20 Summer Make-Up Trends

Xiomara X

Each summer, new trends are introduced. Make-up is just as important as clothes, shoes and swimwear.

This is also a good time to do so, as there are many occasions for you to look your best, such as June weddings, outdoor concert, summer holidays, and more.

Try these summer makeup trends. If you love everything make-up, and are curious about how to look even more gorgeous than you already do, why not give them a go? You will look like a model. Guaranteed.

Seafoam green eyes

Seafoam green eyes/via

Seafoam Green is the perfect summer color. This color makes you think about trees in full bloom and water all at once. When it’s on the eyelids you look absolutely magical. Summer ready, of course.

Peach eyeshadow

Peach eye shadow
Peach eyeshadowvia

Try peach as another eyeshadow color. This is a more natural shade that still can produce some dramatic effects.

Coral lips

Coral lips
Coral Lipsvia

Imagine the impact you could make on someone if you tried it.

Golden bronzer

Golden bronzer
Golden bronzer/via

No matter your skin tone, you should invest in a golden bronzer compact and a blushing brush. You can make yourself look like the sun has kissed you by applying the bronzer to the apples on your cheeks.

Pale pink lips

Pale pink lips
Pale pink lips/via

If you prefer to be natural, go for a light pink shade of lip gloss and a layer of waterproof mascara. This is a good one. You will look incredibly fresh.

Brown and blue eyes

Brown and blue eyes
Brown and blue eyesvia

This is a look you can wear during the day and at night. You can start with a light shade of blue and transition into a darker blue as you move along the crease. This is especially stunning when applied to women with brown eyes.

Lavender eyes

Lavender eyes
Lavender eyes/via

This image is a good example of how a single color can be used across the board. Hair color and eyeshadow are both lavender-based.

Shimmering skin perfector

Shimmering skin perfector
Shimmering skin perfector/via

Instead of using a foundation cream to create flawless skin, try a skin perfector that shimmers. This way you can get rid of imperfections without a noticeable difference while also getting a lovely glow.

Metallic Makeup

Metallic make-up
Metallic Make-upvia

Metallic make-up has become a huge trend. If you have darker skin, you can get some stunning results. As you can see.

Aqua eyeliner

Aqua eyeliner
Aqua eyeliner/via

Here’s a simple way to create a dramatic appearance without much effort. Use an aqua eyeliner instead of a brown or black one. This color will make such an impact that you don’t have to even apply lip color. You should still apply some lip gloss.

Sorbet lip colors

Sorbet lip colors
Sorbet lip colors/via

Summertime is a great time to experiment with sorbet colors. Consider blending a yellow or green with another neutral color.

Pink and Gold Glitter

Pink and gold glitter
Pink and gold glitter/via

We love it! Pink lips with gold glitter. Amazing. How can you do this? Look for gold eyeshadow or glitter at a beauty supply store. Use a lipbrush to apply the glitter after applying the lipstick. If you want, you can add a touch of lip gloss. You can do whatever you want.

Full eyelashes with nude lips

Full eyelashes and nude lips
Full eyelashes and nude Lipsvia

She must look stunning, doesn’t it? She did nothing more than apply false eyelashes, and she applied a neutral lip color. Sometimes beauty can be as simple as that.

‘Peacock’ eyes

'Peacock' eyes
‘Peacock’ eyes/via

These “peacock” eyes will certainly make an impression on a date or a photo shoot in the summer.

Hot pink lips

Hot pink lips
Hot pink lipsvia

What can be done with a single lipstick color. Correction: The right lipstick shade can brighten a woman’s entire face. Hot pink lipstick is just one of many examples.

Shimmering lotion

Shimmering lotion
Shimmering lotionvia

Technically speaking, lotions are not makeup. This lotion is included on our list as a lightweight way to add shimmer.

Popsicle stained lips (reversed in ombre)

Popsicle stained lips (reversed ombre)
Popsicle stained lipsvia

Yes! Yes! It’s a super cool lip look. Literally.

A ‘nude’ face

A 'nude' face
A ‘nude’ face/via

Nude skin is perfect for days where you will be spending a lot of time outdoors. Make yourself look attractive with a pale shade of pink eyeshadow or blush, and some lipstick.

Tropical Eyes

Tropical eyes
Tropical eyesvia

This look is similar to peacock’s eyes, but with a few less colors. If you want to go all out, try adding a darker shade of pink on your lips.

Summer bride

Summer bride
Summer bride/via

What would we do if we didn’t share a photo with a bride wearing just the right amount make-up for her wedding day? You should show this picture to your makeup artist, if you’re planning to get married. With this look, you can’t go astray.

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