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Imagine your life without a purse. Where would you carry…shoot, all of the stuff that you like to tote around?

But here’s the truth: A lot of women will carry around (or even lug around) the same bag until the seams are literally coming apart. It’s terrible!

A purse may be a practical accessory, but it is also a fashion item. Don’t just buy a brand new purse if you know that it’s the right time to do so. Get a purse that is part of summertime trends this summer.

1. Straw purses

Straw purses/via

Straw is a popular material for purses. This is because straw appears to be airy and lightweight. Flip-flops with cut-offs are the perfect combination.

2. Small purse

Very small purse
The smallest pursevia

We know. Who can fit all they need into this tiny thing? A purse like this is useful for the rare occasion when you just need your debit cards and a tube lipstick. Plus, you can let fashionistas know that the bag is currently in style.

3. Folded purses

Folded purses
Folding pursesvia

A folded purse is basically a large clutch which folds. If you are shopping for a folded purse, you should look for this.

4. Backpacks


Do you still think backpacks are only for students or hikers? This year, not so much. All kinds of women wear them this season.

5. Reptile skin purse

Reptile skin purse
Reptile skin purse/via

Reptile prints are a great option for those who need to buy a new purse. If you treat it well, you can expect it to last for a very long time.

6. Cross-body bag

Cross body bag
Cross-body bag/via

A cross-body bag is a purse with a strap that goes across your chest, rather than over your shoulder. Any purse should work. You want to pick a purse that has a very long strap.

7. Large purse

Large purse
Large pursevia

You’ll love the fact that large purses have also become popular.

8. Cigar box purses

Cigar box purses
Cigar box purses/via

These are so adorable and unique! To learn how to create one yourself, you can follow the step-bystep instructions. here.

9. Amazing purse

Really unique purse
Amazing pursesvia

The purses that are not purses can also be a big look. If you’re looking for something unique like this, websites like Etsy or eBay are good starting points.

10. Fringe purse

Fringe purse
Fringe purse/via

You must have a fringed purse to honor all things Boho Chic. Leather is a great option for a purse that will last several seasons.

11. Vintage suitcases

Vintage suitcases
Vintage suitcasesvia

Planned a trip soon? Do you plan to go on a vacation? If so, be sure to bring a vintage suitcase with you. You’ll be a traveler who is envied by all those who see your suitcase.

12. Oversized clutch

Oversized clutch
Oversized clutchvia

This summer, a clutch with a lot of embellishment is a great alternative to showcasing rolled clutches. The bigger, the better!

13. Aztec print purse

Aztec print purse
Aztec print purse/via

Another thing that fits in with the bohemian style is a lace kimono jacket. With a big, floppy hat to match and a lace-trimmed kimono to complete your look, you are good to go.

14. Retro-style purse

Retro-style purse
Retro-style purse/via

Fashion blogs are full of retro looks. It makes sense, then, that this is a popular purse trend. This particular purse is cool because you won’t need to spend any money to get it. You can find one in your grandmother’s wardrobe. You’re sure to find at least one in her closet. Or 20.

15. ‘Doctor’ bag

'Doctor' bag
‘Doctor’ bag/via

It’s unclear who decided this year that purses should replace doctor’s bags. When we saw the floral print, we were sold.

16. Furry purses

Furry purses
Furry pursesvia

Fur during the summer? Yeah, it probably does seem a bit…odd. Look at it like this: This is the type of purse you can confidently wear all year round.

17. Purse with a Printed Design

Printed purse
Printing pursevia

Look for a bag with a print on it if you like prints. Another popular style right now.

18. Bucket bag

Bucket bag
Bucket bag/via

You can see from this photo why this purse is called a “bucketbag”. This bag is also very cute.

19. Crochet purse

Crochet purse
Crochet purse/via

Knits have an old-fashioned look. They look great with a mini-dress or romper and platform shoes.

20. Multiple purses (at once)

Multiple purses (at once)
Multiple purses (at once)/via

Who’d have thought carrying several purses all at once would ever be a trend. But guess what? It is. You can take them both if you have more than one. You can wear either one, as long as it is bigger.

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