22 Fall dresses to wear (to work)

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When you work in a professional office environment, you are always looking for something appropriate to wear. It should be comfortable and appropriate. Wear something that makes it clear you’re working without ruining your personal style.

Here are some cute dresses to choose from if you want to pick up a few items for the fall. People in your office will be asking “Where did I get that dress?”

1. Dress with long sleeves

Long Sleeve Tunic Dress/via

This definitely falls on the more casual side of business casual. What we love about this look is that you can dress it up or down.

2. Jean dress

Jean dress
Jean dress/via

Look for a shirt dress like this if you don’t have a jean-dress.  Make sure it’s dark denim. This makes it perfect for the office.

3. Maxi dress

Maxi dress
Maxi dressvia

Maxi dresses are always a good choice for you. Hands down, no doubt it. It will also feel great on your skin. Hands down. It’s a given.

4. Dress with leather accents

Dress with leather accents
Dress with leather accents/via

This dress is stunning. This dress is stunning, and the leather details make it even more so. You should always look for dresses with small details. This will make it look more unique and different.

5. Shirt dress

Shirt dress
Shirt dress/via

Some shirtdresses come with sleeves and buttons. Some are like a big blouse. You can wear the same style as your favorite actress if the blouse is silk. Better, even.

6. Ombre sweater set

Ombre sweater set
Ombre sweater set/via

You may have thought up until now that ombre was only used for hair coloring. It’s not true. The fabric is also featured. For example, the amazing sweater-seat.

7. Dress and vintage cardigan

Dress and vintage cardigan
Vintage cardigan and dressvia

In cooler weather you will need to cover yourself. Try a blazer if the weather isn’t cold enough for a coat. You can also wear a vintage cardigan, like this one. It’s a delightful ensemble.

8. Wrap dress

Wrap dress
Wrap dress/via

Wrap dresses are amazing. This is the best fall look we’ve ever seen.

9. Dress with tie dye and velvet jacket

Tie dye dress and velvet jacket
Dress with tie dye and velvet jacketvia

Velvet is a fabric that has been popular this winter and fall. Traditionally, velvet is reserved for more formal occasions than the workplace. However, this image shows you how to incorporate it into something casual. Like a maxi tie dye dress.

10. Chevron dress

Chevron dress
Chevron dress/via

You can wear a chevron shirtdress with riding boots from the office to after-work. It’s seamless.

11. Flare skirts and blouses

Flare skirt and blouse
Flare skirt with blousevia

So cute. So cute. It’s so cute! Accessories like tights and leather loafers are just as important as a shirt and flared skirt. The fall is all about accessories. Don’t be afraid to use them.

12. Neutral jumper

Neutral jumper
Neutral jumpervia

Summer is the perfect time to wear sleeveless jumpsuits. Fall is the perfect time to wear sleeveless jumpers under a semi-dressy top.

13. Marsala dress

Marsala dress
Marsala dressvia

Marsala will be a popular color this fall. Get a dress that is this color. It will complement your skin tone—beautifully so.

14. A-line plaid dress

A-line plaid dress
A-line plaid shirt/via

A-line and plaid make a beautiful combination for work dresses. Even better, pair it with leather boots.

15. Dress and Jean Jacket

Dress and jean jacket
Dress with jeans jacketvia

Instead of wearing a blazer, wear a denim jacket if you’re planning to wear a dress. This look is completed by the opaque tights, infinity scarf and infinity shawl.

16. Flare minidress and opaque tights

Flare mini dress and opaque tights
Flare minidress and opaque tightsvia

Another dress style that goes well with tights. We suggest you to avoid the solid dark colors, even though she looks great. Search for bright, printed or patterned tights. This will enhance your look.

17. Dresses from the 50s

50s inspired dress
Dresses from the 50svia

This 50s-inspired cream dress will look great on you. Especially if you have a presentation at work—one where you need to command everyone’s attention.

18. Sweater dress with boots

Sweater dress and boots
Sweater dress with boots/via

It’s a great opportunity to wear a dress. Choose a neutral-colored cable dress.

19. Patchwork dress

Patchwork dress
Patchwork dress/via

A patchwork dress is perfect for your corporate or casual work environment.

20. Blouson dress

Blouson dress
Blouson dress/via

The best dress for the office is a blouson with a variety of prints. Clearly.

21. Long sleeve cotton dress

Long sleeve cotton dress
Long sleeve cotton dress/via

The long sleeved dress isn’t very attractive when worn alone. It’s not much to look at until you add tights and a leather belt with a print. All you can think about is it.

22. Black with a hint of neon

Black with a touch of neon
Black with a hint of neon/via

Neon is another thing that will make your black stand out. In fact, neon is very trendy right now. You’ll stand out at work whether you choose a neon dress or some accessories.

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