Kimonos: How to wear them in 20 stylish ways

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How To Put On A Yukata/Kimono

Kimono Style Tips: How to Wear it

When you look up the meaning of “kimono”, you will probably see that it means “something you wear”. It’s pretty obvious. What makes this article of clothing so popular with women around the world is that it represents elegance and beauty in a very pretty and comfortable way.

You may already have a kimono, or are considering getting one. But you’re not certain if you want to wear it. You can also use, here are several ways to make a kimono work—especially for you.

Kimono dress

Kimono dress/via

Let’s begin with the kimono. It’s basically a wrap-around dress, but with wide sleeves and beautiful patterns. Do you have a kimono on?

Kimono with jeans

Kimono and jeans
Kimono with jeansvia

You can add some “dressiness” by wearing a kimono coat over your jeans.

Kimono with strapless dress

Kimono and strapless dress
Kimono and strapless dressesvia

How to wear a kimono woman – If you have a strapless dress but you’d like to cover up a bit or the forecast says that things are going to be a bit on the cooler side, a kimono over it can add some modesty or remove a bit of the chill.

Kimono and belt

Kimono and a belt
Kimono and belt/via

It’s a great way to wear the kimono. The belt adds some curves to the jacket and makes it look “bloussy”.

Kimono with swimsuit

Kimono and swimsuit
Kimonos and swimsuitsvia

You can add a Kimono over your swimsuit if you are hesitant about wearing it this year. Your sexiness is an understatement.

Kimono graphic tee

Kimono and graphic tee
Kimono and graphic T-shirtvia

Graphic tees are a great choice for any occasion. The kimono is included. We love it even better with the fringe booties!

Kimonos and shorts

Kimono and shorts
Kimono shorts/via

If you’re looking for something casual to wear, we love nothing more than a denim jeans and kimono combination. Both with high heels are preferred.

Kimono and denim trousers

Kimono and denim skirt
Kimono with denim skirtvia

Some people might think that wearing denim with a kimono will make you look too boxy. All depends on how you accessorize, as well as the length of the skirt.

Kimonos and necklaces with layers

Kimono and layered necklaces
Kimono with layered necklacesvia

This look is a great example. Layered necklaces have been a trend this season, and this kimono jacket makes it even more beautiful.

Kimono and Romper

Kimono and romper
Kimono and Rompervia

Here is a great outfit for summer. A romper with a kimono. You can welcome it with a day at the seaside or on your deck.

Kimonos and boots

Kimono and boots
Kimono boots/via

You never thought that a Kimono with Boots would look good before, did you? Has this picture changed your opinion?

Kimono with a floppy-hat

Kimono and a floppy hat
Kimono with a floppy-hatvia

It doesn’t matter when it is, a kimono topped with a big floppy cap will always be in style.

Kimono and leggings

Kimono and leggings
Kimono and leggings/via

Some women don’t wear leggings very often because they think they are too tight. If you are one of these women, you can relax your mind by wearing a simple kimono.

Kimono and mini skirt

Kimono and mini-skirt
Kimono with miniskirt/via

As you can see, you can wear a kimono with your miniskirt if you like it the same as your leggings.

Lace kimono

Lace kimono
Lace kimono/via

Try a kimono made from a different material (or style) if you have cherished kimonos in silk or satin. Consider this lace kimono, for instance. This lace one is perfect for many summer looks.

Fringe kimono

Fringe kimono
Fringe Kimonovia

Fringe is big right now. You’ll look like a runway model if you wear a kimono that has fringes at the bottom of the sleeves.

Sequin kimono

Sequin kimono
Sequin kimono/via

You can add some sparkle to any outfit. With a sequin Kimono, you can achieve that.

Velvet kimono

Velvet kimono
Velvet kimono/via

The fabric or the colours? We can’t decide. Doesn’t matter. Velvet has also been a popular trend in this year. A kimono made of velvet is a great choice.

Kimono for cold weather

Kimono in chilly weather
Kimonos in cold weather/via

Velvet is a great fabric to keep you warm during cold weather. So does knit fabric. Yep. You can wear a Kimono in the winter.

Bridal kimono robe

Bridal kimono robe
Bridal kimono robe/via

Kimonos in Japan are also considered robes. Get a bridal kimono to wear at a bridal shower or wedding. This will become a favorite for many years.

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