You can wear ripped jeans in many cute ways.

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C’mon. You must own at least 3 pairs of jeans. You must get ripped jeans, also known as distressed denim, if you want to be up-to-date with all the latest trends.

Right now, this is the style of jeans everyone should have. You can purchase them from a department or local mall, or find a second-hand pair. Or you can make your own. YouTube has many DIY videos.

They can be worn all year round.

Here are some ways to do it:

1. Animal print and ripped jeans

Ripped jeans with animal print/via

You should start with a pair blue denim ripped pants. After that, try to find some white jeans. You can create a stunning look by pairing them with animal print accessories.

2. Jeans and sweater with ripped hems

Ripped jeans and sweater
Ripped jeans with sweatervia

When it gets chilly in the fall, you may want to don your favorite ripped jeans. But you can do that by simply throwing on a sweater. If it is really cold, you might even consider ankle boots instead of flats.

3. Sequins top and jeans with rips

Ripped jeans and sequin top
Sequin jeans and ripped jeansvia

You may want to wear a pair ripped jeans to a date, but don’t wish to appear shabby. Too casualHow about a sequin blouse and high heels?

4. Jeans ripped and sneakers

Ripped jeans and sneakers
Ripped jeans and sneakersvia

Here’s an 80s-inspired way to wear ripped jeans. She looks like she’s straight out of an 80s throwback film, with her kicks, backpack, and sunglasses.

5. Short sleeve graphic tee and ripped jeans

Ripped jeans and graphic short sleeve tee
Jeans ripped and graphic t-shirt with short sleeves/via

Your ripped jeans can be worn when it is hot but you do not want to wear shorts. Wear a short-sleeved tee with a fedora and you’ll stay cool.

6. Cardigan with jeans and ripped jeans

Ripped jeans and cardigan
Cardigan and jeans with ripsvia

This is an excellent look because it reminds us of the power of layering. Wear a cardigan if you’re going to the cinema with your friends. The theater can be chilly. You can take it off when you leave. It doesn’t matter what you wear, because it will look great.

7. Fur vest and ripped jeans

Ripped jeans and fur vest
Ripped jeans with fur vestvia

This fall, faux and real fur vests will be in high demand. Why not have your own fur vest to wear with your ripped denim?

8. Ripped jeans with leather jacket

Ripped jeans and leather jacket
Ripped jeans with leather jacketvia

You can also opt for a leather jacket. This look is classic and effortless.

9. Ripped jeans with tights

Ripped jeans and tights
Ripped jeans & tightsvia

There are many ways to wear ripped jeans. You can put your favorite tights on first if, for example, you prefer to cover your legs in the winter or fall. You will be kept warm, while adding a personal touch to your jeans.

10. Ripped jeans with boyfriend shirt

Ripped jeans and boyfriend shirt
Ripped jeans and boyfriend Shirtvia

Have you got a shirt from your boyfriend at home? This shirt will look great with your favorite pair of ripped jeans.

11. Jeans ripped and blazer

Ripped jeans and blazer
Jeans ripped and blazer/via

If you’re a person with a more conservative style, here’s how to “dress” up your ripped jeans. You must not forget your heels. You must wear heels to complete the look!

12. Platform boots and Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans and platform boots
Ripped jeans and Platform Bootsvia

This is a great look. Right now, platform shoes are in. You’ll look great in platform heels, ankle or calf boot, and with ripped jeans.

13. Jeans and hat with ripped hem

Ripped jeans and hat
Jeans ripped and hat/via

You woke up with a bad hairday? It’s all good. All good.

14. Ripped jeans in black and white

Ripped jeans with black and white
Ripped jeans in black and white/via

Who said you should only have blue jeans in your wardrobe? You would be well advised to also get a black pair. The black ones will match so many of the items you own in black and white. Plus, they can add a little “flavor” even to something simple like a white t-shirt and/or black shoes.

 15. Jeans and scarf with ripped hem

Ripped jeans and scarf
Ripped jeans and scarfvia

Accessories can make a huge difference to the look of a person. This photo is a perfect example. A bright red scarlet (and that clutch) make her picture perfect.

16. Jeans ripped and tank top

Ripped jeans and tank top
Ripped jeans with tank topvia

If you need to get out of the house quickly on a sunny summer’s day, grab your favorite tank and ripped jeans. You’ll be prepared for any situation.

17. Ripped jeans with lace-up heels

Ripped jeans and lace up heels
Ripped jeans with lace-up heelsvia

A pair of perfect ripped jeans doesn’t require much else to look great. You can make yourself stand out with the perfect pair of heels. You will look amazing in lace-up heels with a new pedicure during the summer.

18. Jeans ripped and bustier

Ripped jeans and bustier
Ripped jeans and bustiervia

Even ripped jeans can be pretty sexy. If you want to redefine what sexiness is, then you should wear a bustier. Oh, and some pumps.

19. Jeans and coat with ripped hems

Ripped jeans and coat
Jeans with ripped hems and coatsvia

Here’s an easy way to make your ripped jeans look good in winter. Put on a jacket. It’s all right.

20. Ripped jeans with V-neck T-shirt

Ripped jeans and V-neck tee
Jeans ripped and V-neck top/via

Because ripped jeans have so many details, you could wear a simple V-neck top in a solid color and still look stunning.

21. Jeans ripped and top with off shoulder

Ripped jeans and off shoulder top
Jeans ripped and top with off shoulder/via

Here’s how to style ripped jeans in a Boho-chic way. This is the most adorable off-shoulder top we’ve ever seen. From the lace to the sleeves, and even the cut. Perfection!

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