The 21 must-have items for fall

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You already know the way fashion trends change. Waiting until the actual season is upon us will put you behind. It’s a great idea to know the trends and make purchases months in advance. You can then take advantage of some incredible deals.

You don’t need to wait if you want to know what the fall season has in store. You can buy these items with your next paycheque. You’ll always be in fashion.

Neon Sweater

Neon sweatervia

Neon is usually associated with warm weather and bright sunshine. But it is actually one of fall’s hottest colors.

Bright leather

Bright leather
Bright leathervia

Avoid the leather jackets in black or brown. Choose a jacket in a brighter shade. This is a great way to fight the gloomy weather.

Soft shades

Soft hues
Soft Shadesvia

Grey is an autumn color. Wear it with a soft color like mint green, rather than only wearing white or brown.

Shearling coat

Shearling coat
Shearling coatvia

Need a new coat? Fashion forecasts recommend a shearling coat this year. If you live in an area with a lot snow, shearling coats will keep you warm.

Lots of brown

Lots of brown
There are lots of brown/via

Brown is a classic color for fall. But this year, the more you have—and the more shades of it that you are able to wear at one time—the better.

Chunky knit sweater dress

Chunky knit sweater dress
Chunky knit sweater dress/via

Remember those chunky knitted sweaters which used to be so corny before? Guess what? You’ll be the talk of the town!

All black outfit

All black outfit
All black outfitvia

You can’t get enough black, according to most fashion magazines. When you wear all black, make sure it is all the same color. If you choose to wear all black, make sure that it’s the same shade.

A gray suit

A gray suit
Gray suitvia

Black suits are perfect for the office. This is also a pretty standard and predictable color. Why not try a grey version? This is a stylish and versatile product that offers endless styling possibilities.

A mini skirt and tights

A mini skirt (and tights)
A mini skirt with tights/via

The mini skirt is another popular trend for the fall. If you are afraid that you will be too cold in your mini, you can add a pair opaque tights to it.

Furry Shoes

Furry shoes
Furry shoesvia

If you’ve secretly always wanted a pair of furry heels but you wondered if they’d be “a bit much”, you’ll be glad to hear that this year, when it comes to footwear, the more fur…the better.

Long gloves (of any kind)

Long gloves (of all kinds)
Long gloves (of any kind)via

Winter and fall are not complete without gloves. Make sure to choose long gloves this year. If you can, go up to your elbows.

Statement earrings

Statement earrings
Statement earringsvia


What is the fall jewelry trend? Statement earrings. Get a few pairs now because you’ll see them everywhere.

High-waisted flaring jeans

High-waisted flare jeans
High-waisted Flare Jeansvia

Flare jeans can be a woman’s best friend no matter her body type. If they are high-waisted it gives the impression that your waist size is small, even if it is not.

Fall Capes

Fall capes
Fall Capesvia

Those fall capes sure are hot. These capes will keep you very warm. You can also find them at department stores, boutiques, and thrift shops.

Wedge leather boot

Wedge leather boots
Wedge leather Bootsvia

Want to get a pair of new booties for the fall season? Then, choose the wedge-heeled kind. These shoes are a great way to stay on trend.

Faux fur stole

Faux fur stole
Faux fur stole/via

You can start by looking in your grandmother’s attic or closet. To be politically correct, you can ask her if any of them are made from faux fur.

One-shoulder sweater

One-shoulder sweater
One-shoulder sweater/via

One-shoulder styles have also proven to be a style that can withstand all kinds of weather. If you want to wear it in autumn, it’ll work perfectly as a sweater.

Car wash pleated Skirt

Car wash pleated skirt
Car wash pleated skirtvia

Why is this skirt called “cash-wash pleated skirt?” If you have ever driven through a car wash, you will understand.

70s Fashion

70s fashion
70s fashion/via

Fashions always return. This year, the 70s are the fashion of the moment. Flare jeans, big collar shirts, fringe accessories—the works.

A puffer coat

A puffer coat
A puffer coat/via

A puffer coat will keep you warm and comfortable. The puffer coat is great for casual outings and skiing.

Stacked kitten heels

Stacked kitten heels
Stacked kitten heels/via

Every day you can learn something new. If you have never heard of or wondered what a stacked cat heel looks like, then here’s your answer. The perfect flats for the office. Indeed!


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