless dress/via

We’ve shown you how to wear a long maxi with a jacket before. Here is another version of the dress. Stripes are a big trend for spring, so we thought you might like to see this image. If you wear a dress that looks a lot similar to this, you’ll look like a fashionista.

18. Cognac leather accessories and a dark grey fitted dress with short sleeves

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Dark grey fitted dress, with cognac accessories.via

The dark grey color is not only beautiful all year, but also a nice change from black. When you’re going on a date, consider wearing a dress in this color. If the date is in the evening and it’s cold, bring a leather jacket. If the jacket is in cognac color, it will go well with your dress.

19. Floral kimono and wedge sandals

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Floral kimono with wedge sandals/via

We LOVE, LOVE and LOVE the kimono. It’s because of its way of being. Really sexy While also being Forgiveness is a virtue This is a great outfit to wear on a date, especially if you are going out for dinner. You don’t need to worry about the outfit if you plan to dine out. You can order whatever is on the menu as it’s loose-fitting.

20. Tank-top (material) dress in gold and pearl with accessories

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Tank top dress with gold and pearl accessories.via

Have you got a cotton tank top that you purchased from an Old Navy store and aren’t sure what to make of it? You’re good. Accessorize. Try out your statement necklaces, earrings, and pearls. You can dress up your outfit without much effort.

21. The printed spaghetti strap short dress is paired with a straw big hat

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
The printed spaghetti strap short dress is paired with a straw big hat.via

You can wear spaghetti strap dresses in warmer weather or when the temperature starts to rise. With a straw hat, they will look super cute. If it’s too cold to expose your shoulders, you can wear a sheer cardigan or shawl. Wear a cardigan or shawl that is sheer. You’ll do fine.

22. Dark skinny jeans with violet accessories and a purple spaghetti strap top.

22 'Subtly Sexy' Spring First Date Outfits
Violet spaghetti strap top, dark fitted jeans with purple accessoriesvia

The color purple is often associated with royalty. But did you also know that violet represents imagination. It’s an easy way to send a message, without having to say anything: “Yeah let’s meet and see where we could go!”

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