Flared Jeans in 22 Different Ways

Xiomara X

Some people say there is nothing new under the sun. You can’t but agree when you see the latest jeans trends. If you want to appear fashionable, you can add flare to your skinny jeans. It’s flare jeans.

You can update them in many ways. Here are some ideas on how to modernize them.

Pair them with V-necks and hats

Pair them with V-necks and hats/via

There’s a good chance you already have T-shirts in your drawer. You can use V-necked t-shirts with pointed-toe flats or a hat.

Layer it up

Try some layering
Layering is a great way to add some style.via

When the weather is cold, it is common to talk about layering. If you wear a crisp, white shirt with a lace-up top all year round, you will look great.

Invest in a pair of pants with a high-waist.

Invest in a pair with a high waist
Buy a pair that has a high waist/via

Want to make your waist appear smaller? High waist flare jeans can create the illusion of a smaller waist!

Denim on denim

Denim on top of denim
Denim on top denimvia

You can never have enough denim, as you can see from this look. Hint: You can look even more stylish by wearing different shades of blue.

Casual Fridays

Casual Fridays
Casual Fridays/via

Wear flare jeans if your office has “Casual Thursdays”. A blazer can help you look business casual.

The modern day gypsy

A modern-day gypsy
The modern-day Gypsy/via

Here’s a great way to wear “the flare” It’s one of the best ways  to wear “the flare”. You’ll look great, especially since the Boho style is huge right now.

First date friendly

First date friendly
First date friendly/via

Have you got a first-date coming up? You’ll be the center of attention on your first date if you choose a top with sequins and flair.

Add some appliques

Add some appliques
Add some appliques/via

You can’t tell if the flare pants are printed with flowers or have appliques. It’s cool that they have appliques. You can make your own if you cannot find them in a store. #socool

Easy to use

Super simple
Simple and easy/via

You and your beloved can enjoy the weekend without any plans. You can wear a white shirt and flared jeans and be ready to go anywhere the wind takes.

White funk

White funk
White funk/via

This is a classic 70s look. We love it! Yes, white flare jeans are awesome. With a white suit you’re really taking it to a new level.

Curvy girl friend

A curvy girl's friend
A curvy girls’ friendvia

Another thing that’s great about this particular jean trend is that it complements pretty much any woman’s figure; especially if you’re a curvy girl—as you can easily see.

Nice neutrals

Really nice with neutrals
Nice neutrals/via

Neutrals can be worn with almost anything. You can wear them with a pair of dark flared jeans and a purse in black.

Add some black lace

Add a little black lace
Add some black lace/via

Want to add a touch of sexiness in your style. What about a black lacy shirt? The shirt will be even more sensual if the fabric is super sheer.

Make holes in your knees

Put some holes in the knees
You can make holes in your knees/via

The holes on the knees are also a big trend (both). Spend no money on flare jeans if you already have them. Fold the legs together and cut slits at the knee. Then wash them. Just like these.

Grey all Over

Grey all over
Grey all over/via

As with all jeans cuts, flares also come in different colors. A pair of grey flares, for example, will give you a sophisticated look.

A romantic poncho

A romantic poncho
The romantic ponchovia

It’s not necessary to wear a dress, or show a lot of flesh, in order to look romantic. The same sweet, feminine look can be achieved with an off-the-shoulder top and flares. And sensual.

Wear the right shirt

Wear the right blouse
Wear the right blousevia

It’s not necessary to pair a dressy blouse with a skirt. Flare jeans look great with this shirt.

Boho autumn

Boho autumn
Boho autumn/via

Another gorgeous Boho style. The tank, hat, and beautiful colors of the cover-up make this a great fall look.

Light denim is awesome

Light denim is simply awesome
Light denim is just awesome/via

Baby blue is another nice shade for flare jeans. It’s perfect for spring and summer.

Wear them with faux fur

Wear them with some faux fur
Wear them with faux fur/via

Faux fur coats are a great option for combining dressy with casual. The look looks great with flared jeans and sunglasses.

Denim with floral

Denim with floral
Denim with floral/via

Do you love the look? Sweet is the best word to describe this look.

Black ones are available

Get some black ones
Buy some black onesvia

It’s worth investing in black jeans, no matter the style. You can wear them to work or for play—dress them up or dress them down. Enjoy!


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