The Perfect Summer Dinner Party Ideas

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Summer is the perfect time of year for entertaining. The blooming trees and flowers, as well as the warm weather from dawn until dusk make for a perfect setting to entertain family and friends.

Dinner parties can be a wonderful way to enjoy the best of summer, whether it is a group of couples or a larger crowd. With these dinner party suggestions for summer, you’ll be the host everyone will remember!


Use mini-vases made from light bulbs

Use light bulbs to make mini vasesvia

You won’t require much artificial lighting if you plan to host your party before sunset. You can still use your light bulbs. You can replace the bulb with some water and small flowers if you unscrew its base and remove the light. You can then hang them on your porch or from tree branches using a little wiring.

Fresh fruit salad

Fresh fruit salad
Fresh fruit salad/via

Fresh fruit is synonymous with summer. Instead of serving your summer salads in bowls, serve them instead in champagne flutes or wine glass.

Peach Lemonade

Make some peach lemonade
Peach Lemonade/via

Lemonade has become the summer’s official drink. Peach can make the tart taste sweeter.



What about the decor of your party? Bohemian style is in. This is also a great way to decorate an event. Your guests will feel beautiful and relaxed with a printed tablecloth and some large throw pillows.

Citrus and floral arrangements

Citrus and floral centerpieces
Citrus and floral arrangements/via

These centerpieces are perfect if you want everyone to gather around the table. You will need some clear vases and some citrus fruits (lemons or limes are best) as well as any flowers you like.

Boat cooler

A boat cooler
A boat cooler/via

If you are lucky enough to have a lake (or even luckier, a beach) near your home, you might own a kayak or a boat you can use for fishing. Pour your party, take it out and fill it up to the brim. Instead, put in some bottles of drinks. It’s the coolest cooler your guests have ever seen.

Taco buffet

A taco buffet
A taco buffetvia

What can you serve your guests that is delicious and doesn’t take a lot of effort on your part? Why not serve a tacos buffet? All you need is some tacos shells along with a variety or ingredients, such as shredded meat, chicken, fish and lettuce, tomatoes and cheese.

Drink bar

Drink bar
Drink barvia

People tend to drink more when it is hot. Instead of refilling pitchers constantly, pour iced water, lemonade and iced tea into large glasses. This way, everyone can help themselves to the drinks throughout the evening.

Paper bag menus

Paper bag menus
Paper bag menus/via

This is a great idea for a meal menu. You can use a Sharpie to write the items you will be serving onto brown paper bags, and then put them on cloth napkins. It’s a felony that something so cute can be made so easily!

Super sweet kabobs

Super sweet kabobs
Super sweet kabobs/via

You can serve kabobs in many different ways. You can make a kabob with strawberries, marshmallows and chocolate. It is an excellent appetizer or dessert.

Cucumber cups

Cucumber cups
Cucumber cupvia

Cucumber cups are another appetizer that you may want to try. Slice some large chunks of cucumber, make a hole in the middle, and then fill with sourcream, bacon bits, and chives. These are both delicious and light.

Ice cream bar

Ice cream bar
Ice cream barvia

You must have some ice-cream! A sundae or banana split can be enjoyed with an icecream bar.

Serve some popsicles with alcohol

Serve some popsicles (with alcohol)
Serve some Popsicles/via

If you want to offer up a way for your guests to beat the heat, serve up some popsicles—only with a twist. Instead of fruit juice, try freezing margaritas and sangrias. Enjoy a childhood favorite in a more adult way.

Watermelon punch bowl

A watermelon punch bowl
A watermelon bowl/via

Serve your drinks in an ice-cream bowl made of watermelon. With an icecream scooper, first create watermelon ball. Once the shell has been emptied, you can pour your favorite drink into it. The fact that this tip is biodegradable is an added bonus. This is great for both your guests and the planet. Awesome.

Designing a table for drinks and desserts

Design and drink-and-dessert table
Design a drink-and-dessert Table/via

Presentation You can learn more about it here. everything. You only need a few flowers and candles to create a beautiful drink and dessert table.

Mason jar place settings

Mason jar place settings
Mason jar place settings/via

Do you plan to host a BBQ at home? You might be planning to make some soul food. The mason-jar place settings are perfect for any occasion. The handkerchiefs can be used as napkins, and the mason-jars for drinking.

Fruit and meat kabobs

Fruit and meat kabobs
Fruit and meat kabobsvia

A fruit and meat kabob is another tasty appetizer. Grilled pineapples pair well with anything from turkey sausage to ham.

BBQ Preparation

BBQ prepping
BBQ Preparationvia

Barbeque tastes so good! You can’t really enjoy barbecue if you don’t make a mess. A few warm, damp hand towels rolled with a ribbon will make it easier for everyone to clean after the fun.

Burger and fries buffet

A burger and fries buffet
Burger and fries buffetvia

What about this great idea? Who doesn’t enjoy burgers and french fries? A burger and fries bar is the only thing to top it (especially if you have beef, turkey or bean burgers).

Tie-dye napkins

Tie-dye napkins
Tie-dye napkins/via

It’s easy to tie-dye your own napkins. To make tie-dye napkins, you only need white cloth towels, food coloring or some paint. You can get your kids to help you create them.

Label the glasses

Label the glasses
Label the glasses/via

This idea can serve two purposes. They can be used as a table setting or party favors. You only need some chalkboard painting. You can use a little paint, let it dry (preferably over night) and then write the names of your guests with chalk.

Wine bottle candle holders

Easy wine bottle candle holders
Easy Wine Bottle Candle Holdersvia

Instead of using traditional candle holders to create a romantic tablescape, you can use empty wine bottles. This is a great way of recycling any empty wine bottles you might have around the house. They also make for a great conversation piece.

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