Gladiator Sandals: 21 Outfit Ideas

Xiomara X

If you haven’t got a pair yet, then now is the time to get them. What the hell are you waiting?? It would be an understatement to say this is the footwear trend of the year! And one of the best things about these kinds of sandals is that they are pretty comfortable while they help to make your legs—and your outfits—look uber sexy.

How can you wear them? You might be surprised that there’s more than one way to wear them. There are virtually endless styling options!

1. Jean jacket and Gladiator Jacket

Gladiator and Jean Jacketvia

Jean jackets look great with anything, even gladiator sandals. How “grown-up” do they look with a skort? It’s too cute!

2. Gladiator and sequins

Gladiator and sequins
Gladiator and sequins/via

How about wearing a pair or sequins shorts for a formal event and a pair of gladiator shoes (casual) to dress up? You’ll be the star of any summer dinner.

3. Gladiator long coat

Gladiator and long coat
Gladiator and longcoat/via

Gladiators may not be appropriate for winter (think of frozen toes), but they are still a great option in the early autumn. You can keep warm by wearing a long coat and sweater with shorts and gladiator sandals.

4. Gladiator leather and skirt

Gladiator and leather skirt
Gladiator leather skirt/via

This is one sexy outfit! You can try it, but make sure to wear gladiator heels and not flats.

5. Gladiator and sheer silk kimono

Gladiator and sheer kimono
Gladiator and sheer Kimono/via

You can take in so many things about this outfit. But we want you focus on how she wears a sheer, kimono. Yes, a kimono is a great match for gladiators.

6. Gladiator and lace

Gladiator and lace
Gladiator and lace/via

If you are worried that the contrast between gladiators with lace is too strong, choose a pair in a lighter color than black. The color brown or tan is a good choice.

7. Gladiator and Boho chic

Gladiator and Boho chic
Boho chic and gladiator style/via

Gladiator sandals are a great way to create a Boho Chic look. As you can tell.

8. Gladiator and Blazer

Gladiator and blazer
Gladiator and blazer/via

You probably have some really ugly shorts that are knee-length in your closet. Don’t throw them out if you have some. Wear a pair high-heeled gladiator sandals with them. Make sure they are above the knee. It will take attention away from your shorts’ cut.

9. Gladiator and denim dress

Gladiator and denim dress
Gladiator and denim dresses/via

This is a cute, casual look. You can be ready in just five minutes by wearing a denim skirt and gladiators.

10. Gladiator and romper

Gladiator and  romper
Gladiator and Rompervia

A romper on its own is adorable. Gladiators are a great way to add sophistication.

11. Gladiator shirt and dress

Gladiator and shirt dress
Gladiator and shirt dressvia

Wearing gladiator sandals with a shirtdress and high heels is a great way to look stylish at work.

12. Gladiator jeans with cut-offs

Gladiator and cut-off jeans
Gladiator with cut-off jeansvia

Will you be going to the movies with your special someone? If you’re wearing cut-off jeans or gladiator shoes, he may have trouble keeping his gaze on the screen.

13. Gladiator and maxi dresses

Gladiator and maxi dress
Gladiator maxi dress/via

We don’t usually recommend wearing gladiators with maxi dresses, because of the length. If the dress is long and splits up the front (preferably) or the sides, we will make an allowance.

14. Gladiator and black little dress

Gladiator and little black dress
Gladiator and Little Black Dressvia

The style of these gladiators is what we like most. They do look good with a little skirt in black. Perfect casual look.

15. Gladiator and skinny Jeans

Gladiator and skinny jeans
Gladiator and skinny jeansvia

It’s possible that you never would have thought to pair gladiators with skinny denim until you saw the picture. As you can see it works. Well, it works.

16. Gladiator and sheer Top

Gladiator and sheer top
Gladiator and sheer topvia

A sheer top is a great way to make gladiators look even more sexy. It’s even better if the top is black.

17. Gladiator and skater skirt

Gladiator and skater skirt
Gladiator and skater skirt/via

You will look longer if you wear a skater-style skirt with gladiator sandals. It’s a great thing.

18. Gladiator and Mini Dress

Gladiator and mini dress
Gladiator and mini dressesvia

Gladiator sandals with mini dresses look super cute. It’s a nice touch to find sandals that go with your dress.

19. Gladiator off-shoulder top

Gladiator and off-shoulder top
Gladiator off-shoulder top/via

Another way to create the Boho vibe. We love how the off-shoulder blouse is paired with silver metallic sandals.

20. Gladiator top with fringe

Gladiator and a fringe top
Gladiator top with fringe/via

Fringe is big right now. Why not buy a fringed shirt (or skirt), to match your gladiators. See the final result. #hot

21. Gladiator and faux fur coat

Gladiator and (faux) fur coat
Gladiator and faux fur coat/via

You might want to try this look if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where it’s not too cold at the holidays. Gladiators make a great addition to any fur or faux fur coat.

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