As a guest, you can look fabulous in these 20 looks.

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It’s hard to imagine anything more beautiful than a beach-side wedding. There is the sound of birds, and the waves. Salt water smell. The sunset can be absolutely breathtaking, depending on the time the ceremony takes place. A beach wedding doesn’t require many decorations. Mother Nature is the best source of decorations.

How can you compete against all the beauty and romance of the environment? You’re welcome. You can wear all kinds of clothes that are both weather-appropriate, and also heavenly looking.

Strapless Wrap Dress

Strapless Wrap Dressvia

A strapless dress is essentially a long sarong. This is fitting though, since you’ll be close to the ocean.

Maxi dress with one shoulder

One-shoulder maxi dress
One shoulder maxi dress/via

It’s in style to wear a one-shoulder dress. With a maxi green dress, you will be a summer wonder.

 Maxi dress with floral off-shoulder sleeves

Off-shoulder floral maxi dress
Maxi dress with floral off-shoulder sleevesvia

A floral maxi dress is another off-shoulder dress you can consider. It is so light, summery and comfortable.

 Tie-dye Boho dress

Tie dye Boho-inspired dress
Tie dye Boho inspired dressvia

It’s hard to imagine that tie dye could work at a wedding. But with a top like this, it fits in perfectly.

Short lace slip dress

Short lace slip dress
Short lace slip dress/via

Slip dresses. Slip dresses are lightweight and cute. Short ones look good with metallic thongs or beaded footless shoes.

Black-and-white slip dress

Black-and-white slip dress
Black-and-white slip dress/via

A longer slip dress offers a sophisticated look. Black-and-white is a trending color combination.

Shirt dress with elaborate back

Shirt dress (with elaborate backing)
Shirt dress with elaborate back/via

It looks simple from the front. You can’t resist buying a dress that looks exactly like this one, even if it is more elaborate in the back.

Multi-print silk tunic

Multi-print silk tunic
Multi-print silk tunicvia

Tunics are typically reserved for casual clothing. If it is made of silk or sequins it instantly becomes dressy. It’s also beautiful.

Floral halter maxi dress

Floral halter dress
Floral halter maxi dress/via

A floral halter maximum dress is elegant. A cuff-bracelet and some earrings with dangles make it even more special.

Kimono dress

Kimono dress
Kimono dress/via

A kimono dress. Can’t you tell why we love it so much? Even more so with the metal belt around her waist.

Sequin skirt

Sequin skirt
Sequin skirt/via

Wear your tank tops to the wedding if you like them. You can dress it up with a sequins skirt and be ready for the wedding.

Print sequin dress

Printed sequin dress
Dress with printed sequinsvia

Sequins are a great way to catch the sun’s rays.

Low V-neck sundress

Low V-neck sundress
Low V-neck sundressvia

A sundress is the perfect dress for outdoor wear. The low V is seductive, and the accessories make it perfect for beach weddings.

Wide leg jumpsuit

Wide leg jumpsuit
Wide leg jumpsuit/via

The best thing about this wide-leg jumpsuit, is that you can look elegant and comfortable while attending a wedding on the beach. You can also wear it to work with a blazer.

Dressy shorts and accessories

Dressy shorts (and accessories)
Dressy Shorts (and Accessories)via

You didn’t think that you could wear shorts to a marriage? Do you feel the same way after looking at this photo?

Short halter dress

Short halter dress
Short halter dress/via

Too adorable! The peach colour is perfect for the summer, and with two bows it’s even cuter. Wearing a short, halter-style dress like this will give you a partner to dance with at the reception.

Pastel-colored Bohemian dress

Pastel-colored Bohemian dress
Pastel-colored Bohemian dress/via

Boho style is very popular right now. This dress is made even more angelic by the sleeves and flower halo.

Sheath dress with multicolored stripes

Multi-colored sheath dress
Multi-colored sheath gown/via

What about a dress with gold accents and a sheath pattern? You may want to bring along some cute flats in case you find your heels stuck in the sand.

Solid pocket dress

Solid pocket dress
Solid pocket dress/via

This dress is similar to a romper. This is why we love it. This is another fantastic look for a wedding on the beach.

 Lace tank and mini tulle skirt

Lace tank and mini tulle skirt
Lace tank and mini tulle skirt/via

This outfit is a perfect combination of beach and romance. Lace, tulle and other feminine fabrics are stunning on women.

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