The Cutest and Sexiest Sundresses

Xiomara X

It’s likely that you had some sundresses hung up in your wardrobe when you were a young girl. It’s likely that your parents or grandparents have old pictures and videos to back it up.

We never outgrow some things. Pretty little sundresses would be one of those. Take a look at some styles and tips for how to wear your existing ones, whether you have them or not. Don’t you agree that a girl can afford to own one more summer dress? Yeah. We do too.


1. Flouncing Mini

Flouncing Minivia

This is a flouncing short sundress. This dress is adorable for many reasons.

2. Add a belt

Add a belt
Add a belt/via

Add a belt to your sundress to give it some shape. You can add a belt to your sundress in a variety of ways.

3. Sundresses with boots

Sundress and boots
Sundresses with boots/via

What makes a dress a sundress can be the accessories you add to it. Cowboy boots are a good example. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman wearing a dress with cowboy boots.

4. Blue jean

Blue jean
Blue jean/via

Denim is a versatile fabric. Why not buy a denim sundress?

5. Lace overlay

Lace overlay
Lace overlayvia

Here is the kind of dress you should wear for an event, such as a marriage. The lace overlay is beautiful.

6. Polka Dots

Polka dots
Polka Dotsvia

The polka dots are adorable in a way that is hard to resist. You should choose a lighter shade of color than black or navy if you are looking for a dress with this print. You will appear more exclusive.

7. Floral fun

Floral fun
Floral Funvia

Sundresses with flowers are a great match. Both tell the story about summertime at its height.

8. Tribal Print

Tribal print
Tribal printvia

Tribal is another wonderful print. This multi-color pattern is fun.

9. White eyelet

White eyelet
White eyelet/via

It looks like a sundress many girls wore as children. What about the eyelet pattern, too? It’s classic.

10. Boho halter

Boho halter
Boho halter/via

If Bohemian looks are what you want, a halter style with a bold design will deliver the results you desire.

11. Strapless maxi

Strapless maxi
Strapless maxi/via

Wear a maxi-style dress like this. The pattern looks so boho chic.

12. Detailled backing

Detailed backing
Backing detailvia

You will look stunning from both the front and the back of your dress. If you’re looking for a dress, choose one that also has a detailed back.

13. Pleats with sequins

Pleats and sequins
Pleats & sequinsvia

With this little chiffon number, you can make a summer dress work for a dressy event. Fabric and sequins work so well together.

14. Strapless and Lace

Strapless and lace
Strapless and Lace/via

Another bohemian-style sundress. What do we like better? We’re not sure what we like more: that it is strapless, or all lace.

15. Oversized shirt

Oversized shirt
Oversized shirtvia

Can an oversize shirt be worn as a sundress? It can if it’s sheer and you add something really unique to it—like this one-shoulder style.

16. Floor length chevron

Floor length chevron
Floor length chevron/via

As you may have seen, maxi dress are great sundresses. If you’d like your dress to be a little more noticeable, choose a striped print or chevron. Make sure the color combination is as bright and cheerful as this one.

17. Off-shoulder


You’ll get a lot of questions about where you purchased this item, whether you wear it over your bathing suit or on its own.

18. Beaded neckline

Beaded neckline
Beaded necklinevia

We love the beaded collarline. She also wore a big floppy sunhat with the dress.

19. Ombre color

Ombre color
Ombre color/via

In this ombre sundress, you will look like a tall cup filled with ocean water.

20. Pastel-accented


Consider a sundress with pastel accents if you are someone who is naturally drawn to neutrals. This orange is reminiscent of Creamsicle.

 21. Tropical print

Tropical print
Tropical Printvia

The tropical print makes everyone think of Hawaii or a vacation. If you can’t afford either, you will still look as if you have.

22. Geometric pattern

Geometric pattern
Geometric Pattern/via

Geometric patterns are so aesthetically-appealing. They are even more appealing if they have sequins. We were also drawn to the back of the dress.

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