Sandals are a great way to enjoy the summer.

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Sandals are the most popular summer shoe, aside from flip-flops. If you’ve worn the same dull, flat, brown-leather sandals for the past 2 years, shame on your! There are many styles available.

We wish that we could have included all the sandals on the planet. It’s just not possible to include all the sandals. We have taken some of the guesswork out of it by giving you some of the most stunning ones that we’ve seen.

Are you getting excited? We completely understand. We are no different.

Strappy sandals

Strappy sandals/via

All is well if you love leather. You just need to make sure that the straps are tight. Oh, and they should also have a high heel.

Just a little bit of sparkle

Just a touch of glitter
Just a little glitter/via

Glitter is popular from head-to-toe. You can complete your look by adding glitter sandals to the glitter eyeshadow you applied on top.

Leather and Wood wedges

Leather and wood wedges
Leather and Wood wedgesvia

Yeah, we know that these shoes probably look a bit on the…side of clunky. You’ll find that if you look through any fashion magazine or read any blog, platform sandals made of leather and wood wedges will be in style.

 Fun with feathers

Fun with feathers
Fun with feathersvia

You don’t have a pair with feathers? Try it. You may fall in love—at first wear.

Platform Patent Leather

Platform patent leather
Platform Patent Leathervia

If you are going to be outside all day, it is best to “pause” your patent leather shoes. The leather tends to make you sweat. If you are going on a date at sunset, these shoes can be attractive.

Wooden thick heeled sandals

Wooden thick heel sandals
Wooden thick heeled sandalsvia

Consider this alternative wooden heel. Less clunky but more sexy.

Tie dye

Tie dye
Tie dye/via

You must own these sandals if you are a fan of tie dye. Right now!

Fringe (flat) sandals

Fringe (flat) sandals
Fringe (flat) sandals/via

Fashion has embraced the fringe. Sandals are no exception. Neutral shades tend to make the sandals look more like moccasins. Bright colors can be a lot of fun.

Outrageous neons

Outrageous neons
Outrageous neons/via

It’s an innovative shoe. That’s the reason we love it. This season, neon is big. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

Metallic gladiator sandals

Metallic gladiator sandals
Metallic gladiator sandalsvia

Gladiator sandals can be found everywhere. Why not try them out on your own legs and feet? These look great with miniskirts and shorts. They’re also in style with metallics.

Two-tone sandals

Two-tone sandals
Two-tone sandals/via

Let’s say you have a neutral t-shirt dress you would like to wear. What can you add to the dress that will make it more interesting? A pair of sandals in two colors.

‘Dressy’ gladiators

'Dressy' gladiators
‘Dressy’ gladiators/via

Here’s a different take on the gladiator sandal. The heel is high. This is the more sexier version, for dressier events.

High heel sandals with fringe

Fringe (high heel) sandals
High heel sandals with fringevia

Another take on a fringe sandal. The neutral color is not a problem because the heel makes this sandal so seductive.

Pretty in coral

Pretty in coral
Pretty in coral/via

These shoes are perfect for an event where you will be wearing a conservative or formal dress. Plus, coral has become a trendy color.

Grecian (rope sandals)

Grecian (rope) sandals
Grecian (rope-based) sandalsvia

You can see why these shoes are so desirable. There’s no way a high-heeled sandal could be better.

Peek-a-boo polka dots

Peek-a-boo polka dots
Peek-a-boo polka dots/via

Do you like to wear flats more than heels? A peek-aboo with polka-dots is very feminine.

Clear heel sandals

Clear heel sandals
Clear heel sandals/via

The clear heel is another popular trend. The clear heel is a popular choice because it looks good with anything.

Animal print thongs

Animal print thong sandals
Animal print thong sandalsvia

Animal prints will always be popular. They also go with a wide variety of outfits and colors.

Lace thongs

Lace thongs
Lace thongs/via

Thongs can be worn casually. Thongs are usually pretty casual, unless they have lace. If they have lace on them, you can wear with shorts cut off. The following are some examples of how to use Maxi dress.

Black platform sandals

Black platform sandals
Black platform sandalsvia

This type of platform sandal looks a little more flattering than other platforms that are in the news right now. The design makes them more comfortable.

Beaded footless shoes

Beaded footless sandals
Beaded footless sandalsvia

There’s nothing that says a beach day quite like a pair of beaded sandals. Don’t go putting your feet on the sand without them this summer, OK? Cool.

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