These are the 21 most popular Bob hairstyles for women

Xiomara X

You can find a great compromise if you want to keep your hair long but don’t wish to cut it all off. A bob is always an option.

It might seem a little boring at first, but there are many ways to make bobs look good. Knowing the latest styles and talking to your stylist will help you decide which style is best for your face shape, personality and signature style.

This should help you narrow your choices:

1. Chin-length Bob with bangs

Chin-length Bob with bangsvia

Isn’t this adorable? It’s a lovely bob because of the length, waves, bangs, and color.

2. Choppy bob

Choppy bob
Choppy bobvia

You can go for a choppy cut if you like a more relaxed look.

3. Straight and smooth bob

Smooth and straight
Straight and smooth bob/via

Are you more conservative than others? Perhaps your hair has become a little thin. This bob is perfect. It’s straight and smooth (and slightly longer).

4. Blunt bob

Blunt bob
Blunt Bob/via

The bob is perfect for thick hair. This bob has a blunt cut, but it still has a lot of personality because the tapering back gives it oodles of personality.

5. Straight asymmetrical hairstyle

Straight asymmetrical bob
Straight asymmetrical bobvia

Here’s an easy way to maintain a bob. Simply cut it in an asymmetrical fashion. Then, add some color.

6. Super sleek bob

Super sleek bob
Super sleek bob/via

Nice. This bob is perfect for any age. Ask your stylist.

7. Long bangs bob

Long bangs bob
Long bangs bob/via

Some people like a bob with bangs. Some people prefer the shorter ones. There are many ways to style your bob using these longer bangs.

9. Radical color ombre bob

Radical color ombre bob
Radical color ombre bob/via

Not only can a bob stand out, but it will also be noticeable by its color. Red and purple ombres will make you stand out no matter where you go.

10. Short round bob

Short round bob
Short round bob/via

The layers, and the round shape make this a very youthful-looking bob.

11. Bold pink bob

Bold pink bob
Bold pink bob/via

We know. It’s likely that she is wearing a wig. If you love this look, a stylist can dye your hair this fun bubblegum color.

12. Bob super loose waves

Super loose waves bob
The super loose wavesvia

Do you want to go on a holiday this summer but don’t have time to fuss over your hair? This razor cut bob will look great on hair with loose waves. Don’t forget some blonde highlights!

13. Bob with blunt bangs

Bob with blunt bangs
Bob with blunt-bangsvia

It’s a great way to bring back the 80s. With this bob, you’ll look “throwback-chic” with its blunt bangs.

14. A-line bob

A-line bob
A-line bob/via

You can now see what an A line bob looks. We love it in a big way.

15. Long asymmetrical Bob

Long asymmetrical bob
Long asymmetrical Bob/via

This is a long version of the asymmetrical hairstyle. The cut is great, but the violet ombre coloration is what makes it stand out. It’s one the best bobs of this year.

16. Short layered bob

Short layered bob
Short layered Bob/via

This is a short bob. It is suitable for round faces and very easy to maintain.

17. Curly bob

Curly bob
Curly Bob/via

You don’t need to flat iron or blow-dry your curly hair. Show this image to your stylist.

18. Back taper bob

Tapered back bob
The tapered back bob/via

Another type of A line bob. This bob has a tapered-back and lots of layers. #hairmagnificient

19. Tri-color bob

Tri-color bob
Tri-color bob/via

This is a very basic bob. It was a basic bob until three colors were added. It was then one of the most popular bobs you will see this season.

20. Platinum and mint bob

Platinum and mint green bob
Platinum and mint-green bob/via

We know that very few people will attempt this. But since mint green is a huge fashion color this year, we decide to provide it—just as a highlighting option.

21. Long side bangs bob

Long side bangs bob
Long side bangs bob/via

Lovely. Just lovely. For work. After work. You can also wear it on special occasions, such as with your special someone. This bob—with the long side bangs—works for every occasion. It’s breathtaking.

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