Twenty Make-up Tips for Women On The Go

Xiomara X

It would be great if we all had one hour a day to apply our makeup. In the real world we are often running 90 million errands by noon, even if we don’t have to be late for work or class. It’s important to note that, unless there is a very special occasion, applying makeup all over your face is not a priority.

It’s not that you can’t do some things in 10 minutes. What matters is knowing what works, and what you are willing and able to do.

These are easy makeup tips for women who are always on the move.

Wear some mascara

Apply mascaravia

By applying mascara to the lashes, you can make your eye look bigger and brighter. Choose the thick-wanded kind. Oh, and get one that’s waterproof.

Lip gloss

Apply some lip gloss
Lip gloss is a great way to enhance your lips.via

Chapped Lips The last thing That a woman should have. You can put on lip gloss even if your lips are not very glossy or if you plan to exercise. It’s amazing how much a little gloss can do.

All over gloss

All over gloss
All over gloss/via

A makeup trend is to apply gloss on the entire face. Vaseline is a great way to get this look for the eyes. (Yep, Vaseline.)

Create iridescent lips

Create iridescent lips
Create iridescent lips/via

Sultry. Iridescent is the best word to describe this lip. This effect can be achieved by applying some lip gloss with a little gold (or even silver) eyeshadow on top.

Create iridescent eyes too

Create iridescent eyes too
Create iridescent eyes toovia

How can you achieve a luminous iridescent look? Easy. Use some silver eyeshadow on the tops of your eyelids. Add some gold to your brows and some gold under your eyelids.

Metallic lip colour

Metallic lip color
Metallic lip colorvia

You can still enjoy the benefits of lipstick even if you don’t have time to apply it. ombre You can also find out more about popsicle-stained Look, you can use a metallic lipstick. Copper is a popular color right now.

Play with colorful eyeliner

Play with colorful eyeliner
Play with colorful eyeliner/via

You can also use eyeliner to give the illusion that you’ve had more sleep than what you actually have. You should avoid using black. Choose a different color, such as green or blue.

Fill in the eyebrows

Fill in your brows
Fill in the brows/via

The full brow is a trend. Fill in sparse brows with a brow pen. A nicely shaped brown can make a woman look beautiful.

Try rose blush

Try rose blush
Try rose blushvia

Would you like to see more color on your face? It’s easy to fix. Apply rose blush with a blush brush.

Red lipstick

A bit of red lipstick
The red lipstick/via

You can use red lipstick to make your lips look bigger and fuller in just a few seconds.

Light blue eyeliner

Light blue eyeliner
Light blue eyeliner/via

Our favorite eyeliner color is baby blue. This picture is pretty much what it says.

Consider tinted moisturizer

Consider tinted moisturizer
Consider tinted moisturiservia

Business women around the world swear by tinted moisturizer. You can make your own by mixing a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic moisturizer with liquid foundation.

Make your own sunscreen

Make some sunscreen
Make your own sunscreenvia

Skin health is important to staying beautiful. Always apply sunscreen. You can, of course, buy sunscreen. You can buy some or make your own. You can find out how to make your own. here.

Curl your lashes

Curl your lashes
Curl your lashes/via

Your eyelashes are not as long or straight as you’d like them to be? You can fix it quickly and easily. Curl them. You can curl them and then use mascara to make it look like you have on false eyelashes.

Concealer for under the eyelids

Concealer under the eyes
Concealer under your eyes/via

Concealer can be used to cover any flaws or dark spots. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Cream blush (natural flush).

Cream blush (natural flush)
Cream flush (natural blush)via

The blush is traditionally applied on the fuller parts of your cheeks. You can also add color to your face by applying blush on your cheeks and chin.

A nude face

A nude face
A nude face/via

A nude face. This is very popular at the moment. Nude eyeshadows and nude shades of lipstick can help you achieve this look.

A dark lipstick

A dark lipstick
A dark lipstick/via

Lip color is a very important aspect of your appearance. You can make your lips look more vibrant in a matter of seconds.

Bronzer can be applied with a brush

Brush on a bit of bronzer
Bronzer: Apply a little bronzer/via

Do you wonder how some women achieve that brilliant, sun-kissed glow. It could be the sun in the summer. In the winter months, bronzer or a few brushes will do the trick.

Coral lipstick

Coral lipstick
Coral Lipstickvia

One more shade of lipstick that can’t be left out. You will not be able to miss it if you wear it. Coral is light and fresh. Apply it before you leave the house!

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