21 Cute Sneaker Looks

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It’s not a good look if your only pair of shoes are for exercising. It’s great that you work out, and your clothes will look better because of it. You’re also missing out on the many ways you can turn your clothes into a fashion statement.

So, the next time you’ve got $50 to spare—pardon the pun—run out and get a new pair of sneakers.

You’ll understand why in just a few seconds.

Flared Out

Flared out/via

Do you have a pair flare jeans? Put on a pair canvas sneakers with them. You’ll look stylish and be comfortable.

Wear a maxi and hat

With a maxi dress and hat
Maxi dress with a hatvia

All sneakers will look great with a maxi. You can wear a bright shoe with a neutral dress. You’d say it is eye-catching.

Oversized sweatshirt and jeans

Oversized sweatshirt and jeans
Oversized sweatshirt in jeansvia

A printed sweatshirt and bright wedge heels can take an over-sized sweatshirt from frumpy into fabulous!

Dolled up

Dolled up
Dolled Upvia

Before you saw this image, you might not have imagined combining a lace dolls dress with some canvas shoes. Now Can you see the reason why it is such a cute style?

Business suits sneaker savvy

Business suit sneaker savvy
Business suit Sneaker Savyvia

You might be used to wearing sneakers at work if you live in an area with great public transport. You can wear them all day with this outfit. If you like.

Leggings in leather or pleather

Leather (or pleather) leggings
Leggings in leather or pleathervia

Leggings and wedge sneakers go together really well. It’s especially true if your leggings are made of leather (or pleather).

This cute mini skirt has a flared hem.

A cute flare mini skirt
The perfect mini skirt with flaresvia

Doesn’t she look adorable? The flare mini skirt, the jean jacket and the hair bun help to make the canvas sneakers look—intentional.

A maxi skirt

A maxi skirt
A maxi skirt/via

Wear wedge sneakers if you’re wearing a maxi-skirt but don’t want to put on heels. You can still achieve the height of heels without having to wear them for long periods.

Pure neutrals

Pure neutrals
Pure neutrals/via

It is worth investing in a neutral suede wedge. This photo shows why.

Some boyfriend jeans

Some boyfriend jeans
Some boyfriend jeans/via

Do you own boyfriend jeans? Adidas or Reeboks would look great with your boyfriend jeans. Ask your boyfriend.

A T-shirt dress

A T-shirt dress
A T-shirt dress/via

Sneakers go well with t-shirt dresses. Converse high-tops in white canvas or Converse in white canvas will also work.

Two pairs of capris and a tank

A tank and a pair of drawstring capris
A tank and two drawstring capris/via

This look looks so relaxed, yet sexy. When wearing a casual outfit, it’s important to accessorize. It’s really enhanced by the chain necklace and hoops.

Cool for the cold weather

Cool for the cold weather
Cooling for cold weathervia

Wedge sneakers are a great way to keep your feet warm when it is cold out. They also make you look hot.

Cut-off Jeans and Jordans

Cut-off jeans and Jordans
Cut-off jeans & Jordansvia

It’s a perfect outfit for summer, whether you are hanging out at the mall with your friends or going on vacation.

Sneakers with sparkles

Sneakers that sparkle
Sneakers that sparklevia

If you’re looking for a way to give your sneakers a little more sparkle, consider buying some that have glitter. You can purchase them made this way, or go to your favourite search engine and type “DIY shimmer sneakers” into the search box.

Some shorts with over-the-knee sock

Some shorts and over-the-knee socks
Some shorts with over-the-knee sock/via

If the temperature starts to fall below freezing, but you aren’t quite ready to ditch your shorts yet, wear opaque tights or socks that cover the knees. You will look great and stay warm.

Black from head to foot

Black from head to toe
Black from head/toe/via

Rocker chic. When you see this look, it brings to mind Rocker Chic. This is the look for you if you like to wear all black. From head to foot.

Leggings in Leather

Leggings and Leather
Leggings and leather/via

Leggings are the perfect complement to leather. Add some sneaks to the mix.

Fall Layers

Layers for fall
Fall Layersvia

Don’t throw away your sneakers yet, even though many people prefer boots in the fall. When you are layering an outfit, sneakers will go well.

Velvet wedges

Velvet and wedges
Velvet and wedgesvia

Ever thought that someone would use the words “velvet”, along with “wedges”, in the same sentence. You should not choose conservative sneakers if you are going to go for this look. You should choose a vibrant and unique pattern or color.

Wedding day

Wedding day
Wedding day/via

Pictures like these remind us why canvas sneakers work well with everything—including bridal wear. Get a pair of canvas sneakers for the wedding ceremony, photos, or reception. While you’re there, buy a pair for the sweetie as well!

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